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Surf the Night Away with WOW! Internet Service Plans

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Unparalleled Speeds, Coupled with Reasonable Pricing Features

  • 10Mbps - Perfect for casual users
  • 1Mbps upload speed
  • Surfing the web or checking email
  • Single User, Fewer Devices

Internet 100

Starting at
$ 39
.99 mo
for 12 months with 2-year agreement
  • 100Mbps Internet - for upto 5+ devices
  • 10Mbps upload speed
  • Wireless home networking is available
  • No contract price - $49.99/mo
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Internet 500

Starting at
$ 59
.99 mo
for 12 months with 2-year agreement
  • 500Mbps Internet - 50Mbps upload speed
  • For intensive downloading & uploading
  • Wireless home networking is available
  • No contract price - $69.99/mo
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Internet 1000

Starting at
$ 79
.99 mo
for 12 months with 2-year agreement
  • 1Gbps Internet - 50Mbps upload speed
  • Perfect for power streaming & VR gaming
  • Complex computing & large file sharing
  • Best experience for every device
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Look up WOW! Service Availability Now

And Get Ultimate Connectivity Solutions Like Never Before

We truly understand that nothing is more putting-off than a lackluster Internet connection, especially when you are in one of those moods, when all you want to have is an energizing dose of entertainment, with one of the wildly-anticipated TV shows, while sipping on a steaming cup of Cappuccino. If you are someone who is sick of a lagging, poor internet connection and can’t wait anymore to switch your internet connection, just internet service availability in your area, and read through the most efficient, hassle-free options, with a number of add-on feature, to take your online experience to a whole new level.

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Enjoy Lightning-Fast Data-Transfer Speeds

With Internet Subscriptions

WOW! Internet Plans come equipped with whopping data-transfer speeds, as high as 1Gbps(1000 Mbps), to ensure that you enjoy smooth, uninterrupted streaming. And when it comes to downloading, you can download full-length movies and heavy multi-media content, in the blink of an eye. So, don’t let your lousy Internet connection take away the joy of a quality online-experience and that too, with crazy expensive monthly billing plans. Subscribe to one of our plans NOW to enjoy economical choices and stream like never before.

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Gain Value and Enjoy Unrivaled Speeds for Every Buck Spent with WOW! Internet Prices

And Surf Like There’s No Tomorrow!

Are you someone who has many Internet-addicted users at your place? And Internet is that one amenity that is used the most in your home? Also, no one is willing to tolerate lagging, slow Internet speeds, as well as data-volume restrictions, as they all claim that their online-commitments are way too important and unavoidable. Well, if you are going through something like aforementioned scenario, we have a solution for you, and that too with prices as affordable as one can dream of. Check out WOW Internet Prices, to get a glimpse of how affordable an Internet service could be, with the smooth provision of unrivaled downloading speeds and unbelievable cyber experience, that you ever had.

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Get in Touch with Our Efficient Customer Care Service

And Get All Your Queries Comprehensively Addressed

Get in touch with internet customer service to assist you about every query that you may have, prior to choosing WOW as your internet service provider. We assure you that you won’t have to reconsider the choice of your Internet Provider ever again, because we have carefully and comprehensively customized our Internet plans, that fit all the possible cyber needs of any customer of this digital age. So, Subscribe to WOW! as your ultimate Internet Service Provider.

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Go on a Never-Ending Downloading Spree with WOW! Internet Deals

Download, Stream and Browse, Without a Pause

Get your cyber cravings fully satisfied through unlimited streaming and downloading with WOW! Internet Deals. Whether it’s about streaming content online (crisp movies, heavy multimedia or wildly-followed reality shows), or it is about those intense online gaming sessions that you don’t want to miss even a millisecond of, or it’s about staying in touch with one’s loved ones through social media, or it’s about reaching the climax of your culinary adventure of cooking a new delicacy, whilst carefully following a YouTube tutorial, we ensure that you will not experience even a momentary disconnect. WOW Internet Speed, goes as high as a blazing 1Gbps(1000 Mbps), and as if it wasn’t enough already, WOW! Internet Packages are all backed by the inclusive Customer Care Service, with every plan.