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Cox Internet Plans

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Cox internet plans come tailor-made for just about every household in America. And this fact becomes totally evident when you look at the company’s package details. Through these nifty service offerings, you get to enjoy some seriously amazing downloading speeds. From a fairly attractive starting range of 10 Mbps to a mind-blowing 1000 Mbps! And everything from 30 Mbps to 300 Mbps in between. Which means that there is almost nothing web-based that a Cox internet deal can’t easily do for you. Whether it’s some heavy downloading, HD video streaming, video conferencing or multiplayer gaming that’s your thing. It’s all good! To get the full scoop on all company packages and internet promotions available in your area, CALL NOW.

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Check out the Internet Starter 10 Offer

A Perfect Plan for the Surfer on a Budget…

For starters, you really need to check out the company’s Internet Starter 10 deal. Priced at some of the most affordable monthly subscription rates in the industry, this Cox internet plan provides:

  • Up to 10 Mbps in Downloading Speeds
  • A 1-year Term Agreement
  • Stringent round-the-clock antivirus support

With this package, can carry out all of your basic web surfing, downloading and streaming activities with ease. And with the peace of mind that your wallet won’t be completely drained as a result! Perfect, in other words, for students, bachelors and small families who want to experience the best of the internet. With a powerful antivirus backup to make all your browsing sessions fully secure! Pretty neat, but then you’ll have to experience the plan yourself – to believe it!

Package Name Price
Internet Ultimate $ 79.99
Gold Duo $ 129.99
Internet Ultimate and Phone Premier $ 109.99

Prices may wary as per your location.

Or Get By on Some Internet Essential 30 Action

And Kick Your Downloading Game Up a Notch!

For the budding downloading enthusiast, no other package does it better than the Internet Essential 30 plan. With a pretty affordable subscription tariff, you can easily stream your favorite Netflix or Hulu movies & TV shows without pause. When looked at precisely, this Cox internet plan hooks you up with:

  • Up to 30 Mbps in Downloading Speeds
  • A 1-Year Fixed Price Term Agreement
  • A dedicated Customer Support backup

Along with the stringent Cox Security Suite Plus that comes attached to every company internet package. So if you’re interested in gaining impressive bandwidth speeds and reaping great price savings, you know where to call! Simply dial our customer helpline number today, and our dedicated sales team will do the rest. Discover everything that you’ve been missing on the internet!

Avail the Internet Preferred 100 High-Speed Advantage

Blaze Trails All Across Your Virtual Sphere

Cox internet packages are designed to test the limits of speed, while dishing out some great service value! So it’s no surprise that the company currently caters to an ‘over 20 million strong’ internet subscriber base. One great example of the company’s high-speed plans is the Internet Preferred 100 deal. With this offer, you get to enjoy:

  • Up to 100 Mbps in Fast Downloading Speeds
  • A 1-Year Fixed Price Term Agreement
  • Access to 500, 000+ Nationwide WiFi Hotspots

The fast downloading speeds advantage makes this Cox internet package ideal for small to medium-sized families. Particularly those households with many connected devices, and members who need some instant service. One that doesn’t get bogged down under the pressure, and continues to deliver.

Live a Blazing Lifestyle with Internet Ultimate

Because 300 Mbps is the New Norm You Need to Get With!

To really experience some of the best downloading speeds available on Cox cable, choose to go Internet Ultimate. This Cox internet package will equip you with:

  • Up to 300 Mbps in Blazing Downloading Speeds,
  • Access to 500, 000+ Nationwide WiFi Hotspots
  • The Panoramic WiFi Experience (optional)

With this deal, you’ll really be able to put all your slow & unfulfilling internet days behind you. Once and for all. The Cox internet speeds on this and other company plans are delivered not to disappoint. And so they can be counted upon whenever you need to tap into some high-performance internet. When ordering, be sure to check the Panoramic WiFi modem option. Because this feature really helps to unleash the full potential of the high-speed internet. So hurry up, and MAKE YOUR CALL!

Ever thought about Fiber, and Going Really Full-Throttle?

If Yes, then You Can’t Do Better than the Internet Gigablast Plan

The Internet Gigablast plan is one of the star services covered under the Cox high-speed internet catalog. With this fiber internet package, you can:

  • Avail up to a whopping 1000 Mbps in Cox internet speeds,
  • Download a Video Game in Under a Minute*
  • Save 100 Music Albums in 49 seconds
  • Get 120 TV Shows in Under an Hour!*(approximate times)

This Cox internet deal is meant to deliver lightning-fast bandwidth speeds to every nook & cranny of your home. Which becomes especially true if it comes equipped with the wall-to-wall Panoramic WiFi facility. And through the accompanying ‘Connect’ app, you can retain complete control of your home WiFi network with your fingertips. To get a Cox internet price quotation for your fiber service, GET IN TOUCH TODAY!

Enjoy Fully Secure Cox Internet Service Sessions EVERYTIME

Thanks to the In-Built Cox Security Suite Plus Benefit (by McAfee)

The Cox Internet Service comes with full-proof server-ended antivirus protection from McAfee. This ensures that all your online surfing, streaming, downloading & uploading sessions remain discrete. And you never have to worry about dealing with the threat of hackers and prying eyes. Something which becomes a definite chore when you’re on your own in the big, bad web-scape. So if you’re interested in gaining some much-needed peace of mind online, you know what to do. When ordering your Cox high-speed internet plan, remember to list all your online requirements first. This will enable your company sales rep to recommend the most appropriate package(s). Because in the end, your preferences count for everything – and more!

Have Fun with a 1 TB (1024 GB) Volume Cover with Every Plan!

A BIG Reason Why Cox Internet Prices Always Seem Less…

Cox internet prices are great. But for many people, the thought of a default 1 TB volume cover on every plan is sweeter. Because with this provision, you get more opportunities to have fun on the web. And manage all of your demanding online tasks with greater confidence. While still leaving room for watching all the Netflix movies & TV shows that pique your fancy. And if you want more volume at your disposal, you can always order extra (at affordable rates). If you sign-up for an Internet Preferred 100 or higher plan, you can gain instant WiFi hotspot connectivity. In over 500, 000 locations spread across the country. This means that you no longer need to remain confined to your home, and can take all your online sessions on-the-go.