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Hughesnet Internet Service Provides Superfluous Connection...

Connect Anywhere and Everywhere with a Reliable Speed!

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for 24 months†
  • 2-Year price lock guarantee
  • 10 GB data plan
  • Fast speed 25 MBPs
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Stay Connected to the World with HughesNet Internet

Find What Suits You Best!

The company offers plans ranging from 10GB to 50GB, catering to the varying demands of households. In addition, the download speeds can go up to a whopping 25 Mbps. That makes it convenient for you to stream movies and shows online or run an online business. Apart from all this, you also get access to the HughesNet Gen5 features. Which means that you subscribe to the following:

  • Unlimited HughesNet Satellite Internet
  • No hard data limits
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • 2-year price lock guarantee

10 GB is sufficient to feed the online streaming needs of one to two users. However, a family of 5 to 6 should opt for 50 GB data.

HughesNet Plans HughesNet Pricing
10GB 59.99 /mo. for 24 months.
20GB 69.99 /mo. for 24 months.
30GB 99.99 /mo. for 24 months.
50GB 149.99 /mo. for 24 months.

Save $99 Instantly on Lease!† Offer ends 3/27/19.

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HughesNet Internet Service Availability in Your Area

With HughesNet Gen5 You Don't Have to Worry

Gen5 is a satellite Internet technology. It provides connectivity even in rural areas where they have limited access to high-speed Internet. Hence, you do not need to worry as long as you have HughesNet Internet service. Its advanced technology has made it possible for users to stay connected with the world. Moreover, with its blazing speed, you get access to the following:

  • 25 Mbps download speeds
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Widespread availability
  • More data

So, even if you reside in Alaska, you can connect to anyone. All you need is a clear sky above you and HughesNet Satellite Internet will take care of the rest. So, choose from data options and enjoy unlimited online streaming and downloading. Moreover, get access to features like fast loading of web pages.

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Get Complete Home Connectivity with HughesNet Wi-Fi

Convenient & Fun for the Whole Family

Avail the built-in Wi-Fi modem facility with every company plan. And get connectivity for all your Internet-enabled devices. The built-in Wi-Fi modem serves the double functions of data reception & transmission. That means you do not have to pay for an extra Wi-Fi router.  And this takes care of all the mess of unattractive coils of wiring scattered across your home. Moreover, the satellite HughesNet Internet comes with ‘bonus data.’ This allows users to cash-in on over 50 GB of data per month between the low-traffic hours. That makes it perfect to download throughout the night. And that too without reducing your standard monthly data share.

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HughesNet Internet for Business is Just Right for You!

SAVE $200 After Rebate**

You get to do more at a faster speed. Because the company understands just how valuable the business deals are for you. You can choose from the following deals according to your business needs:

  • Business 35: This plan is ideal for several users with basic Internet needs
  • Business 50: 5 users with light to moderate Internet needs should get this deal
  • Business 75: 5 users with intensive Internet needs are the ideal candidates for this
  • Business 150: If the business involves 10 users with heavy data usage needs, this deal is right for you
  • Business 250: 10 or more users with robust data usage needs should resort to this

All the HughesNet plans come equipped with a minimum of 25 GB daytime data. So, select a suitable package for smooth business operations.

HughesNet Plans HughesNet Pricing
HughesNet Business 35 69.99 /mo. 10GB (Anytime Data) + 25GB (Daytime Data, 8am-6pm)
HughesNet Business 50 99.99 /mo. 25GB (Anytime Data) + 25GB (Daytime Data, 8am-6pm)
HughesNet Business 75 149.99 /mo. 50GB (Anytime Data) + 25GB (Daytime Data, 8am-6pm)
HughesNet Business 100 199.99 /mo. 75GB (Anytime Data) + 25GB (Daytime Data, 8am-6pm)

Showing plans for 99518. FREE Standard Installation* Limited-time Offer.

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Are You Worried About the Installation Process?

The Professional Installers are there to Help You!

If you are someone who fears the thought of dealing with technical stuff, there is good news for you! Besides installing the Wi-Fi modem, the professionals will connect two of the following devices to your HughesNet Internet satellite connection:

  • Desktop Computer
  • Laptop
  • Smartphone
  • Tablet

Furthermore, you can also ask the professional to connect more than two devices to your modem. However, that comes at an extra charge. In addition, the satellite antenna will be installed four feet off the ground for you and your children’s safety. On average, the HughesNet Satellite Internet hardware is installed within five days of placing the order. Should a delay occur, the professional team at the company would inform you in advance? To that end, they also make sure that the time to visit your place is convenient for you. In fact, most appointments are set at the stage when you place an order.

Hughesnet Customer Service

Do You Want to Know More?

Call us at 1-855-850-5976

The company is committed to providing high-speed broadband Internet across America. It is proud of the fact that the majority of the Americans enjoy web connectivity with HughesNet speed. By the same token, HughesNet customer support has dedicated representatives who are only a phone call away. Therefore, get in touch through the HughesNet number. You can find it on top of this page. In this way, you will be able to sign-up for your preferred subscription package. Additionally, you will be able to learn more about other features that are included in your HughesNet packages!