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Support Your Customer Through Their Smartphone Camera

Incorporating AR to enhance your remote support capabilities and efficiency

Augmented reality is pushing the boundaries of remote support, opening up new possibilities and opportunities. TeamViewer Pilot is TeamViewer’s augmented reality solution to offer remote support to people you are connected with. It lets you see the problem at hand through your connection partner’s smartphone camera. Utilizing state-of-the-art VoIP technology, observe the problem with machinery, equipment, and more in crisp HD. Place 3D markers to guide your partner. A simple but elegant solution.

Deliver Instant, Real-Time Support Where it's Needed

TeamViewer Pilot is a powerful tool to ensure the delivery of remote support in real-time. It is especially useful in situations which require instant support beyond the boundaries of a screen. Imagine a situation where a machine critical to your operations suddenly stops functioning. TeamViewer Pilot can instantly connect your personnel to technical experts. The remote AR support function lets the experts closely examine the problem and suggest possible solutions. 3D markers on the screen make it easier for your personnel to fix the problem. All in less time than physical, on-site support.

Save on Travel Costs and Commute Times

TeamViewer Pilot is a handy tool to have in time-sensitive situations that require instant support. Let’s say one of your customers needs your help to set up equipment. What they really need is your expertise and your knowledge. In most cases, with the proper guidance, they can set up equipment and resolve problems on their own. By letting you offer real-time remote support, TeamViewer Pilot helps you save big on costs. No more lengthy flights or commutes before your support team can reach the problem. Your team can remotely provide support through HD VoIP and 3D animations. Save both time and money while you offer remote support from your office.

Why Choose TeamViewer Pilot?

As far as remote support solutions go, TeamViewer Pilot is right up there with the best. It offers a number of advantages to your business as a remote support tool. It can help you:

  • Save money that would be spent on travel costs
  • Solve problems quickly because you can deliver immediate and real-time support
  • Transfer technical knowledge to personnel just as if you were on-site
  • Stay secure with end-to-end encryption on TeamViewer’s global network
  • Modernize your field service and minimize the time your support personnel spend on-site

Use HD VoIP and 3D markers to make the support process simpler. It even lets you record, log and comment on sessions.

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