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2018 Winter Olympics MedalsPhoto Credits to Wikimedia Commons

Winter Olympics 2018

Although the 2018 Winter Olympics are officially over, people are still cherishing the happening moments that they witnessed in the games!
The Olympics were held in PyeongChang, South Korea, and it came to the spotlight for hosting the old tradition of Olympics. The city succeeded in beating Munich and Annecy to become the venue of these Olympics. If we talk about the highlights, it’s hard to cover all of them. However, we will surely mention Norway, which dominated the rest of the world in the final medal count!

And yes, Ester Ledecka, hailing from the Czech Republic became the first woman ever to win a gold medal in two sports in the same Olympics. Ice dancing turned out to captivate and mesmerize the world with Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue. Last but not the least, sadly, our beloved United States of America fell short of the medal expectations.

A Few Quirky Facts & Moments of the Olympics

Apart from the geopolitical tension that was involved initially, there’s actually a lot to remember about these Olympics. With speculations about how nice South and North Korea would play with each other, thankfully, the Winter Olympics ended up peacefully with celebrations of athletic excellence. In this post, we are going to mention some of the craziest moments of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics.

Wow! That Cheering Squad of North Korea!

Did you get a chance to see the unique cheering squad of the North Korea at Winter Olympics? In the hockey match where one of the teams was unified Korea’s women team, the squad caught everyone’s attention with their swaying movements in unison, and melodious ‘cheer up’ singing. Most of the crowd present at the game between Switzerland and Korea got out of the chairs to dance with the performer who sang ‘Uptown Funk’ in the intermission, but, women from North Korea kept sitting in their chairs and sang the traditional tunes. The cheerleaders turned out to be a real curiosity and spectators even debated whether they were unwitting tools of propaganda or well-planned charm offensive.


The Memorable Skiing Triumph of America!

We have already mentioned Norway’s superiority at the Olympics. At a cross-country skiing venue, where everyone was anticipating Norway’s inevitable win or at least a silver, an upset occurred. In efforts to record the faces of the winning athletes as closely as possible in the sprint relay event for women, the reporters witnessed two skiers who were neck to neck near the finish line. The crowd was roaring in ecstasy and both the skiers passed the line at the same time. Most of the reporters and crowd referred to the scoreboard because of the confusion about the winner.
Well, guess what!
The winner turned out to be the United States of America!

Ah… The Charming Late-night Karaoke

Karaoke was perhaps one of the most charming quirks of 2018 Winter Olympics. The off-work karaoke buses, which were meant to transport media and fans to the events would stand in the streets with their signature neon-lights. If not all, most of the people were tempted to stand up and do some karaoke singing at 2:30 am after a late-night match. And, some people actually managed to do so. It was a sight to behold. And, the rest of the time, commercials, and speed-skating races flashed on TV screens which were right in front of the buses.

The best thing was that the Winter Olympics this year ended up peacefully, and provided spectators across the globe with some quality entertainment, not to mention a few memorable moments!

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