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Scalable and Deployable Within Hours

Making IT Management, and Support Simpler

TeamViewer Tensor uses a cloud-based SAAS (software as a service) to streamline your IT management infrastructure. It enables and makes it easy for enterprises to better manage large-scale IT frameworks. The service has the trust of over 1.7 billion devices using its remote connection network across 200 countries worldwide. The easily scalable service offers real-time connectivity and support tools to enterprises that are deployable within a few hours. Make IT management easier across your organization.

Flexible Compatibility Across All Platforms and Devices

With TeamViewer Tensor, it doesn’t matter what devices, platforms or operating systems your enterprise uses. It lets you access all desktops, laptops, tablets or mobiles within your enterprise remotely. It has compatibility with all major operating systems and platforms including:

  • Windows
  • Mac/iOS
  • Linux
  • Android
  • BlackBerry
  • Chrome

TeamViewer also has cross-platform compatibility. This means you can easily access any device from any device. You can remotely access desktops from desktops, desktops from mobile, mobile from desktop, mobile from mobile, Windows from Mac, etc.

Remotely Connect, Access and Control IoT Devices

The Internet of Things is a reflection of the future. Connected businesses everywhere need to be able to access and control IoT devices, sensors, and equipment. Essentially any device that can connect to the internet is an IoT device. The TeamViewer Tensor IoT connector lets you connect an IoT device remotely without needing to access a special network. It lets you build your own IoT network and feed data into it. You can remotely connect any IoT device to this network. You can also monitor and control devices in your IoT environment. Create an IoT network that’s easy to manage, fast, and secure.

Integrate Remote Augmented Reality Support

You can integrate the TeamViewer Pilot module into your TeamViewer Tensor SAAS. What this does is give you a set of enhanced AR tools for better, hands-on support. It lets you remotely see things beyond the screen through a smartphone camera. Visually, the camera acts as your eyes. It lets your support personnel get a visual idea of the onsite problem. They can then offer solutions and advice to the onsite personnel to correct the problem. This is helpful to both your customers as well as your own employees. Offer a higher standard of remote support and assistance and save time and costs.

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