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What Channel is Yellowstone on Spectrum?

what channel is Yellowstone on Spectrum

For lovers of primetime entertainment, followers of current affairs, enthusiasts of everything related to sports, or admirers of family-related TV shows and movies, Spectrum provides a ton of channels to choose from. TV shows, movies, news talk shows, weather updates, videos-on-demand, and live shows; you can get access to everything with a single subscription!

The subscription works wonders particularly for those who regularly follow TV shows. If you are looking for what channels to find Yellowstone on Spectrum then you have come to the right place. This blog will give you a detailed guide to access your favorite “Yellowstone” easily over your favorite TV service provider!

What is Yellowstone?

Yellowstone is a popular American drama series that revolves around the Dutton family. The protagonist is John Dutton Jr. and together the Dutton family has the ownership of the largest ranch in the US i.e., Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. There are a lot of challenges that John Dutton Jr. has to face. People who are looking greedily to gain ownership of the ranch make the show quite interesting.

Paramount Network is airing the show and has renewed it for a fourth season in February 2020. If you plan on watching Yellowstone then you will have to watch it on Paramount Network. Apart from Yellowstone, you can watch many other great shows on UPTV as well if you subscribe to Spectrum.

About the Network

Before we dive into how you can access Yellowstone on Paramount Network, here is a brief history of the network itself. Paramount Network is owned by ViacomCBS and is a pay television that was initially launched as The Nashville Network (TNN). Targeting the southern region of the US, the channel saw expansion in 1995 when Westinghouse acquired it. Later on, Viacom acquired it in 1999. From there on, the channel started airing TV series, movies, and sports entertainment broadening the channel scope like never before.

In September 2000, Viacom renamed the channel as The National Network. Following this, Viacom once again renamed TNN to Spike TV and started focusing on action-based gaming programs. In 2010, reality TV shows became a major focus of TNN. Finally, in 2018, the channel got its current name thanks to another rebranding episode.

Today, Paramount Network brings a complete TV experience to millions of Americans on popular TV service providers. It focuses on almost every type of TV program and enjoys global viewership. Just like popular TV channels like TLC and TCM, every major TV service provider airs the Paramount Network for millions of viewers across the US.

What Channel is Yellowstone on Spectrum?

Now, let’s see how can you access Yellowstone on Spectrum. Well, to do so you need to subscribe to Paramount Network on Spectrum to gain access to world-class entertainment shows, TV series, and much more. The channel is available on all the Spectrum TV plans namely Select, Silver and Gold.

The channel is also available in Spectrum TV essentials. Once you subscribe to the service, it is quite difficult to manually check all the channels and find Paramount Network. Therefore, all you need to do is check for the corresponding channel number in your current state. To do so, simply go through the detailed table below to find out the channel number. Once you do this, you will be easily able to watch your favorite show “Yellowstone” without a worry in the world.

If, in any case, you have difficulty in finding the relevant channel number in your state then you do not need to worry. To watch Yellowstone on Spectrum, all you have to do is dial the Spectrum customer service number (1-844-813-5886). Talk to the representative and tell them about the problem you’re facing in detail. It may be that the service is down. The operator will tell you about the estimated time at which it will be up and running again.

Otherwise, he/she may tell you that the channel has been allocated a different number. They will tell you the number and your issue will be resolved. Then, feel free to watch Yellowstone as much as you like!

City/Town Channel Number
Albertville, AL 66 | HD-847
Austin, TX 69
Athens, GA 68 | HD-847
Avon, IN 24
Alexandria, KY 51
Auburn, ME 31
Allendale, MI 74 | HD-801
Albany, MN 33 | HD-847
Belleville, IL 71 | HD-847
Baton Rouge, LA 64 | HD-847
Bakersfield, CA 38
Baker City, OR 43 | HD-847
Bristol, VA 64 | HD-847
Bridgeport, WV 41 | HD-680
Crisfield, MD 48 | HD-844
Charlotte, NC 44
Cincinnati, OH 47
Cleveland, OH 43
Concord, VT 43 | HD-783
Cheyenne, WY 37 | HD-537
Dallas, TX 32
Grand Junction, CO 20 | HD-520
Greenville, SC 66 | HD-844
Great Falls, MT 20 | HD-520
Hayden, ID 70
Harvard, MA 47 | HD-719
Knoxville, TN 64 | HD-847
Kansas City, KS 38
Lincoln, NH 61
Lincoln, NE 26
Los Angeles, CA 45, 53
New York, NY 36 | HD-116
Orlando, FL 68
Picayune, MS 64 | HD-847
Ridgefield Park, NJ 78
Reno, NV 71 | HD-798, 66 | HD-844
Rochester, NY 27
Saint Louis, MO 71 | HD-847
San Antonio, TX 59
Sheboygan, WI 62 | HD-649
Tampa, FL 43 | HD-1285
Wapato, WA 70 | HD-847
Waterford, PA 37
Winsted, CT 68 | HD-719
Yuma, AZ 29

Hopefully, after going through the above list, you have been able to find your favorite TV show i.e., Yellowstone on Paramount Network. Watch it to your heart’s fill and enjoy the other quality entertainment shows on the channel as well!

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