Business Optimum 150 + Phone

Plus taxes, fees & equipment charges.

  • Up to 150 Mbps download, 35 Mbps upload
  • Unlimited Optimum WiFi access
  • Best for 6-8 users
Starting at $ 74 .95/mo.

for 2 years.

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Optimum Business Customer Service
customer support Dedicate Support for Businesses

Offers real-time assistance and same-day service.

Internet Speed Up to 450 Mbps Download Speed

Offering reliable speeds and service.

Wi-Fi Unlimited WiFi Access

Access over a million Wi-Fi hotspots.

Optimum Internet Pricing

Why Optimum Business Internet?

Choose Optimum Business Internet for reliability and security

Optimum business internet is geared to help your enterprise grow, no matter the nature of your data requirements. It is a fast and reliable service, backed by a dynamic Support team. Optimum Business Support exists to ensure your experience is smooth and above par. It ensures minimal downtime and that all your company’s internet needs are met. All enterprises are different, so it only makes sense to have a range of choices from which to choose the best option. Optimum business internet has three tiers: Business Optimum 150, 250 and 450 (available in selected areas). This allows the freedom to choose the service that best suits your business.

Optimum Triple Play Packages

What do I get out of Optimum Business Plans?

Optimum Business Support, security, hotspots and more

Optimum Business Plans are specifically designed to cater to enterprises of varying sizes and needs. You get excellent support, McAfee award-winning security and access over a million Optimum Wi-Fi hotspots. And that’s not all! With Optimum Business Plans, you get a free smart router, and the ability to keep remote employees connected. enterprise plans can also be combined with TV packages and Voice. TV packages include broadcast basic, business value, business preferred, Entertainment Value, and Entertainment Preferred. Voice packages include Optimum voice, business hosted voice, and business trunking. For detailed information on individual packages, get in touch with Optimum customer service.

TV Packages Per Month
Business Preferred $78.95
Business Value $68.95
Broadcast Basic $33.95 includes$10.00 for a digital cable box

Specifically for private offices or waiting areas

Business Optimum 150

Tailor-made for Small Businesses

Business Optimum 150

Business 150 is a tier 1 enterprise internet offering. With download speeds up to 150Mbps and upload speeds up to 35Mbps, it is perfectly geared for small/medium companies. One way to increase productivity in your office is to have a reliable internet connection that fits usage needs. Other than the reliable speeds and service, you also get access to unlimited  Wi-Fi. Unlimited Wi-Fi are hotspots across the country that act as an unlimited data plan for Optimum customers.  With Business Optimum 150 comes automatic sign-in for up to 15 devices on these hotspots. There’s also a free smart router included that provides a secure and fast connection to your devices. Additionally, you can set up 15 email accounts for your company, with a helpful 5GB storage for each.

Business Optimum 250

Supporting Medium-sized Businesses

Business Optimum 250

Business 250 is a tier 2 office internet offering with download speeds up to 250Mbps. This is perfect for taking a small or medium sized enterprise to the next level. You get more speed, more access and more connectivity with this package. Upload speeds can reach up to 50Mbps and like the first package, you get access to unlimited Wi-Fi. With Business Optimum 250 you can connect up to 20 devices automatically to hotspots around the country. You get a free smart, fast and secure router to ensure smooth internet connectivity on your devices. Best of all, you get five more email accounts, making it a total of 20 accounts with 5GB of storage each. Business 250 helps you transform your office by introducing faster speeds for file sharing and secure connectivity.

Business Optimum 450

Large Business and Enterprise-level Internet Solutions

Business Optimum 450

Business 450 is top-tier enterprise internet. In select areas, you can get download speeds of up to 450Mbps, dynamically changing file sharing protocols in your company. It has sufficient bandwidth for even enterprise-level usage requirements. Business Optimum 450 offers upload speeds of up to 50Mbps, making smooth video conferencing the norm rather than the exception. Like the first two tiers, you get access and automatic sign-in to hotspots for up to 25 devices. This is great for ensuring even remote team members and assets stay connected to your office. Since it is a top-tier enterprise internet package, it offers the most. You can create up to 25 email accounts for strategic personnel in your office, each with 5GB of storage.

Unlimited Optimum Wi-Fi hotspots

Hotspots to keep you connected regardless of location

Unlimited Wi-Fi Points

There are currently more than one and a half million Wi-Fi hotspots active in the Tri-State Area. These hotspots exist for the convenience of customers, almost like exclusive data plans. No matter where your office operations are located, you can run it from any place that has an Optimum hotspot. While traveling for company or pleasure, this is especially convenient. You can easily send and receive emails, place orders, supervise processing and do research on potential customers and markets. Remote or on-the-go employees can stay connected to your office, providing you with updates on their tasks and responsibilities periodically.

Optimum hotspots

Become a Hotspot

Add a new level to your service

One good way to make your company more popular is to provide internet access to your customers. You can turn your office into an Optimum hotspot at no additional cost. This adds a new level to the service you are offering to your customers. At the same time, you will experience a higher influx of customers flocking to take advantage of free internet. It makes sense that people would prefer a place that offers free Wi-Fi to places that don’t. You can take advantage of that by turning your enterprise into a hotspot and becoming a customer favorite.

becoming a Wi-Fi hotspot

Should I become an Optimum Wi-Fi Hotspot?

Advantages of becoming a Wi-Fi hotspot

Service industries like hotels, restaurants and coffee shops particularly stand to benefit from turning their places of company into hotspots. In an age where people discern more clearly about their consumer choices, enterprises reap the benefits of offering something new. Some of these benefits are:

  • In-business signage to let your customers know you have internet
  • More customers attracted
Optimum Business Phone Number

What After-Sale Service can I expect?

Optimum Business Customer Service offers real-time assistance and same-day service

Dedicated support understands the importance of continuity in business at all times. Companies that are served get assured, competent and real-time customer service as and when required. With a dedicated team, Optimum is out to make sure your office needs are met efficiently and effectively. A same-day service guarantee ensures even on-site services are set initiated the same day you report an issue. Our support structure is just as robust and as geared towards helping your enterprise grow as Optimum Business Plans. Become part of the family and watch your company growth complemented at each step. Recognizing each enterprise is unique, Optimum is all set to tailor your customer experience to the needs of your office.

Plans Price Per Month
Entertainment Preferred $118.95
Entertainment Value $108.95
Broadcast Basic $33.95

For Bars & Restaurants

Optimum Business Plans

How do I get Onboard?

Your business solutions are only a call away

By now you’re probably wondering how to take advantage of the many services Optimum has to offer. The answer is quite easy. Our well-informed and helpful representatives will be glad to dispense any information you may require. They will also assist you in getting your company on-board after establishing the service that works best for you. Remember, Optimum Business Internet is committed to helping your enterprise grow by meeting all your connectivity needs. The service is there for the taking, waiting for you to grab on to it. Simply calling on the Optimum Business phone number is all you need to do.

Optimum Business Support
Advantages With Enterprise Packages

Dedicated business packages has an internet speed that’s just right for your business needs.

  • Business 250
  • Business 450
  • Free Smart Router for fast
  • Secure connections on your devices
  • 15 email accounts
  • 5GB of storage per email account
  • Unlimited calls in the U.S.
  • Access to 1.5Mil+ hotspots
  • 'Find me' feature not gonna let you miss a call
  • 20+ advanced calling features

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