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What is EVDO and How Does it Work?

evdo evolution data optimized protocol

Have you newly heard of the term EVDO? Evolution-Data Optimized is the process of establishing high-speed broadband internet regardless of your location. This protocol is one of the 3G wireless data standards.

In this guide, you will learn more about this technology, what it does, and if it is worth it.

What Is Evolution-Data Optimized Protocol?

It’s the mobile broadband technology that powers CDMA networks’ third-gen networks. It enables phone service providers with 3G CDMA networks to deliver high-speed internet access to mobile devices, allowing consumers to access things like email and online media more quickly.

To use this technology, you will need a subscription with a phone carrier for establishing a data connection. Through this technology, you can create a hotspot for your device anywhere where you can get reception. Even if you fail to connect to 3G, you will still have a connection. it can provide internet access during a phone call though.

This technology was developed with the mission to run a part of the cellular network via data only. Hence, the EVDO technology keeps the voice and data channels separate. Because of this, the data transfer is rated optimized and you get high mobile internet speed.

How Does EVDO Work?

This protocol works differently from traditional wireless networks. EVDO breaks the data into packets but each packet is sent independently, which saves bandwidth consumption between one device and another while none of the parties are speaking on the phone. Also, when a user accesses a site on the internet, no bandwidth is consumed until the website starts sending the web page.

It was derived from 1xRTT built the second-generation technology but it manages to function better than 3G. Wondering why it relies on the 2G technology? Because it is widely available in almost all locations as long as there’s a cell phone connection. This means if you happen to be stuck in a remote area where this technology or a portable internet is not available, at least you will have 2G. The connection might be slow, however.

How Much Speed Can You Get?

The Evolution-Data Optimized technology can deliver up to 14.7 Mbps of download speed and up to 5.4 Mbps of upload speed (Rev. B). EVDO Revision A (Rev. A), on the other hand, can deliver download and upload data speeds of up to 3.1 Mbps and 1.8 Mbps, respectively, which has been shown is enough for things like downloading large files and mining bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Normally, this network will be able to deliver anywhere between 60 to 80 Kbps which is relatively better than dial-up internet.

How to Connect to an EVDO?

You will need a wireless card to access EVDO wireless broadband on your phone or tablet. Your device will be able to connect to EVDO as long as the cell tower has coverage.

The phone will not only be able to send and receive voice data while you are within range of a cellular tower, but it will also be able to do so fast because it is always on. Wireless broadband capability is built-in to all EVDO-enabled devices right out of the box. To access the data, all you need is an internet subscription from your cell phone provider. Many providers these days are offering EVDO service to allow customers to stay connected to the internet regardless of their location.

Benefits of EVDO

Just like Cox internet packages, there are a variety of options for you in EVDO plans too. If you’re still confused about this technology, have a look at the benefits:

  • Since it is a wireless connection, it doesn’t require any cables or wires to connect.
  • It does not rely on traditional telephone lines to connect.
  • As long as you are able to get signals from the cellphone tower, you should be able to connect from anywhere.
  • The download speeds are around 10 megabytes per second, which is not bad!
  • Laptops, tablets, and cellphones, as well as other web-enabled devices, can easily access this network.

Potential Drawbacks to Consider

The biggest drawback of Evolution-Data Optimized technology is that it is limited to mobile devices only. It can’t be used on any other device without connecting to a data card.

There is always the data cap problem. If that’s an issue for you, you would be better off considering Spectrum internet plans or other providers that offer unlimited data. Since it is 3G, it won’t be as fast as 4G or fiber optic internet so if you are into 4k streaming or have to send large files often, this network won’t be enough for you.

If you travel often and want to be connected on the go, EDVO is a good option. You will be able to use your Optimum bill pay service online, check emails, and do another light browsing without the fuss. Just remember that it won’t be the right fit if your internet lifestyle requires heavy bandwidth.

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