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  • 125+ digital channels
  • Up to 100 Mbps download speed
  • Unlimited nationwide calling + nearly half the world
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Are you an existing company subscriber with a particular query bothering you? Or are you someone looking forward to signing up for the first time? Xfinity offers:

  • High-Speed Internet – up to 2000
  • Mbps in Download Speeds
  • 260+ HDTV Channels
  • Unlimited Nationwide Calling (plus International)

Through its large assortment of Internet, TV, and Home Phone plans. And if you really want to enjoy ‘full-throttle’ bandwidth speeds, check out the Gigabit deals. For ordering your desired package, get in touch with the Xfinity Customer Support today.

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Surf the Internet with Complete Digital Freedom

With Round-the-Clock Norton Security Online Protection

Armed with Xfinity plan, you no longer need to worry about any online risks – like, ever! Each company service plan comes equipped with the powerful Norton Security Online protection. Which means that you’re totally covered against the threats of:

  • Internet Viruses
  • WormsTrojans
  • Spyware
  • Vicious Hackers

This protection applies to all your network-connected devices. So you can conduct all your confidential online transactions securely. To learn more about the exact set of protections offered on your plan, please contact Xfinity customer care TODAY @

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Enjoy Incredible Channels Variety 24/7

Plus On Demand Movies & TV Shows to Keep Company with...

If you’re a committed screen enthusiast, then you need a company TV plan right away. Avail some of the most affordable TV packages, with the highest levels of entertainment value. When you sign up for a TV plan with the Xfinity Customer Service, you’re in for:

  • Over 260 HDTV Channels
  • Premium Channels
  • Thousands of On Demand Movie/TV Show Titles

Pretty neat, right? Plus if you ever get tired of watching live TV, you can always have fun with the On Demand titles. These are preloaded into your TV plan catalog and feature a number of blockbuster hits.

The additional DVR access facility allows you to play, pause, rewind & record your favorite onscreen content. Call Comcast customer service number NOW!

Xfinity Wifi Customer Service

Never Stress Over a Call Again

Make Every Phone Conversation Count

Everyone deserves to have a quality home phone service in their life. Because there are many instances when a mobile connection just doesn’t do. On this front, the company totally has its subscribers’ back! Using the:

  • Voice Local
  • Voice Unlimited

You get to enjoy both local and international calling coverage at some pretty terrific rates. Along with unlimited talk time, meaning that you can give full reign to your words. Every time, and all the time – which is precisely why people subscribe via Xfinity customer service center right away. Enjoy some incredible conversations, with crisp voice quality to soothe your ears.

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Leave No Internet Frontier Unconquered

Experience Blazing Download Speeds Like Never Before

You should never make any compromises when it comes to your subscription. Especially in terms of service speeds and monthly costs. Two metrics on which the company completely outperforms its competition. By ordering a plan through the Comcast Internet Customer Service, you get to enjoy:

  • Download Speeds ranging from 15 Mbps to 2000 Mbps
  • No Limiting Term Agreements
  • A 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Access to over 18 Million Nationwide Hotspots!

In addition to a large number of service add-ons. Including the Xfinity WiFi Gateway and Xfinity Mobile services (require extra payment). For subscribers, the fast downloading speeds offered to mean that no video or game title is out of reach. To sign-up, contact the Xfinity Internet Customer Service NOW!

Comcast Xfinity Internet Customer Service

Dial the Xfinity Customer Service Phone Number

Get Customized Customer Support Instantly @ 1-855-850-5974

Through the Xfinity Customer Care, you can expect to receive customized subscription support. By simply providing your exact residential details, you can get instant information on:

  • Any Promotions Available in Your Service Area
  • Discount and Seasonal Plan
  • Limited-Time Offers
  • Service Add-Ons Info

In this way, you remain updated on all the latest offers. As well as ensure that your hard earned money is only spent in the attainment of the best deals. All it takes is a quick phone call @ .

No need to pour over lengthy website pages. Or engage in heated conversations with sales contractors. To begin your subscription journey, get in touch with the Xfinity cable customer service. Don’t waste even a second!

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Committed to Making your Experience Better

The Comcast customer service call center is your one-stop help resource. By simply getting in touch with a company care rep, you can get all your questions answered. Whether they pertain to your desired service plan. Or some promotion that you may not yet be aware of.

Once you’re armed with this information, you’ll have an easier time navigating your subscription journey. And getting hooked on the best offers that the company has to offer.

