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Indulge in Quality On-Screen Time with COX TV Packages

Discover what Digital Entertainment truly is

Nowadays, with the daily pressures of life weighing down on people, everyone requires a quality entertainment plan to get by. Digital Entertainment in the form of such ventures as COX TV packages in the U.S) has largely turned into a modern-day necessity. Most people require it as a much-needed avenue for venting their frustrations in a harmless way. Television has enabled individuals to exercise their imaginations uniquely since its invention. It shifts an individual’s focus from the concerns of his/her immediate reality to a more imaginative artistic plane. It makes life that much more bearable on a daily basis.

Get the Best Entertainment TV Plans

A TV experience like no other

All TV plans come with a host of exciting features included. With the Voice Remote Control, experience a whole new level of freedom. Simply press the blue button and command the remote to change channels, find movies, shows, DVR recordings and more. Smart Search brings you an intuitive on-screen guide that shows the channel program lineup for up to 2 weeks at a time. You won’t ever have to spend time flipping channels for entertainment. Most TV packages are meant to be family-friendly. This means you get Parental Control functions to manage inappropriate content. Advanced DVR technology lets you record up to 1,000 hours of content. And of course, you get access to the TV app for mobile, on-the-go viewing anytime, anywhere. Make the most of your TV experience!

Enjoy YOUR Kind of TV Stations

Never Contend with Boring Channels Again!

In order to suit the distinct preferences of individual subscribers, COX cable packages come in a range of ‘Pak’ orientations. Each Pak consist of simple thematic arrangements of TV channels that people actually want to pay for. COX TV online is among the most affordable subscriptions around and comes equipped with over 145+ channel offerings. One of the many notable features of COX cable channels is that they come (and grace the screen of the end-user) in crisp HD resolutions. Most contemporary onscreen productions are created with the use of graphics-intensive software resources. Hence, they require correspondingly advanced digital screens to show their full vibrancy.

A Tailored Channel Lineup

Get the entertainment YOU want

Featuring a diverse channel lineup, Cox TV standalone offers are divided broadly into Bronze, Silver, and Gold. With the Bronze and Silver packages, you get access to over 140 unique channels with a free HD receiver. This lets you get your daily entertainment dosage in the trademark HD clarity you want. The Gold package features a lineup of more than 250 unique channels, making it an all-encompassing bundle. As mentioned above, the channels are arranged in Paks. So, you can choose from a diverse variety including HBO, Cinemax, Starz, Movie Pak and Sports Pak for a thematically consistent range. There is also a Variety Pak, which is a well-rounded selection of popular channels for the whole family to enjoy.

Choose the Subscription of your Choice

With this provider, freedom is not an illusion

With so many subscription options up for grabs, it’s hard not to get overwhelmed by the sheer freedom of choice. Some of the most popular subscription options include:

  • Contour TV plan with access to over 140 channels
  • Contour Flex Starter plan with access to 75+ essential channels

You can also bundle standalone offers with internet and home phone for a comprehensive subscription. Bundles currently on the table include:

  • Bronze Duo is an internet and cable bundle which gives you 140+ channels as well as on-demand viewing
  • Silver Triple Play with access to 140+ channels including HBO, Showtime and Cinemax
  • Gold Triple Play is a premium bundle with access to over 250 channels plus on-demand content.

Save up on your Monthly Budget with COX Basic Cable

Pay ONLY for the TV Channels that You Want!

The basic plan also referred to as the Contour Flex Starter package, is an ideal digital entertainment option. Especially for those who want to experience quality entertainment without exceeding their budgets. This TV plan includes over 70 channels, as well as 3 prominent TV channel apps. These allow users to take their television sessions with them through their mobile devices. In addition, plan subscribers are given the option to choose between 5 customization Paks and 2 equipment choices. The Starter TV plan also comes with high-speed Internet which allows subscribers to enjoy the best of both. Watch your favorite TV shows while simultaneously keeping track of your social media world.

The best of everything with Basic

Get it now, add more later

If the essential channels are what you need right now, look no further than the Cox Basic Cable plan. It is extensive while still being affordable to most subscribers. This starter package features 70+ unique channels including FOX®, Abc®, PBS®, NBC®, The CW, C-Span, and Music Choice among others. You also get the choice to opt for one premium channel from HBO, Showtime, Starz or Cinemax. That’s not to mention the 50 music channels available. The best thing about this plan is that it has room for you to expand. You can add on any additional Paks that you may be interested in at a later stage. Essentially, it allows you to tailor your subscription to your needs.

Introducing Contour TV

Your ONE-OF-A-KIND Entertainment Getaway

The number of channels offered on each Cable TV plan varies in accordance with the service’s subscription price. This plan is designed to meet the most demanding requirements of TV viewers who need an ever-escalating dosage of screen action on a daily basis. It has a selection of over 250 TV channels for you to binge on. There are also 50 popular TV apps that enable on-the-go television sessions. With 13 customized Pak choices to choose from, the COX TV online plan is a must-have amenity for every (and any) ardent TV watcher. To get an idea of the depth of the offered experience, go through the company’s customizable Pak offerings that come associated with every plan.

Get hooked with Contour

Discover the best HD TV experience

This is among the most popular package choices in America. And when you look at what you get with it, its popularity is no surprise. You get an innovative on-screen guide as well as access to the Voice Remote. If you bundle it with Internet Preferred or higher, you can also access all your Netflix content. It features over 140 channels with some of the most popular national and local favorites. You get access to tons of entertainment including Animal Planet, CNN, Cartoon Network, CNBC, FOX, The History Channel and more. Discover HD TV in a way that you will never have experienced before in terms of convenience and diversity.

Get Stellar Background Support

We Like Answering ALL of Your Subscription Queries

Whether you have a service or subscription price-related concern, the customer service is always there to help.  All of the TV plans come with the assurance of reliable performance. However it is only natural for them to occasionally prove less than satisfactory from time to time. Often, subscribers might feel restrained or confined with their current subscription plan. Some may wish to purchase a TV package that would prove a better fit with their individual entertainment requirements. In such cases, getting in touch with a representative can help!

COX customer service representatives can be reached out to through the COX cable number @ .

Easily Plan Ahead with COX pricing

And Get the BEST Cable TV Deals in Town!

No matter which economic cadre you belong to, COX pricing has been designed to fall in line with your budgetary requirements. Understandably, not everyone can afford the high subscription costs associated with premium TV plans. This is why COX cable packages serve the largest number of subscribers without overburdening them.

The aforementioned plans by COX TV are priced at very affordable monthly subscription rates. So call now on the Cox cable number and get the very best in digital entertainment!