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Internet starting at only
for 1 yr. Plus taxes, equip.
charges and fees.

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  • Up to 20 Mbps downloading speed
  • Free wifi access
  • Limited uplaod speed

Optimum 200

Starting at
$ 44
99 /mo
for 1 year. Plus taxes, equip. charges and fees.
  • Up to 200Mbps Optimum internet speed
  • Up to 35Mbps uploading speed
  • Access over 1 million Wi-Fi Hotspots
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Optimum 300

Starting at
$ 54
99 /mo
for 1 year. Plus taxes, equip. charges and fees.
  • Up to 300Mbps Optimum internet speed
  • Up to 35Mbps uploading speed
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Optimum 400

Starting at
$ 64
99 /mo
for 1 year. Plus taxes, equip. charges and fees.
  • Up to 40Mbps uploading speed
  • Up to 400Mbps Optimum internet speed
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Break the Speed Barrier - with Optimum Online Deals

Revel in FAST Downloading Speeds With Optimum Internet Plans

In today’s world, an internet plan is considered only as good as the downloading and uploading speeds that it offers. Without achieving a suitable level of consistency on this metric, an ISP provider cannot hope to contend with its competitors in the service providers industry. In the United States, Optimum internet plans are in the business of delivering-up fully on not only this accepted sales standard, but also other measures that together constitute the accepted benchmarks listing used to gauge the performance of individual Internet services. Through its varied assortment of Internet subscription offerings, Optimum internet speed goes up to a total of 400 Mbps in unrivaled downloading speeds to its customers base.

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What Optimum Offers

Optimum Internet Packages Like No Other!

All Optimum WiFi plans offer full-proof internet connectivity services to the entire household, at highly competitive pricing schedules. Whether they’re used for streaming high-definition multimedia content (blockbuster movies, TV Shows and Music Videos), engaging in intense online gaming sessions through entire gamers’ conventions, or even for video-conferencing over Skype for connecting with business partner placed oversees – with Optimum, all internet-based endeavors are realizable. Optimum internet service can be easily availed through the medium of this website (where the concerned order form will instantly take you through the subscription process), or by initiating a call through our dedicated telephonic hotline (mentioned on top of this page).

Optimum Internet Only Plans

If it’s Internet Only Plans that you’re After - We’ve Got You Covered

With Blazing Internet Offerings to Meet Every Surfer’s Requirements

Sometimes, you’re only interested in subscribing to a high-speed internet plan, and not much of the service attachments that tend to come with them. This is especially true of the current, growing generation of ‘cord cutters’. People who hail from this new-age grouping believe that with a quality internet service plan, they can meet all their connectivity & entertainment requirements. As a result, they don’t feel the need to subscribe to separate cable TV and phone services – and pay extra. Popular internet steaming utilities like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video and PlayStation Vue are primarily designed to cater to cord cutters. And many more online streaming services, which follow similar business models, are fast emerging.

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All Optimum Internet Packages are tailor-made for YOU!

See How Much is Optimum Internet?

Have you ever longed for an Internet subscription that meets all your online requirements, and does not impinge too heavily on your monthly budget? An Internet plan that lets you surf, download and stream to your heart’s content, and does not drain your monetary resources without leaving any room for recovery. Optimum internet packages, some of the best exemplars of affordable and fast speed internet plans available within the consumer-market today, are your ‘best bets’ for delivering up on these end-user requirements. And that’s just not our assertion, but the observation of some of the leading ISP industry analysts who make it their business to remain abreast of these things.


Optimum Internet Plans Optimum Internet Price
Optimum 20 $29.99
Optimum Online $64.95
Optimum 200 $20 (extra)
Optimum 300 $55 (extra)
Optimum 400* $55 (extra)
Extra Modem(s) $49.95 (each)
Optimum Wifi Plans

Amazing Optimum WiFi Plans to Enhance Every Home Space

Get the Entire Family Connected in No Time

Even more so than its basic furniture, every home space these days needs a reliable WiFi plan. Because you really can’t get the full enjoyment out of your smart TVs and mobile devices without one. In addition to these pieces of equipment, modern kitchen and bathroom gadgets like soap dispensers and electric stoves nowadays also come fitted with internet receivers. These technological additions are based on the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) production module. The proponents of this exciting industrial trend envision a world where every electronic device is connected to the web. This allows internet-enabled gadgets to communicate with each other and their human users. The possibilities of such a future, of course, are endless. Both for homeowners and businesses.

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Enjoy Unrivaled Internet Speeds

Enough to Blow Your Socks Off!

With the Optimum internet plans advantage, the sky is definitely not the limit. As has already been alluded to above, the commonplace Internet activities of surfing, downloading and streaming become veritable non-issues when internet steps into the arena – and takes charge of all your digital concerns. Through the benefit of fast Optimum online speeds (in the 60, 100, 200 and 400 Mbps range – with these individual data-transfer rates pertaining to distinct Optimum online subscription), the Internet becomes a full traversal frontier.

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Meet your Budgetary Requirements with the Optimum Internet Price

Remain Hooked to a Conscientious Subscription Optimum Internet Service!

Modern living is not an easy affair. The rising inflation-levels that have largely become an existential facet of contemporary reality have caused a great degree of despair and uncertainty in the world, and have cumulatively led to individuals scrambling to accommodate more than one employment position in their already strained daily routines. Since the Internet has nowadays become a necessity of living, without which we cannot even hope to accomplish the wider bulk of our professional and personal digital obligations – it makes sense to subscribe to a subscription service that provides great value in exchange for a lesser amount of currency. And on this front, Optimum internet services do not disappoint. The affordable Optimum internet price is a case in point!

Optimum Internet Pricing

Avail Just the Right Internet Pricing Tariffs

Save Big on Your Monthly Budgets - Every Time

Nowadays, you really can’t do much with having costly internet bills to see to every month. You need to be able to spend on quality cable TV and phone service plans too. These services, in a nutshell, comprise some of the basic utilities that every household in America needs to have available. And at all times. Because otherwise, you just might as well agree to step back into the stone age – and in a lot of ways we mean this quite literally. How else would you be able to catch the latest Hollywood or ‘International Studio’ blockbuster films or TV shows on offer? Or watch the trendiest flicks out on Netflix? Listen to (and download) the coolest music to hit the Billboard Top Charts. Or even enjoy a quality phone conversation with your friends & loved ones?

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