Spectrum Double Play

Spectrum Double Play Deals Bundle Your Fun Quality and Affordability

Starting at only
99 /mo
each for 12 months when bundled
  • Upto 175+ channels
  • Unlimited internet with NO data caps
  • Up to 60 Mbps download speed
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  • Up to 60 Mbps download speed
  • FREE software security suite included
  • FREE voicemail, caller id, call waiting & more included
Starting at
$ 59
98 /mo
Free modem. No contract required Order Now

TV SELECT + Internet

  • 125+ channels
  • 10,000+ On Demand Movies/TV Shows
  • Up to 60 Mbps download speed
Starting at
$ 89
98 /mo
Free modem. No contract required Order Now

Spectrum Double Play Deals – More for Less

You Enjoy Endless Entertainment with Consistency

The digital age that we live in has brought us very busy and hectic lifestyles. A lot of our time is spent in fulfilling our commitments and we end up looking for comfortable options – to entertain and to refresh our mood. TV can be that one source which provides the right entertainment in the right way. And when you sign up for a subscription to Spectrum double play deal – you achieve a balance of reliability, diversity, and convenience of price. Contact TODAY and get your desired movies and shows lined up along with Spectrum high-speed internet providing up to 60 Mbps of download speed.

Spectrum Double Play Offers Diversity

The Package Choice Matches Your Desires

Spectrum double play packages facilitate you with the convenience of choosing any two of Spectrum services and bundling it together in a deal. You can make your choice from Cable TV, phone and high speed internet. Any two of the above mentioned services will combine together to form a double play bundle for you at very affordable rates. Spectrum service area is also huge which ensures better coverage with better quality. You can contact our customer support center and find out if you are in the Spectrum service area – because this service is worth your every desire!

Spectrum TV and Internet Let’s You Surf Right

Your Entertainment and Connectivity Preferences are Comprehensively Covered

Spectrum double play subscription is boasted with a variety of combos that enable you to choose the two services matching your needs perfectly. You only pay for the service that’s required. But when you want a win-win situation, entertainment and price to be a good blend, then Spectrum TV and internet package is the right choice. You can start for as low as $79.98 a month and have more than 125 125 Entertainment, News, and Sports channels in pristine, HD quality, that include CNN®, ESPN®, Discovery®, MTV®, with up to 60 Mbps of download speed.

Experience True Quality with Spectrum Cable and Internet

Subscribe Now and Enjoy Consistency for a Lifetime

Cable and internet is a package choice for a perfect home entertainment. Get your hands on an exciting array of quality channels that cover all the major entertainment genres to provide the best entertainment that you and your family members need. Spectrum has always facilitated its customers with good quality services and has won the trust of its valued customers. TV and internet deals are an example of this commitment. Call and subscribe to Spectrum cable and internet package Today for online modes of entertainment and even for the conventional TV, consider Spectrum as your reliable choice.

Spectrum Double Play is About Better

Entertainment and Connectivity with Convenience!

With Spectrum Double play, you make the right choices! To make the choice even convenient, get in touch with our friendly customer support department and avoid the hassle of going through comparisons. They are always ready to assist you and help you decide for the right bundle. While Spectrum double play ensures better entertainment in better quality, you also acquire contract free subscription. Spectrum is one of those providers that treats its customers as they wish to be treated. With the provision of high-quality services, economical billing schedules, and multiple package options, Spectrum has earned a steady reputation through these years. Choose your digital services provider intelligently and enjoy peace of mind.

Spectrum Services Make You Fall in Love

Quality, Reliability, and Consistency!

All cable and internet subscribers go through the phase of switching through service providers. The reasons can vary, but with TV and internet you fall in love with the quality. So, instead of the hassle that this whole process involves, choose your Digital service provider smartly and avoid the inconvenience. Subscribe to Spectrum services and avail deals that offer nothing less than quality, reliability, and consistency! Spectrum double play packages are reliable that will not disappoint you. Call today and find a deal of your choice that will bring you happiness and satisfaction for years to come. Choose intelligently and enjoy smooth digital services!