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Global Team Collaboration

Make accessibility of team members from across the globe a possibility and boost productivity

Blizz Collaboration by TeamViewer is trusted by around 90% of the Fortune 500 companies as a means to help them connect to team members and clients alike. It is a global network that is capable of connecting around 40 million devices at any given time. The ease of use and the securely encrypted environment that Blizz offers makes it a favorite among small and large businesses. Moreover, it allows individuals to boost their productivity as Blizz can operate alongside the workflow.

Whether Mobile or Desktop, Link up Through Both

Unlike so many other connectivity apps that occupy a lot of storage on your mobile or desktop, Blizz is a lightweight app. You can download it on the desktop, mobile or tablet, and make communication with your team members easy. You can connect almost instantly with any of your clients or team members through:

  • Face-to-face HD VoIP video calls
  • Logged and Indexed messaging
  • VoIP audio calls
  • Instant group meetings

You can also choose to receive alerts or notifications on your desktops or mobiles. Hence, making it easy to receive meeting requests.

Global Collaboration in Around 200 Countries

TeamViewer Blizz is a product offered by one of the world’s most trusted remote connectivity tool. The TeamViewer users can use their IDs to connect to over 200 Million users, making it one of the largest IT communities. Moreover, the members get a chance to connect to people across 200 countries. Not only does it allow you to connect with your partners, clients or team members but also your friends and family. Some of the prominent collaboration features include:

  • Conference recording
  • Secure team chat
  • 4K screen sharing

In case you do not have a TeamViewer account, you can download Blizz for free.

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