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Xfinity Basic Cable, Limited Basic Cable and Expanded Cable Packages

xfinity basic cable packages

Nowadays, not many people seem to be aware of the existence of Xfinity basic cable packages, which happen to be some of the cheapest TV packages on offer by digital services providers. The reason behind this unintended state of ignorance is understandable; cable TV vendors normally choose not to greatly publicize their more low-cost service options to mass audiences. They want people to subscribe to their more expensive monthly packages, to continue reaping in more profits.

Xfinity Basic Cable Packages Include

These plans are good examples of such inexpensive service provisions. Even though they offer only a limited number of TV channels, they still beat the traditional TV antenna system 2 to 1. Even if they may not be listed on the company’s website, it is still worth inquiring about them by placing a call through our dedicated helpline number. And talking to an informed sales rep.

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To understand the differences between these two low-cost packages, please read on below.

Difference Between Limited Basic and Expanded Basic Cable

Xfinity Limited Basic Cable

The Xfinity limited basic cable package is the lowest-priced TV subscription plan currently offered by Xfinity. It features a small number of local TV stations, including popular choices such as

  • ABC®
  • CBS®
  • NBC®
  • FOX®
  • PBS®

Along with a few public (government) stations and virtual education channels. In total, these channel provisions can amount to more than 10 offerings – with this number varying from region to region.

Despite its small number of channels, the Xfinity limited basic cable plan offers subscribers the advantage of keeping them fully connected to the world, and in touch with all the latest news trends that continue to affect the country.

Xfinity Expanded Basic Cable

The Xfinity basic cable expanded plan, on the other hand, matches up with some of Xfinity’s standard cable packages. Offering up to 50 popular channels including

  • News
  • Entertainment
  • Sports

Addition to everything contained within the Limited Basic service option. The plan is slightly more expensive than the former basic cable package. But it more than makes up for its escalated cost by offering a competitive home-entertainment experience.

Like with most subscription TV services within the country, the number of types of cable channels offered in both plans may depend on a subscriber’s particular territorial location. Oftentimes, a spot located only a few miles away from another is later on observed to be covered under different plan variants.

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Which Xfinity Basic Cable Plan Suits me?

The Xfinity Limited Basic plan is ideal for anyone who does not want to attain more expenses on top of everything. Else, weighing down on his/her monthly income and budgeting considerations. This service package is particularly suited to individuals who

  • Only care about remaining linked to the world
  • Do not want to keep up with what the Kardashians may be doing
  • What transpired in the latest episode of Game of Thrones.

If basic news, education and local entertainment content happen to be your cup of tea. Then this plan may suit your bill just fine!

In addition to the Basic Cable Channel Offerings

If, however, you’re keen on keeping some high-end music, movies and cable news/talk shows in your life. Then the Expanded Xfinity basic cable plan may prove to be just what the doctor ordered! With hot-button cable channels like

This service package option, you get something for just about everyone.

On a Parting Note

Do check Cable providers in your area @ . You get a deal suited best to you.

After all, nothing compares with the age-old ‘tradition’ of conducting some proper background research and then making informed decisions backed up by such information-seeking endeavors.

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