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Xfinity Landline: Your Digital Calling Lifeline

Staying Connected with Family & Friends - Now Made Easier!

Although cellphones have largely taken over our generation, still one cannot deny the great degree of reliability offered by landline phones. Nothing matches an invigorating and refreshing catch-up conversation with your friends/family on a high-clarity, uninterrupted phone call. You can have an incredible calling experience with Xfinity Phone Service, which means you won’t have uninvited disruptions and break-ups while ordering your favorite Fajita Pizza perhaps, for home delivery. Subscribing to Xfinity Home Phone means that you can talk unlimited nationwide and talk Internationally at reasonably priced rates.

Avail Affordable International Calling

Choose Us as Your Preferred Phone Service Provider

With Xfinity Phone Service, talk to your loved ones as much as you want in countries like Canada, China, India, Mexico, South Korea etc. Nothing beats a well-executed phone conversation, particularly when it is relayed in crisp voice quality (a feature which many mobile carrier services these days seem to lack). There is something about listening to someone speaking on the other end of the line that lends a personal and more humane touch to all our interactions – and as an Xfinity Voice plan subscriber, we want you to experience this enriching ‘quality of correspondence’ every time you reach for your phone receiver.

Experience Crystal-Clear Clarity with Xfinity Voice

Break-ups and Interruptions in A Call: A Thing of The Past Now!

Ever experienced the frustration when your call drops mid-way, (mid-sentence to be precise) due to poor signals or connection? Well, it’s going to be history with our Xfinity Voice Unlimited package. In these times when Video calling is largely taking over, and the era of landlines is fading away, not delivering quality in basic voice calls and rather making it a torturous drill with recurring breakups and pathetic voice quality, is something no one can or should bear with! And admit it or not, it happens all the time with your cellphone calls, especially when you want to have a conversation with your loved ones abroad, with your famous apps like WhatsApp, Skype, FaceTime or IMO calling feature.

Enjoy Verbal Communication at Its Finest with Xfinity Home Phone Service

Have Endless Conversations with Your Loved Ones Like Never Before

With this tiring exercise of calling and retrying those calls again and again, on the aforementioned Internet-based Apps, you can’t even enjoy a good chat and feeling disappointed, you end up disconnecting your call without getting your message across, since no one has much time to spare in the fast times that we are living in. So, let us give you peace of mind with our low-cost and high-clarity voice packages. For as little as $29.99/mo., the Xfinity Voice cost not only eases any strain on your budget, but it also allows you to indulge in countless hours of meaningful conversations with your friends & loved ones.

Xfinity Voice Features: More Than What You Expected!

Best Call Clarity at Affordable Rates

Are you someone who has ditched his/her landline after owning a mobile phone (being dazzled by flaunting cellphone service advertisements) and now suffering from ‘Cord-cutters remorse Syndrome’? Well, save yourself the agony because you’re in luck! With Xfinity phone service, you get to enjoy crisp calling sessions at affordable rates, along with nifty service features like Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding and dedicated customer service support (among others).  So, don’t even think of dumping your landline because you are going to need it to locate your misplaced cellphone more often than you think!