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What Channel is the Yankee Game on Spectrum?

yankee game on spectrum

The COVID-19 has certainly been tough for everyone, except maybe Jeff Bezos. The man is well on his way to becoming the world’s first trillionaire, thanks to an upsurge in online buying on Amazon. People stuck at home are not venturing out except to buy essential groceries and supplies. While working from home would normally be a good time to watch the next Yankee game on Spectrum, COVID-19 hasn’t spared sports either.

The MLB, along with other bodies like the NFL, NHL, and NBA, opted to postpone their 2020 season until things became clearer. This deprived many stuck-at-home Americans of the joy and distraction that sports bring.

However, on July 23rd, MLB finally announced its 2020 schedule, and New Yorkers will rejoice to see their favorite team back in action.

What Channels Will Carry the Yankee Game on Spectrum TV?

The New York Yankees are one of the most famous athletic teams in the world, and arguably the most famous in New York. Don’t ever let a New Yorker hear you badmouth the Yankees, or you’ll be in for one huge sports history lesson. The Yankees have been a mainstay in one of the biggest urban centers in the world. They are so popular, that the city actually named the now-famous Yankee Stadium after them.

There is no denying that the Yankees have a huge following in North America, with the most loyal fans found in the State of New York. On the other hand, the coronavirus pandemic presents a challenge for fans to see their favorite teams in action. In 2020, at least, don’t expect to be able to catch a Yankee game in person from the bleachers. The MLB has decided to follow an approach that excludes in-person attendance. Therefore, your best bet is to watch the Yankee game on Spectrum Cable. As of 2020, the following channels have the broadcast rights to the current MLB season:

Channel Broadcasting Live MLB Games Since
ESPN 1990 to Present
Fox Sports 1 2014 to Present
MLB Network 2009 to Present

What Plans Include the Channels Carrying MLB Games?

If you intend to sit down and watch the Yankee game on Spectrum tonight (or any other team), the channels listed above are the best way to go. Especially since the pandemic currently prevents sensible people from attending live events. Thank the stars for live broadcast sports.


ESPN is a world leader in live sports, carrying exclusive broadcast rights for a very long time. ESPN is a necessity for the average American sports fan. So much so, that people often forego very good cable deals simply because they don’t include ESPN in the lineup. However, providers like Charter Spectrum understand the appetite Americans have for live sports, especially baseball. That is why ESPN comes with all three TV plans; Select, Silver, and Gold. ESPN has been broadcasting Major League Baseball games since 1990.

Fox Sports 1

Fox Sports 1 is a sister channel to Fox Sports (both under the Fox network umbrella). While MLB games were originally broadcast on Fox Sports Net from 1997 to 1999, the programming has since shifted to Fox Sports 1. Lucky for you, Fox Sports 1 comes with every plan’s lineup, according to the Spectrum Channel Guide. Be sure to catch all the action this week.

MLB Network

The Major League Baseball Network, or MLB Network, is a channel primarily dedicated to MLB games and related content. The MLB Network is very similar in nature to NBA TV, in that it covers a single sport in detail. The MLB Network also has a lot of exclusive content that you can gain access to if your plan includes it. The MLB Network is currently not available in the TV Select plan but is part of the channel lineup for TV Silver and TV Gold.

Does the Spectrum TV App Include Baseball Channels?

Like many providers, Spectrum understands that subscribers often use a variety of devices. In the Digital Age, people aren’t restricted to getting their entertainment from the TV in the living room. That is why the provider has included a TV app to offer a Spectrum TV stream on any device, at home or on-the-go. The TV app contains all your favorite channels, everything from NBCSN to ESPN. That means you can always get your baseball entertainment on the TV app. Of course, you will need a subscription to the provider’s TV services. For a better experience with more bandwidth and reliable speeds, you should also consider subscribing to the provider’s unlimited internet services.

When Is the Next Yankee Game?

The first Yankee game of the 2020 season was on August 9th. We saw the New York Yankees take on the Tampa Bay Rays in a very close game. The Rays finally clinched the match in the third innings to end the game on a 4 – 3 winning note. But don’t worry if your team lost. The Yankees are set to take on the Atlanta Braves on Wednesday, August 12th. Don’t be left out of all the exciting baseball action to come this season. If you’re a new customer, or an existing customer looking to add more baseball content to your lineup, call 1-844-813-5886 and sign up for your new plan today.

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