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TDS Home Phone Service gives you an ultimate Calling experience with a high-clarity, uninterrupted and noiseless connection.

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Talk Ceaselessly Across the State with TDS Phone Service

Enjoy Unlimited Talking Sessions with your Friends and Family

TDS Home Phone provides you with an efficient Phone-line that gives you quality talk-time. Connect to your friends and family over a high-clarity Phone call and enjoy crisp gossip and discussion sessions. Getting your feelings across, though the very tone of your voice is only possible if you have a high-quality phone service. And we ensure providing you with crystal-clear voice quality, to ensure you are being heard and completely understood, on the other end of the Phone. With unlimited Local Calling, you can get in touch with your friends/family. So, whether you use phone for staying in touch with your loved ones or you need it for your workplace commitments like call-correspondence with perhaps, your boss, we have it all covered for you. Get hold of TDS Phone Service now.

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Enjoy Connecting Via Internet and Phone with TDS Phone Packages

Never Have a Call Dropped in the Middle of a Conversation, Ever Again

TDS gives you the luxury of bundling up TDS High speed Internet with high-clarity Home Phone service for a price, as cheap as $34.94/month. TDS Phone Packages are a dream come-true for people who have large social circles and they can’t live without having long, catch-up sessions with their loved ones. Whether you like connecting with your loved ones over the Internet supported modes and Apps like WhatsApp, FaceTime, IMO, Skype etc., or you are that stereotypical person who digs the traditional, old-school mode of talking over a nice Home Phone while reclining on a comfy sofa and munching on your favorite nachos, we have BOTH covered for you.

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Indulge in the BEST Onscreen Experience with TDS

Binge On Over 190+ Channels from DISH

With TDS , you can regularly choose to indulge in a largely unrivaled TV experience. TDS long-standing collaboration with DISH® has meant that the company is able to offer a wealth of critically acclaimed news, entertainment, sports, education and foreign TV channels to its valued customers. TDS TV subscription plans also come equipped with many top-of-the-line Movie broadcasting stations, which allow service users to binge on an unending series of medleys of their favorite Hollywood productions. Tailored to provide a fruitful onscreen experience to individuals hailing from all age groupings, a TDS TV package always proves to be more than sufficient in satisfying the most pressing demands of its subscribers.