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Satellite Internet

  • Fast speeds up to 25 Mbps
  • Available Nationwide
  • Fast, reliable service

Offers vary by location

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$ 49
99 /mo
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HyperLink Internet

  • 50x faster than DSL!!
  • Reliability & high speed with fiber-optic
  • Fast download, video streaming, music & more!
  • Speed comparison based on 1.5 Mbps DSL

Offers vary by speed and location

Starting at
$ 39
95 /mo
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Dial-Up Internet

  • FREE Accelerator lets you surf the Web 7x faster
  • FREE 24/7 support from our dial-up experts
  • Unlimited dial up access nationwide
  • Web Mail, 8 addresses & built-in protection

When you pre pay first 3 months

Starting at
$ 9
95 /mo
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earthlink internet packages

Get Blazing Speeds with EarthLink Internet

And Indulge in a Downloading Spree Like No Other!

In these times, when access to the Internet has become crucial to the fulfillment of all our personal and professional obligations, we all could do with a reliable connection service that gets the job done. Not all Internet services are the same, and they differ from each other on the basis of their individual bandwidth speeds, subscription costs & contract-terms (among many other factors). The end-user experience is also an important part of these considerations. In the U.S, EarthLink Internet services not only continue to satisfy on a majority of these performance fronts, but also provide unparalleled subscription experiences through the accompaniment of their accredited customer support service.

Check out EarthLink’s complete range of wireless & wired Internet services (which include the premier EarthLink Cable Internet package) available within your locality, and choose a plan that best suits your lifestyle. Know that your satisfaction is a priority for us!

earthlink fast speed internet

Check Out the EarthLink High Speed Internet Services Provision

And Leave Your Virtual Trails ALL OVER the Web

In much of the country, DSL linkages continue to provide some of the most high speed and reliable Internet connection services – which can also prove to be the most affordable (within a given area). The EarthLink High Speed Internet service happens to be one of the better ISP offerings currently available within the DSL connections category; not just based on the company’s own estimates, but also the approving testimonials of its sprawling consumers-base. EarthLink’s basic DSL Internet service provides data-transfer speeds up to 15 Mbps along with a WiFi Modem, in contrast to the more high-performance HyperLink Internet service which enables connection speeds in the 75 Mbps range (on a fiber-optic network linkage).

Order an EarthLink Internet service plan today, and satisfy your cravings for the most bandwidth-intensive online content out there!

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Contact the EarthLink Customer Service Team

And Resolve ALL Your Subscription-related Concerns in a Jiffy!

With any subscription service, the accompaniment of a dedicated customer-support program comes as a must-have necessity. How else would service subscribers (most of whom may not be technically skilled or generally informed enough) resolve their day-to-day connection problems, or have a clear understanding of the number and varieties of service plans offered by their digital provider? The EarthLink Customer Service is one such consumer-oriented initiative launched by the company, and it seeks to address and resolve all the subscription-related concerns of its customers. Constituted of the skilled professionals of the EarthLink Support group, the service can be easily reached through the company’s dedicated telephonic hotline (mentioned on top of this page – at the times mentioned).

So if you (as an EarthLink subscriber) have any queries regarding your chosen service plan that you want answered, consider getting in touch with our customer support staff TODAY!