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Optimum Channel Lineup

The Optimum Channel Lineup - Only the Best in Entertainment

When it comes to TV services, channel options are perhaps the foremost concern on a consumer’s minds. Optimum offers some of the best channel selections with its various cable TV packages. Each Optimum package comes equipped with a great assortment of channel options.

These channel options aim to cover as many entertainment genres as possible. Whether you want news, sports, drama, movies, or premium channels, the Optimum channel lineup has it all. Starting at a very competitive price considering the number of channels offered, the provider continues to strengthen its position.

It currently ranks among the top ten internet and cable service providers in America. You’ll get used to the best service delivery and deals in the business in no time.

Channel Lineup of optimum basic cable

What is the Optimum Basic Cable?

Most single-person households don’t really require a huge channel selection. Whether you’re working or studying, chances are you only get time to relax in front of the TV late in the evening or weekends.

In such cases, it makes no sense for you to pay for a huge channel lineup when you won’t even watch the majority of them. Recognizing a gap in the market, the provider aims to fill it with its Broadcast Basic package. This package comes equipped with 50 exciting channels covering music, On-demand, Pay-per-View, and interactive access.

You will need a digital set-top box, or an HD cable box to be able to use Broadcast Basic. The package also offers HD channels at a very competitive price.

Channels in basic cable Package

What Channels are in the Optimum Core Package?

The provider’s Core package does exactly what its name indicates. It offers a core selection of the Optimum channel lineup for your viewing pleasure. The Core package contains all the channels from Broadcast Basic, as well as several other exciting channels.

This brings the total channels in the reasonably priced package over 220. This includes over 60 excellent HD options as well as access to On-demand and Pay-per-View content. The Core package does not require a contract, which means you don’t have to worry about committing to a new provider.

If you are uncomfortable with long term agreements, Optimum is just the provider for your needs. Coming back to the channel selection, the package fairly covers the essential entertainment networks.

Channels Lineup of Core Packages
BBC America HD Freeform HD
Channel lineup of Optimum Select package

What channels are in the Optimum Select package?

What if you need something more than the bare basics or the essentials? You subscribe to the provider’s Select package, of course. The Select package is one of the most popular Optimum cable packages, offering a much larger channel selection for a very reasonable price. It contains all the channels you get with Broadcast Basic and Core, as well as a substantial lineup of its own. The package contains over 340 all digital channels in total. This includes more than 110 high definition channels that cover a variety of entertainment tastes. From sports to history, to movies, to kids channels, the Select package has it all. It is a sure winner if you are looking for a sizeable channel lineup within a reasonable budget.

Channels Lineup of Select Package
A&E HD MLB Network HD
Disney XD HD StarzEncore HD
FX Movie Channel NBA TV

What Channels are in the Optimum Premier Package?

The Premier cable TV package is one of the provider’s top-tier entertainment packages. The package contains a substantial Optimum channel list of around more than 420 digital channels. This includes a massive selection of over 140 high definition channels as well.

The Premier package also comes equipped with over 50 premium high definition movie channels. To sweeten the deal, even more, there is no contract requirement, so you don’t have to commit unless you want to. The Premier package offers only the very best on cable TV.

It contains all the channels you get with lower-tier packages and offers a substantial Optimum channel lineup of its own. The package contains the most premium networks and movie channels that carry the most premium entertainment.

Channels Lineup Premier of Package
Showtime HD Showtime Extreme HD
Starz HD Starz Cinema HD

Bundle Your Services and Save More

Like most cable and internet service providers, Optimum offers a full range of connectivity services. Why just subscribe to cable when you can also get Optimum internet with a reduced price for both services together?  If you want to get the most bang for your buck, bundling your internet and cable services are the way to go. To inquire about the best bundle deals available from this provider, contact Optimum Customer Support and get the complete low-down.

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