When you call the Xfinity Customer Service @ , be sure to ask for all the service costs you’re required to pay. Along with details of any Federal or State taxes that may be applicable. Know that the company is committed to providing you a stellar service experience.

Xfinity Voice

Before You Call Xfinity Customer Support

Things That You Need to Get Hold Of

Before you place your call, please make sure that you have the following information available. Because your connected company rep will require it to process your subscription further.

  • Your Mobile Phone Number: A verified mobile phone number registered in your name if you’re a new customer. As an existing customer, you need to provide the number linked to your account.
  • Social Security Number: Your 9 digit social security number is required to check your taxation and national identity status.
  • Billing Address: Your residential address of the location where you currently live. If you plan to move, give the address where you will get the Xfinity service.

This data is also required to activate your online ‘Xfinity My Account’ service. Through the My Account feature, you can generate a unique security pin. Get Ready and Call @ .

FAQs Regarding Your Account Issues

What is an Xfinity Username?

The Xfinity username is a combination of three things namely your username, password, and the secret question. There are two types of usernames – primary and secondary.

Can I add more users to the account?

Yes, if yours is primary user account you can do that. The primary user is the account administrator who has the liberty to add up to six secondary users to the account.

How to change the Xfinity username?

Follow the easy instructions to change your Xfinity username:

  • Go to ‘My Account’
  • Head to the ‘Users’ tab
  • Select the user
  • On the user page, click ‘Edit’
  • Enter the existing password and updated user name
  • Once done, click ‘Update Username’

A confirmation message will inform you if the user name has been changed. Note that this action can only be performed by the primary user.

How to suspend or remove a User?

Head to the ‘users’ bar on the ‘My Account’ page. After locating the user you wish to suspend or remove, click ‘Edit’ to the right of his/her name.

Do I need an Xfinity username to use the Xfinity My Account app?

Yes, to login to the account app you need an Xfinity username, a registered mobile number or an email id. In addition to this, users should be either primary or secondary users if they want to access the app.

How to change your password?

In your account, click the ‘Edit’ option. You will see a list of all the things that you want to edit, including the password. Once you spot it, make the desired changes.

Moving to a New Location and Looking for Package Update?

How to Change, Move or Cancel my Xfinity Services?

If you wish to change or make any modification to your service, you simply need to click the ‘Manage Plan’ page once you log into your account. However, if you feel like cancel service plan, you can choose between chatting with an assistant online or visiting the store or emailing a cancellation request.

In case you are moving to a new address, you just need to give a little briefing on xfinity.com/moving, the company will take care of the rest.

How to make sure my old settings and services are in working order after relocating?

After activating services in your new home, use the list below to check your preferred settings and services:

  • Automatic payments
  • Paperless billing
  • Text or email alerts
  • Internet parental controls
  • TV parental controls
  • Xfinity Voice

Want to update Security PIN?

How do I change my security question and answer?

Head to ‘My Account’ and click on the ‘Settings’ tab. Locate the ‘Usernames, passwords and PINs’ tab on the left side of the page. Choose ‘Voice Security PIN.’ After clicking ‘Edit’, change your security question and answer.

How to verify the Security PIN for Xfinity My Account App online?

When you log into your account, your PIN will be verified automatically. However, if you forget your PIN, you will have to create a security question by clicking on ‘Set up security question now.’ Choose your favorite security question and submit it.

Billing FAQs

How to manage my stored payments in the Xfinity Account App?

Go to ‘Settings’ after logging into your account. Click on ‘Saved Payment Methods’ to change or remove any payment methods that you wish to.

How to set up Automatic Payments?

Visit your account and head to ‘My Account Automatic Payments.’ Select the payment method and fill out the form that follows.

How to make a payment via live chat?

Access the option of chat after logging into your account. Navigate to ‘Account and Bill’ before choosing ‘Make a Payment.’ Comcast customer service billing will further walk you through the process.

How to pay your bill using Comcast’s Automated Phone System?

Call the Xfinity helpline and select ‘2’ for prompt payments. And follow the instructions.

How to pay your bill using Apple Pay?

Visit billing payment on the Safari web browser before choosing the payment amount on the bill pay page.

How long will it take my payment to clear when made from the Xfinity My Account app?

It can take between one and three days for the payments to be credited from your account.

How to view your bill online?

Click on ‘View Billing’ after logging into your account.

How to request a refund from Comcast customer service representatives?

You need to contact the Comcast representatives and talk to them to request refunds.