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Why TeamViewer IoT?

Enlighten yourself and explore the incredible benefits

Do you know what are IoT devices? The central idea of IoT devices is controlling them through a common center. How does it feel to control and monitor all your devices via a single control center? You can experience this futuristic technology with TeamViewer. Interestingly, it is simpler than you expect. All you have to do is to register all your devices on their network and switch on the live monitoring and remote control options. Now you can explore the new possibilities in your business with this highly secure and end-to-end encrypted control mechanism. TeamViewer IoT boasts of unrivaled performance in sectors like Smart Retail, Smart Farming, Smart Factory, Smart Building, and others.

What Can TeamViewer IoT Do For You?

Explore this Global Access Network with a remarkable technology fabric for people who are ready to embrace the future. With a highly-secured network, all your devices, robots, or machines are protected by a private key and are end-to-end encrypted. The performance is augmented with high-speed data and live remote management of the devices. You get to experience:

  • Secure hyperconnectivity
  • Improved decisiveness with master remote control and monitoring
  • New evolving opportunities
  • In Smart Building, you get to have smarter energy consumption options and optimal planning for facilities
  • In Smart Farming, you get convenient facilities for in-field support and remote farming

Experience Your IoT Journey With the Best IoT Platform

DoOEMs, Integrators, and VARs are already experiencing the simplicity and convenience of integrating TeamViewer IoT. Here are some of the benefits, which you can take advantage of:

  • Direct linking into the engineering
  • Faster development in business and the go-to-market
  • Quick access to your control and monitoring solutions
  • Connecting through the highly secure and protected Global Access Network
  • Explore converging points of innovation when you partner with them and improve your IoT environment more
  • For instance, in Smart Factory, you can reduce the downtime and streamline interactions between customers and suppliers
  • In Smart Retail, you can track the customer flow better and advertise effectiveness

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