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Windstream Honors Customers’ Preference by Partnering with YouTube TV

windstream partners with youtube tv

As streaming services like Hulu, Sling TV, and Netflix emerged, cable TV customers who were tired of paying such a huge monthly bill for the channels they didn’t even watch expressed a lot of joy. Many made the switch.

The trend of cutting the cord is on the rise. A report by eMarketer says that 39.3 million people in the United States cancelled their cable TV service in favor of streaming services. That’s huge!

All Windstream fans, you will be glad to hear that the carrier has honored your wish. Windstream partners with YouTube to provide the relief we all have been waiting for!

What to Expect As Windstream Partners with YouTube 

As a result of the partnership, if you have subscribed to one of Windstream Internet plans, you can bundle the content of YouTube TV. This, as the company describes, is an affordable and innovative solution to online streaming.

Do not confuse YouTube TV with YouTube. If you have ever dug into YouTube facts, you would know the two services are different. YouTube TV is a subscription streaming service that offers access to live and on-demand TV programming from 70 networks.

Kinetic customers can now watch shows on the networks supported by YouTube TV on a variety of streaming devices. They will also get access to cloud-based DVR to save their favorite programs and watch them from anywhere they like.

A Great Partnership

Everything about this partnership is great. YouTube TV will give Kinetic customers a way to eliminate cable from their lives without sacrificing on live entertainment. They will still be able to watch their favorite content on-demand regardless of where they are.

As Windstream partners with YouTube, 1.2 million Windstream residential customers in 18 rural states will be able to cut the cord. They can kiss satellite TV and traditional cable goodbye and say hello to online streaming. Finally, better says are coming for these customers.

The channel lineup of YouTube TV is huge. Viewers will have 90 channels to choose from. So no doubt the deal is amazing.

How Good Is the Channel Lineup?

YouTube TV is competing with several streaming platforms like FuboTV, Sling TV and AT&T TV Now. As mentioned, its channel lineup is interesting and includes local broadcast channels as well. The plan starts at $49.99 per month.

Currently, YouTube TV has 2 million subscribers and partnering with Windstream could grow its base. However, some hardcore cable TV fans maybe still reluctant to switch because it misses some heavy hitters like A&E Hallmark Channel, NFL Network and others.

Ditching cable would mean you would have to mix and match streaming services to able to view the platform-specific shows such as Handmaid’s Tale which airs on Hulu. As a solution, you might have to buy one or two streaming services in addition to the YouTube TV bundle.

Some Light on Windstream Internet

Windstream offers Internet services through its Kinetic Internet plan. They have 3 Internet tiers:

Plans Speed Good For
Kinetic 200 Up to 200 Mbps Downloading movies, shows, multi-device HD streaming and multi-player gaming
Kinetic 500 Up to 500 Mbps Streaming music, videos, downloading heavy files fast
Kinetic GIG Up to 2 Gig Ultra high speed for creating a connected smart home

Regardless of the tier you choose, you will have ample speed to stream a show and even download it within seconds. The partnership seems legit, isn’t?

Better Days are Coming for Windstream

Windstream hasn’t yet revealed whether customers will get a break on the price as a result of the bundled plan.

Even if there is no price relief, for most people, that would be ok. Kinetic customers who are enjoying reliable high-speed Internet will be pleased to enjoy streaming videos on their devices there and then.

For carriers like Windstream whose revenue is broadband, adding the option of streaming TV for enhancing broadband makes a lot of sense. It even raises the Windstream vs Spectrum comparison since Spectrum has streaming service for cord-cutters as well.

Final Words

With Kinetic Internet, Windstream has achieved continuous growth for 2 years in the row. Its customers only add to 2.66 percent of America’s population. Entering into such partnerships might find the carrier the success it deserves.

To see the offer and channel lineup available in your area, visit and enter your ZIP code. You may also call Windstream customer service at 1-855-850-5971 to learn more about the offer.

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