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The ancient Aztecs once had a saying inscribed on top of their religious temples and sacrificial altars, which went something along the lines of culture being the embodiment of the ‘living’ air (or the customs, codes and social mores) that spontaneously seemed to hover around a particular community of homo sapiens. And when we compare this arcane definition of culture with the theoretical postulations of some of the leading thinkers of today (on this subject), we cannot help but marvel at the sheer accuracy and descriptive-acumen with which the aforementioned ancient people put their thoughts into words. Since none of us can escape the virulent effects of the local cultures (all of which have increasingly converged into one ‘globalized’ version, with the passage of history) in which we happen to reside on a day to day basis, it is worth examining this sociologically abstract phenomenon closely by combining one’s own experiences of engaging with it, with those of other peoples’. So if you’re interested in the field of cultural commentary, and take thrills in reading up on blog posts that deal with the ever-complex affair that is culture, then you’ve certainly come to the right place!

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