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How to Lower Internet Bill With The Right Negotiation Skills?

how to lower internet bill with negotiation skills

The right negotiation skills can help you more than you think. If you have ever had an internet connection, you probably know that ISPs tend to increase package prices every 12 months. So, even if you got an excellent deal for the first year, the price is likely to increase. Sometimes the price difference is negligible and you might be okay with it.

However, you need to know how to lower the internet bill with negotiation if the difference is too much. Most internet companies can listen to you because they don’t want to lose a customer.

So, the most important thing is to know how to ask for whatever you are asking for. Negotiating is a skill and you have to know your standing before you make your case. So, the next time you call the Cox billing number, there are a few things to keep in mind. You might have to call a few times, but it is likely that you can get a better deal. 

The Basics of How to Lower Internet Bill

Before you get on a call with a support agent, you need to prepare yourself. They have a well-prepared script and have all the right answers. So, it is only fair that you do too. If you want to negotiate your Cox bill payment, you may need to prepare yourself for a long wait on a call. The agents might transfer your call to a few different extensions. But all that can just be a ploy. If you stand your ground and ask firmly, your chances of a successful negotiation can be high.

If you are not sure how to lower the internet bill, this guide can help you. One of the most basic tips is to be polite, but firm. Ultimatums and threatening to leave for a competitor can also work. But you have to make sure that you never raise your voice and calmly make your point.

How to Get ISP to Lower the Price of Your Internet Plan?

Your internet service provider does not increase prices without an explanation. Usually, ISPs claim that they have added new features to your plan. And they usually don’t let you opt out of these new features. Other times, the charges are scheduled for annual increases. So, you need to check your average internet bill for a few months before you call the ISP. Knowing why there has been a price increase is important if you want to negotiate. 

So, here are a few things that you should try. 

#1: Know Your Standing

It is important to know where you stand with the company as a customer before you begin negotiating. How to get ISP to lower price is basically all about knowing your strengths. Your strongest bargaining chip is a good credit score with the company that makes you a valuable customer. So, if you pay your bills on time and your contract is close to ending, your position is a lot stronger. 

The timing of your negotiation is also vital. They will only listen to you if there has been a recent price increase. Ideally, you should wait till you are about to sign a new contract to cut out the best deal for you. Make sure you do some math and quote how much you pay annually to the company when you are on call with the rep. The more value that they see in you as a customer, the better deal you can get.

#2: Be Consistent

Customer service costs money to manage and maintain. Therefore, the more time you take negotiating on a call with an agent, the more money the ISP can potentially lose. If you are consistent, you can get a better deal easily. Moreover, most people don’t know how to lower internet bill and think they need to talk to a higher-up for a reduced price. But that isn’t the case. The call center agents usually have the leeway and can give you a reduced price on their own. There is usually a lower limit to the price that they can offer and no one actually talks about it. 

Talking to an agent instead of a manager can reduce your negotiation time. And this is better for you and the ISP. Moreover, if you have a good standing with the company, the call center agents can see a bill reduction as a low-risk move.

lower internet bill

#3: Know Your Options

Even if changing ISPs isn’t your ultimate goal, you need to know all the available options. There is no rulebook for how much your internet can cost. Because there are many variables such as speed, bundle plans, technology, and premium add-ons. Therefore, you should do some research beforehand on how much you should be paying for your plan. For instance, if you are negotiating your Wow bill pay amount, you should know what all other competitors are charging. This way, you can negotiate a better deal that is also market competitive. 

#4: Be Prepared to Quit

Most call center agents have different offers for customers. For instance, some might be in the capacity to offer a reduced price on your Optimum bill pay, while others aren’t. So, it is best to call multiple times, over a few days, so you can talk to different agents. You will most likely be routed to retention agents who have to make sure that you don’t leave the company. 

If you have done your research, you already know all the potentially better offers from competitors. Make sure you quote them and tell the agent that if they can’t match the offer you would like to cancel your plan. This is one of the best ways how to get ISP to lower the price. If they match the quote, great. But if they don’t, you should go ahead with your cancellation process.  


How much is a normal internet bill?

The average internet bill can be anywhere between $40 to $65 depending upon your area, ISP, plan, add-ons, etc.

Why did my internet bill increase?

A jacked-up internet bill could be an ISP scheduled increase or due to additional features.

How can I reduce my internet bill?

You can take a lower-tier package, get a bundle offer, change your ISP for an introductory price, or negotiate a better deal with your current ISP.

How to pay less for the internet?

Negotiating for a better deal with your ISP can result in a reduced internet bill.

Why did my internet bill go up?

Your ISP might have increased your monthly bill due to new features, it could be a scheduled increase or your promotional plan might have expired.

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