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Spectrum TV packages come in a variety of standalone and bundled service formats, and they differ only in terms of the number and types of television channels made available through their individual station lineups. All of the company’s TV plans, however, are geared towards providing quality home entertainment experiences to subscribers on a continuous basis; equipping them with instantaneous access to their favorite onscreen productions. Think never-ending movie nights & reality show sprees, 24/7. With the crisp HD resolutions offering, Spectrum TV packages have been designed to satisfy its customers’ entertainment needs with thousands of On Demand TV shows and movies.

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All Spectrum TV packages come accompanied with the company’s premier On Demand movies & TV shows catalog, which consists of thousands of continually-updated blockbuster screen titles in both HD and 3D. So if you’re ever tired of watching live TV at any time of the day, you have the option of instantly loading-up a choice romcom, thriller or horror movie production with the simple click of a button; and not wasting your precious free time in just flicking idly between stations. Spectrum TV packages, starting for only $39.99/month, can be further enhanced with the optional DVR facility. For an added cost, DVR allows subscribers to play, pause, and rewind, forward & store their favorite screen productions for convenient viewing almost instantly; on up to 4 television sets.

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Getting hooked onto the Spectrum TV service is easy; particularly on account of the affordable subscription rates and variety of screening options it comes accompanied with. Starting at $29.99/month (when bundled), the company’s premier Select TV plan offers over 125 HD TV channels comprised of popular local & international News, Entertainment, Sports and Educational stations. The Spectrum TV service is currently available for subscription within 41 states inside the U.S, and in the case of advanced packages, enables customers to tune into their favorite Premium Channels through their remote controls. This Spectrum TV service provision includes access to the likes of HBO®, STARZ®, Showtime® and the NFL Network®, among other popular station choices.

Spectrum TV Plans - starting at only $39.99/month

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The Spectrum TV Plans offer starts at a market-competitive rate of only $39.99/month for the standalone Select TV service, and includes the 200+ HDTV channels provision that is added to the bundled Triple Play Gold plan. All of these service options come with the company’s dedicated On Demand catalog, as well as on-the-go screen access through the user-friendly TV App functionality; making Spectrum TV plans the ideal companions for when you’re away from your home. Subscribers can also additionally have fun with their favorite Network TV apps that are included with their subscription, along with the optional DVR facility. In order to sign up for a particular Spectrum TV plans offer, please consider placing a call on the number mentioned on top of this page.

Go Premium with Spectrum TV Silver

Watch HBO®, Showtime® & Cinemax® - all night long

If you want to avail the dual advantages of a stellar pricing tariff coupled with a large number of extra service features, then consider giving the high-performance Spectrum TV Silver package a go. Offering over 175 diverse HDTV channels to choose from, including Premium Channels content from HBO®, Showtime® & Cinemax®, you won’t be left wanting for anymore live TV screenings in your life. And like all company service plans, the TV Silver offer comes in a contract-free agreement format, meaning that you can opt out of your subscription arrangement at any time; without incurring any early termination fees. To place your order, please reach out to us through the service number mentioned, and get hooked onto quality onscreen entertainment in no time!