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Buckeye Broadband Offers Affordable Buckeye Cable & Internet Services

Starting at only

Reg. Rate: $59.98/mo.

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  • 20 Mbps downloading speeds
  • 250 GB data
  • Local 30+, including BCSN
  • EPIX free for 3 months!


Starting at
$ 29
.99 /mo
Reg. Rate: $29.99/mo.
  • 20Mbps Buckeye broadband speed
  • 2 Mbps upload
  • 100 GB data
  • Web, email and social media access
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Starting at
$ 114
.99 /mo
Reg. Rate: $154.99/mo.
  • 50 Mbps download
  • 250 GB data
  • 3 months of free EPIX
  • 2 TVs with express TV powered by TiVo
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Starting at
$ 113
.97 /mo
Reg. Rate: $168.73/mo.
  • 50 Mbps download
  • Popular standard package channels
  • 1 HD DTA included
  • Buckeye cable features
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On the Wonder that is Buckeye Cable

And Why You NEED Buckeye Broadband in Your Life!

Have you ever wanted to experience the sheer thrill that comes with watching your favorite Movies & TV Shows in crisp HD resolutions, without worrying too much about the monthly bill? In today’s world, we all require a consistent outpouring of periodic ‘recess’ times which allow us to sit back and relax, and indulge in the kinds of activities that bring the most comfort to our weary souls. On this front, nothing quite compares with the new-age amenity that we casually like to refer to as the ‘television’ – the technological wonder responsible for connecting us with some of the best instances of human creativity depicted onscreen. Cable (as an entertainment offering in its own right) truly represents the next stage in the evolution of the traditional television set.

Buckeye Cable Company Deals

Get the FULL Onscreen Experience – with Buckeye Cable

Start Binging on your Favorite Movies & TV Shows TODAY!

All televised and staged productions are built on the frameworks of a narrative or two; intricate story lines that evoke the drama that is inherent to the visual spectacles. Buckeye cable, being one of the more reputable cable vendors in the consumer market today, seeks to broadcast all of this excitement right into the comfort of your homes – with one TV subscription plan at a time. So if you’re an avid Game of Thrones fan who simply cannot wait for the premier of the next episode in the series, a history buff who relishes elaborate documentaries on the Amazonians (showcased on the History Channel®), or even a baseball addict who regularly likes to catch the New York Yankees trying to maintain their winning streak – with the Buckeye cable deals advantage, you’re all set!

Best TV Channels Packages

Addressing the Internet as a ‘Life Source’ of Sorts

And How Modern Living Virtually Depends On It!

Who would challenge the assertion that our world today practically ‘hinges on the availability of a high speed Internet connection’? Whether it’s for keeping up-to-date on the latest news trends, streaming high quality video and audio tracks, sending a midnight email to the office, or looking up the recipe for a favorite dessert…(and what not!); we absolutely need a reliable internet subscription just to get by on a daily basis. If the earth were to suffer from a sudden power outage, which led to a suspension of all of its sprawling internet linkages, it would not be incorrect to assume that life everywhere would come to a standstill! All of our modern means of communication, entertainment and commerce intrinsically rely on the internet as their de facto ‘life source’.

Buckeye Cable Number

Become Digitally Enraptured – with Buckeye Broadband

Download like there’s NO tomorrow

If you’re currently struggling with a lackluster internet connection, that delivers a ‘high on costs, low on speeds’ performance dynamic, then you can certainly do well with a Buckeye broadband internet subscription. With a compelling range of standalone and bundled plans, that promise fast downloading speeds in the 10 – 100 Mbps range (at the most affordable monthly rates), you’re guaranteed not to find similar package deals virtually anywhere else. Buckeye broadband deals that come accompanied with cable and phone services take your home entertainment experiences even further, by allowing you to watch, talk and surf from the comfort of your lounge or living room sofa – all at the same time (and without compromising on the service quality)!

buckeye customer service

When Troubles Should Hit

On Why a Dedicated Buckeye Cable Customer Service is Important

Every internet, cable and phone services subscription holder knows that for every monthly connectivity & entertainment plans’ offer, there is always another one that manages to trump it. Oftentimes, a more suitable service package is offered by the very same vendor, and it is only due to a lack of awareness that subscribers remain stuck with an offer that just doesn’t quite cut it for them. In these busy times, not many people are afforded with the luxury of time that allows them to pour over lengthy written plans contained in company websites, and deciding on a service agreement that best fits their bill. In such cases, wouldn’t it be better to simply call a particular services vendor’s telephonic helpline, and make the concerned inquiries there?

Buckeye Cable Customer Service

Get in touch with our Buckeye Broadband Customer Service Representatives

And quickly resolve all your pressing subscription concerns

It is in addressing this very issue that Buckeye cable customer service decided to setup its dedicated Buckeye Broadband helpline. Through this channel, the company’s varied service users are given the opportunity to interact with some of the most knowledgeable Buckeye cable customer service professionals in the ISP industry, who draw on their extensive experiences to lend speedy resolutions to the most common customer complaints. So if you’re currently struggling with a particular service issue, and are looking for a quick fix, call us on our Buckeye cable number today!