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8 Common Work Wi-Fi Problems and How to Fix Them

how to troubleshoot home wifi and router issues

From researching to working and staying entertained, the Internet is integrated into our lives more than ever before. With over 20 billion devices connected online across the world, it’s no exaggeration that Wi-Fi has become one of life’s most essential amenities – with 95% of people believing so! But what are you supposed to do when your connection suddenly stops running smoothly? Don’t worry; we’ve got answers! Keep reading for a few simple steps towards restoring your home or workplace back up and functioning seamlessly again.

1. Slow Internet Connection

We’ve all been there – waiting for the dreaded spinning wheel to finally turn into a page loading. A slow internet connection can be so maddening, especially when you don’t know where exactly it’s coming from! The problem could range anywhere from bad wiring or an overcrowded network causing interference on your current channel and frequency settings. If troubleshooting techniques such as connecting directly with an ethernet cable didn’t work out, then considering changing packages with your service provider might just do the trick of getting back up in no time (at least faster than before)!

How to fix a slow internet connection:

Reduce the number of devices connected to the network. Internet speed will be shared among all devices on your network, which may cause freezes and lags. Turn off non-essential devices and also push software updates tonight. The same goes for movie or game downloads.
Change channel. Wi-Fi issues are often related to the fact that the router is using the busiest communication channel. If you change it manually, you can speed up the connection quite well.

Remove obstacles between the router and devices, as well as reduce the distance between them. The signal must be stable.

2. Periodic Drops

Are you experiencing sudden and seemingly random disconnects from your Windows 10 Wi-Fi network? If so, it could be due to a variety of factors; some arising in homes or businesses with multiple connected devices. To address the problem, try switching channels on your router or performing a factory reset for the best results. Investing in an effective ping monitoring tool may also help provide long-term solutions to this common issue.

3. Unsecured connection

If the message “Insecure connection” appears when connecting to Wi-Fi, then you need to set a password to access the network. Among other security measures worth noting is VPN. Services such as VeePN allow you to secure your devices even when connected to public networks, as the connection is encrypted and it becomes impractical to hack data, as all of them will look like an indecipherable hash. Also, thanks to thousands of VPN servers, you can watch videos and shows from other parts of the world that are usually inaccessible. If you are wondering how to watch British TV in USA, then you just need a VPN and connect to one of the UK servers. A VPN is an investment in security, so it shouldn’t be overlooked.

4. Device Can’t Connect to the Wi-Fi

Is your device’s Wi-Fi connection not up to par? Don’t panic, you have a few tricks in your toolkit that may help. Start by turning off and on the Wi-Fi or try unplugging and replugging it back into its dongle. If those fail, restarting both the router as well as the specific device might do wonders for restoring connectivity. You can even take things one step further by deleting any previous network connections from said devices before attempting to reconnect again! And if all else fails; Windows 10/11 users should search “wifi troubleshooting” and then select Identify & Repair Network Issues while MacOS users are encouraged instead to use Wireless Diagnostics – hold down the Option key with the click of A for access!

5. No Internet Access

Facing a mysterious lack of internet access? A few simple troubleshooting steps could put you back online in no time! Start by resetting your modem and if that fails, try connecting to the router directly with an Ethernet cable. If this works then it’s likely just a problem with the Wi-Fi connection – so go ahead and give the router some love; hit up that ‘reset’ button! Still nothing? It’s time to holler at your ISP for help as there may be broader network issues behind all these woes.

6. Complications With Wi-Fi After Update

After an update, it’s unfortunately common to experience Wi-Fi complications. But don’t worry – the system often rightens itself with time! If you want to speed up this process, try clicking on “troubleshoot problems” when you right-click your Wi-Fi icon or uninstall the update completely.

7. Router Crashes Regularly

Is your router running slowly or requiring frequent resets? Consider giving it a full reset to erase all of the settings. On most routers, you’ll find a Reset button that can be held down with something like a paperclip for thirty seconds – this should put everything back in factory condition! If not, then there may be no choice but to return or replace the router if still under warranty. Follow our guide to setting up wireless routers and get connected again quickly!

8. Wi-Fi Network Disappears Entirely

Have you been having trouble with your Wi-Fi connection? It could be that the router has reset itself and is now broadcasting a new, unprotected network – check if it matches your brand to confirm. Or alternatively, plug in an Ethernet cable directly into the laptop or desktop for more direct access to configure everything as needed. Our helpful guides on setting up wireless routers, identifying IP addresses & login information plus choosing the right ethernet cables can help make sure all settings are back where they should be!


These are just a few of the common Wi-Fi-related issues you may encounter. With a few steps, you can troubleshoot most of them and get yourself connected again in no time at all! If all else fails, enlisting the help of your ISP or an IT professional could be necessary to ensure security and stability for your network.

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