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00 /mo
Reg. Rate: $66.99/mo.

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  • 100 Mbps download
  • 5 Mbps upload
  • 250 GB data


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$ 9
.99 /mo
Reg. Rate: $31.99/mo.
  • 10 Mbps Download
  • 1 Mbps Upload
  • 10 GB Data
  • Add Unlimited Data!
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Starting at
$ 40
.00 /mo
Reg. Rate: $69.99/mo.
  • 100 Mbps Download
  • 5 Mbps Upload
  • 250 GB Data
  • No contract required!
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Starting at
$ 60
.00 /mo
Reg. Rate: $89.99/mo.
  • 200 Mbps Download
  • 5 Mbps Upload
  • 250 GB Data
  • No contract required!
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Buckeye Internet

Gain Unrivaled Affordability – with Buckeye Internet Plans

Take your Downloading Game through the Roof!

In these times, almost everyone is familiar with the many entertainment & connectivity-oriented benefits that a reliable and high speed internet service (like the Buckeye Internet Plans offer) can bring. Whether it’s used for downloading heavy multimedia content in the space of a few seconds, streaming high-definition videos over a TV-Internet service like Netflix®, or even initiating a timely email/chat correspondence with a demanding boss or client – the Internet seems to cast a determinate influence on our lives today. By allowing human beings to connect speedily with one another, the said new-age utility has not only revolutionized the ways in which we interact, but has also affected how we do business & imbue some much-needed ‘fun’ into our lives.

Buckeye internet packages

When Expensive Plan Prices Come into Play

And How They Can Undermine the User-Experience

Most internet plans offered for subscription in the consumer-market today suffer from a major drawback; an ‘Achilles heel’ that often serves to completely undermine the user-experience that could otherwise have been gained from them. What we are referring to, of course, is the issue of their ever-escalating monthly pricing schedules. When a service consumer has to contend with lackluster services-performance coupled with high subscription costs, he/she may irrevocably decide to give up the entire endeavor altogether. To prevent all such trying scenarios, Buckeye internet provides a range of attractive internet plans starting from $29.99/month only – that offer fast downloading speeds (up to a whopping 300 Mbps).

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Take our Buckeye Internet Packages out for a Spin!

Be in Charge of your Digital World

With internet packages, you can choose from a huge assortment of standalone and bundled internet plans that guarantee stellar service-performance dynamics along with attractive pricing schedules. At Buckeye, we understand that service consumers like to part with their hard-earned money only in exchange for the highest levels of ‘value’ that their currency can fetch. The consumer-market has recently been flooded with an array of subscription plan offers from several non-accredited ISP ventures, who like to sell their wares with the accompaniment of wildly exaggerated marketing pitches that bear no resemblance to the actual ‘usage’ experience of their promised services. These misleading sales initiatives can result in considerably frustrating the expectations of beguiled service users.

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What Buckeye is Bent on Offering

An Internet Service Like No Other!

Counted amongst the list of the Top 10 Internet Vendors in the country, Buckeye Internet offers exciting plan combos that merge stellar package prices & extra-service features (like steady bandwidth regulation and 24/7 antivirus support) with unrivaled data-transfer speeds. Checkout Buckeye’s exclusive BEXCONNECT standalone Internet plan, that offers 10 Mbps in Download Speeds, about 1 Mbps in Upload Speeds, and a 10 GB monthly plan volume-limit – all at the amazingly low cost of $29.99 a month! Or take your surfing game up by several notches, and subscribe to the TRIPLE PLAY PREMIER bundle package; that lets you enjoy an unparalleled HDTV and Digital Phone (calling) experience with over 50 Mbps in downloading speeds. Now if that doesn’t sound pleasantly appealing, we don’t know what does!

Customer support

Engage with our Buckeye Internet Customer Portal TODAY

And get ALL your Queries Answered!

At Buckeye, we understand that the vendor-subscriber relationship does not end simply after the consolidation of a particular plans-transaction. This stage in the budding linkage, in fact, signals only the beginning of a connection that has the potential to satisfy the concerns of both the parties involved; and over a considerable period of time. In this context, a company’s Customer Support initiatives can prove very valuable in terms of helping to sustain and smoothen the aforementioned service-based ‘relationship’. The Buckeye internet customer portal is a fine exemplar of such a venture, as it not only manages to resolve the most pressing complaints of service-users, but also enhances the lead-conversions cycle by providing greater subscription incentives to newer groups of customers.

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How YOU Can Get in Touch With Us

And Avail Dedicated Support Services Instantly!

In order to get in touch with the Portal, service users can dial the Buckeye internet phone number – which transfers their calls to a team of service professionals eager to hear their concerns. Oftentimes, subscribers who come with a particular package-based query can be made cognizant of a service offer that better suits their usage and budgetary requirements, and may thereafter arrive at the decision of upgrading their existing subscriptions. If you’re a Buckeye service subscriber, and look forward to getting all your subscription-related questions answered in a timely fashion – just pick up the phone and call…

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