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With Buckeye ground phone you stay connected! Consistency, reliability, and crisp clear voice quality are just an absolute part of the service. While, more feature at an affordable price are the power additions to the deal. If you love to talk but want to save up – bundle up the services! Discover Buckeye phone and Internet services together. You will fall in love with your phone and idle hours!


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Have loved one’s afar? Buy Buckeye home phone essential – because it’s not just about the call, but about the love felt through the clarity of voice. With perfect quality and affordable prices, we make sure you FEEL the connection that’ lost back in days. Calling features as Call Privacy, Three-Way Calling, Inside Wire Maintenance, Speed Dial and so many features that come FREE for $35.95/Month. With changing time and things, don’t let your loved one’s move away. We make this possible through the numerous Home Phone Package options we offer. So, no matter which deal you choose, you will call home, connect to friends and family across the country, or right next door – it simply about picking up the phone and dialing the number. Choose your Buckeye home phone Package today – let past become your present!

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WE Bring The Value Out of Your Home Phone

Enjoy unlimited-nationwide calling with Buckeye home phone premium offer along with features that connects your relations smartly. Whether you’re changing place or getting a new phone connected to your current residence, WE make it easy for you to connect! Look for the package of your choice, all of these deals come packed with FREE essential features (Unlimited calling, Call Blocking, Caller ID, Call Waiting and others) In the age of smartphones and other technological devices, a connection with absolute clarity and consistency is still important – and that through the landline phones. Ever recalled how important it felt to talk Despite the world is all about smartphone, the fun of using a landline will never change. Call and ask for all the options you can avail – choose and subscribe – whether it’s a standalone package or a bundled deal.