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  • 125+ channels
  • 10,000+ On Demand Movies/TV Shows
  • Up to 100 Mbps download speed
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  • Up to 100 Mbps download speed
  • FREE software security suite included
  • FREE voicemail, caller id, call waiting & more included
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TV SELECT + Internet

  • 125+ channels
  • 10,000+ On Demand Movies/TV Shows
  • Up to 100 Mbps download speed
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Spectrum Double Play – More for Less

Enjoy Endless Entertainment and Connectivity Solutions with Consistency

Rejuvenation with quality entertainment is man’s innate need. The contemporary hectic lifestyles call for some refreshment and TV and internet are the most accessible modes of entertainment. Spectrum Double Play deals allow you to achieve a balance of reliability, diversity, and convenience of a price. With double play, you get access to more than 125 Entertainment, News, and Sports channels in pristine quality HD. You also get a 100 Mbps of bandwidth speed that is capable of supporting all your online activities including live-streaming, downloading heavy multimedia, browsing, video conferencing, and so on.

Call TODAY and get your desired movies and shows lined up with the amazing plans that they have to offer!

Triple Play Spectrum

Spectrum TV and Internet- Perfect Entertainment Combos

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Who wouldn’t want to bundle up two digital services as per their convenience and preferences? The modern customer would love the concept! Spectrum hears you and that’s why they allow you to bundle up any two from Cable TV, phone and internet. Enjoy the liberty to pick any two services and customize their features. For instance, you can bundle up the internet and phone in a convenient price. And you can bundle up Spectrum cable and internet for a good price. In both choices, you get a blazing internet speed of 100 Mbps. You also get to enjoy:

  • Online Protection along with Security Suite for free
  • Free Internet Modem
  • No frustrating data volume restrictions or extra fees

Be sure it will be worth your every desire!

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Whether it’s TV, Internet or Phone

Spectrum Double Play Gives You Incredible Features

Looking for your entertainment and connectivity preferences to be comprehensively covered!

Spectrum TV and Internet solutions not only get you into a win-win situation but also ensure entertainment and price to be a good blend. For instance, for TV in a twin-choice, you get to:

  • Access thousands of titles in On Demand choices, which also include HD and 3D blockbuster movies
  • Access the best and your preferred network’s TV Apps
  • Stream On Demand content and live TV via Spectrum TV App
  • Watch more than 125 channels including CNN®, ESPN®, Hallmark® and many more in crisp HD quality
  • An optional DVR facility that can be added on to a maximum of 4 TVs at home
  • The DVR offers a storage of almost 780 hours (which is a lot)

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Charter Spectrum for Family

Spectrum Cable and Internet - Experience What Quality Entertainment Feels Like

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Spectrum Double Play proposes amazing options for perfect home entertainment. Get your hands on an exciting array of quality channels that cover all the major entertainment genres to provide the best entertainment that you and your family members need. With their innovative TV App, you get to:

  • Watch TV anywhere
  • Access your complete channel line-up at home
  • More than 30,000 movies and shows with the On Demand facility
  • On-Demand access content on all your connected devices such as smartphones and tablets
  • Access the On Demand content via Xbox, Roku, and even Samsung Smart TV
  • Download the TV channel Apps

Make an ultimate choice and choose peace of mind, reliability, and affordability!

Spectrum Double Play Packages

Spectrum Double Play is About the Best!

Fall in Love with the Convenient and High-Performance Services

Spectrum Internet and TV give you the liberty of enjoying your favorite entertainment genres without a pause. No matter which genre you prefer to watch from primetime, news, sports, kids, music, family shows, home improvement or current global affairs, you get it. And to serve as a cherry on the cake, the On Demand option allows you to catch up on your favorite shows. Whenever you miss a wildly anticipated episode of any series from NBC® CBS®, ABC®, FOX® and so on, you can watch it later in your leisure time.

You don’t just get the internet at home but you can take it anywhere with you. Enjoy free and unlimited access to the massive network of their WiFi hotspots nationwide. Staying connected has never been easier and economical!

Spectrum telephone and internet

Charter Double Play-Quality, Reliability, and Consistency!

Watch, Talk, and Surf like a Pro

No one likes to go through the tedious drill of switching digital services provider. Therefore, making a wise and reliable choice is essential. Spectrum Double Play bundles cater to the needs of not only those who consider TV and internet essential but also to those who need a convenient phone solution. The phone service is bundled with internet and offers:

  • Unlimited long distance and local and calling in the United States, Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, and Northern Mariana Island
  • No additional fees like the phone companies charge
  • More than 28 calling features such as simultaneous ringing, blocking unwanted callers and so on
  • Free calls to 411

Who would say No to a solution, which comprehensively covers all their needs!

Spectrum Internet Deals

Spectrum Double Play- Proving to be an Ultimate Choice for Many

Experience Can Enlighten You Only

In addition to Spectrum Internet and TV bundling, they also cater to people who essentially need a home phone. The voice solution offers an innovative Voice Online Manager. It lets you manage the home phone from practically anywhere. There are no extra charges for this facility exclusively for the double play subscribers in voice and internet.

To make the choice even convenient, get in touch with the efficient customer support and avoid the hassle of skimming through online comparisons and reviews. They are always ready to assist you and help you decide the right option. With the provision of high-quality services, economical billing schedules, and multiple package options, it has earned a steady reputation through these years. For all the right reasons!

Spectrum Deals

With Spectrum Double Play, You Don’t Have to Switch Your Digital Services Provider

Because you have No Reason to!

We have all been there when we had to switch out Digital services provider for not providing efficient services and rather becoming a reason for the recurrent inconvenience. The amount of hassle that this whole process involves is something that we all like to avoid. Choosing your Digital service provider smartly is the key to avoid any such inconvenience later on. We highly recommend the practice of making extensive online searches and scrutinizing each and every offered feature before subscribing to a provider. The said provider is one of those reliable and trustworthy Digital services providers that will not disappoint you and you will remain to be a happy and satisfied client for years to come.

Choose intelligently and enjoy smooth Digital services!