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It would true to state that today an internet service is only as good as its download & upload speeds. The internet increasingly plays host to a diverse array of ‘heavy’ multimedia productions that require a high-performance Internet connection. Slow Internet connections are simply not able to cope with the demands of the modern surfing experience. ISPs that continue to deal in slow internet remain unable to bear their competition. But some providers have made it their motto to provide the best speeds and bandwidth.

The High-Speed TDS Internet Services currently rank among the top 10 ISPs that deliver unprecedented Internet speeds to their customers. With so much to offer in terms of speed and bandwidth, the company is only a few clicks away.

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TDS Internet Services include Extreme50, Extreme100, Extreme300, Extreme600 and 1Gig Fiber Internet provisions respectively. As is obvious from their plan titles, the company deploys a state-of-the-art Fiber Optics network to transmit its services to its customers. TDS packages can either be standalone or bundled together settings at highly affordable monthly subscription rates. Most people are looking for a blazing Internet experience that offers them the opportunity to surf and enjoy on their terms. They can’t find a better subscription than this one. Get in touch now to get the best connectivity experience you have dreamed of.

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TDS Extreme50 Fiber Internet

Extreme50 Fiber Internet

For the Average American Household

Extreme50 Fiber Internet is the perfect choice for American households that don’t compromise on connectivity. It is perfect for up to three users or devices simultaneously. With the blazing fiber speeds, streaming music and videos was never easier. Gamers can rejoice with the best latency and upload speeds to enhance their experience. If you feel the need to video chat with your friends and family, Extreme50 is your best choice. Uploading and downloading images is much faster than other providers –  perfect for Instagram usage. The upload speeds are at par with everything else, so if you’re a Youtuber or social media user uploading videos is a breeze.

Extreme50 is the preferred choice for small households. Subscribe now, and get connected to the world!

TDS Extreme100 Fiber Internet

Extreme100 Fiber Internet

For Those Who Want a Step Up

Extreme100 Fiber Internet is the preferred plan of choice for households with more than 3 users or connected devices. These speeds allow multiple users to do much more, simultaneously. Enjoy a new level of freedom in audio and video streaming. Gamers can do what they love without fear of annoying lag spikes and latency issues. Video chatting is much clearer and easier. For people who upload and download a lot of photos, Extreme100 is the perfect companion. Enjoy quick uploads of videos and almost instant file downloads. Don’t wait! Subscribe now to open up a new connected world for yourself full of fast upload and download speeds.

TDS Extreme300 Fiber Internet

Extreme300 Fiber Internet

For the demanding household

Extreme300 is best for households with more than four connected devices or users and high usage patterns. Subscribers can reduce their upload time to seconds while allowing multiple users to enjoy high-speed downloads. Extreme300 opens up a new level of audio and video streaming, complementing your entertainment needs. Gamers have absolute peace of mind with extensive bandwidth and low latency. It is so fast you can download a 2GB HD movie in less than two-and-a-half minutes! Enjoy fast downloads and uploads of images, videos, and files as you experience a new level of connectivity. The world is at your very fingertips with Extreme300.

TDS Extreme600 Fiber Internet

Extreme600 Fiber Internet

For big households with big needs

Extreme600 is your best bet when it comes to 10+ users or connected devices. For households with bigger bandwidth requirements, this comes in really handy. Enjoy high-speed downloads and uploads on all your connected devices simultaneously. Even with multiple users on the network, gamers can still play their games in peace and without worrying. Shared bandwidth is no longer a problem with enough to cater to image downloading/uploading and video calling simultaneously. Imagine being able to download a 2GB HD movie in less than 1.5 minutes! That’s almost instantaneous by today’s standards.

Heavy social media use is not a problem, social media addicts can get in as much time as humanly possible. Bigger bandwidth for bigger needs!

TDS 1Gig Fiber Internet

1Gig Fiber Internet

The ultimate internet connection

The biggest and best TDS broadband offering is the 1Gig Fiber Internet. 1Gig is what people choose when online speed is their number one priority. It offers the absolute highest TDS broadband upload and download speeds currently available. And they are faster than a bat out of hell! 1Gig is superbly suited to an unlimited number of users and devices. Enjoy music and video content streaming without any restrictions. 1Gig is the stuff that a gamer’s dreams are made of, with the lowest latencies around. Enjoy high-quality video chats with your loved ones without any problems with upload speeds. Downloading photos and videos is no longer a problem.

Following the 2GB HD movie example, you can download one with 1Gig in less than 40 seconds! It doesn’t get much faster than this!

TDS Internet Prices

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Thanks to the affordable TDS internet prices, subscribers get to enjoy the benefit of saving a lot of cash on their regular monthly expenses. On the flip side, they get to experience the best value for every dollar that they spend on their internet subscription. The company offers blazing data-transfer rates and sustained service-delivery on each of its Internet subscription plans. They come along with dedicated TDS internet customer service. In order to become fully informed of the complete range of internet options, check out the concerned plans page on this site.

Or better yet, talk to one of our dedicated sales representatives through the telephonic hotline .

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If you have queries related to your current subscription or would like to upgrade to a service plan then please get in touch our TDS internet customer service. As an existing subscriber, we want to offer you the best assistance available at our disposal. It is certain that our experienced support staff will be able to resolve your most pressing subscription-related concerns. Our customer support staff is made up of dedicated, dynamic individuals who work tirelessly to address your problems. Without a strong customer support structure, no provider can get far in this industry. We have one of the best in the country.

If you want to call a sales representative, please reach out to us through our dedicated customer support number .