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90 /mo
  • for 12 months when bundled.
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Starting at $ 36
90 /mo
for 12 months.
  • Up to 50Mbps TDS internet speed
  • Price includes Wi-Fi modem
  • Up to 10Mbps upload speed
  • No contract required!
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Single Play - Internet

Starting at $ 51
95 /mo
for 24 months.
  • Up to 50Mbps TDS internet speed
  • Up to 50Mbps upload speed
  • Price includes Wi-Fi modem
  • No contract required!
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TDS Internet Package

Starting at $ 96
90 /mo
for 24 months.
  • Up to 1GB download speed
  • Up to 400Mbps upload TDS internet speed
  • Price includes Wi-Fi modem
  • No contract required!
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It would be no less than a truism to state that in today’s world, an internet service is only as good as the downloading & uploading speeds that it offers. The World Wide Web increasingly plays host to a diverse array of ‘heavy’ multimedia productions that require a high-performance Internet connection to be enjoyed within a reasonable time frame. Slow Internet connections are simply not able to cope with the grueling demands of the modern surfing experience, and ISPs that continue to deal in their market proliferation remain unable to bear their competition. When looked at from an immediate standpoint, the High Speed TDS Internet Service currently ranks among the Top 10 ISP initiatives that deliver unprecedented Internet speeds to their plan subscribers.

tds internet services

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TDS Internet plans include the popular Extreme50 Fiber Internet, the Extreme100 Fiber Internet, the Extreme 300 Fiber Internet, and the I Gig Fiber Internet service provisions respectively. As may be discerned from their plan titles, TDS deploys its state-of-the-art Fiber Optics network to transmit its services to the end-user. The above mentioned Internet packages may be availed in either standalone or bundled (combination) settings at highly affordable monthly subscription rates. So if you’re looking for a blazing Internet experience, that offers you the opportunity to surf and enjoy the World Wide Web on your own terms, you can’t do better than a service subscription.

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Thanks to the affordable TDS internet prices that accompany each of our Internet service plans, subscribers get to enjoy the benefit of saving a lot of cash on their regular monthly expenses. On the flip side, they get to experience the highest levels of service value for every dollar that they spend in the acquisition of their internet subscription. TDS offers blazing data-transfer rates and sustained services-delivery on each of its Internet subscription plans, along with dedicated Tds internet customer service. In order to become fully cognizant of the complete range of internet options, check out the concerned plans page on this site. Or better yet, talk to one of our dedicated sales representatives through the telephonic hotline ().

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If you have any query related to your current subscription, or would like to upgrade to a new service plan with more of the digital provisions that you want (along with a more suitable pricing tariff), then please get in touch our TDS internet customer service today. As an existing subscriber, we want to offer you the best service assistance available at our disposal, and are certain that our experienced support staff will be able to resolve your most pressing subscription-related concerns.

If you want to call a sales representative, please reach out to us through our dedicated TDS internet customer service number ().