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Today’s cultural dictates demand that we remain connected to the digital world of the Internet on a constant basis. Life these days is characterized by an overwhelmingly fast-paced zeitgeist of news happenings and events that happen in one part of the world, and reverberate profoundly in another. And perhaps this was to be expected; given the tortuous course that human history seems to have taken both during & after the 20th century. To keep fully up-to-date on all these occurrences, it helps to have a reliable internet connection always at the ready. In a similar vein, many cultural critics would assert that living without a trusty TV subscription can be considered akin to willingly rooting out all the ‘fun’ from one’s own mundane existence.

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On How TV Factors into People's Lives

And the 'Fun' that May Be Reaped from It!

People use their television sets to not only catch up with the latest news stories dominating the sociopolitical scene, but also to binge on their preferred forms of onscreen entertainment (be it Blockbuster Movies, trending TV Shows, or the ‘hottest’ Music Videos from Channel V®). Like most entertainment service providers in the country, TDS also offers its own share of affordable and feature-rich TV plans to its subscribers. Where the company’s various service provisions differ, however, is in the arena of their sustained performance metrics. To find out if TDS offers its subscription packages in your area, it might help to conduct a thorough ‘TDS near you’ search query from your local web browser. Doing so will also help you in charting out the service area as it spreads through the territorial bulk of the country.

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Take Your Onscreen Experience to New Heights - with TDS

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TDS offers its subscribers an abundance of exhilarating TV plans to choose from. Whether you’re an ardent news watcher, a closet fashion critic, a TV Show enthusiast, or even an educationist looking for an informative documentary series to show to your students – TDS offers a TV package designed just for you. And what’s more, all TDS packages come with very affordable pricing schedules! In order to get TDS services, you can either make do by scrolling through this website (and checking out the particular services page(s) that appeals to your fancy), or initiate a timely call session with one of our sales representative’s through our dedicated telephonic hotline (mentioned above).


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In order to ensure your continued satisfaction with our products and services, TDS decided to launch its dedicated TDS customer service number for support program right after the commencement of its countrywide sales initiative. As one of the leading entertainment & connectivity services providers in the country, we take great strides to guarantee the overall quality of all of our service provisions, be they subscription plans or broadcasting/receiving hardware issues pertaining to individual packages. To get help resolving any subscription-related queries that may have sprung up in your mind, please feel free to get in touch with our experienced customer support staff through the TDS customer service number (). We love to hear from you – even if it’s for a quick ‘Hello’.

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TDS offers its popular high speed Internet, TV and digital Phone services in both standalone and bundled package formats – so as to equip you with a fully customized entertainment & connectivity experience. All of the company’s various service plans not only prove to be budget-friendly, but also deliver fully on their sales promise of consistent performance dynamics (in practice).

To get a basic idea of rates, as they pertain to each individual service plan, please scroll down to the appropriate service page on this site.

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