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A Guide on Portable Internet

portable internet guide

The internet is an essential part of our everyday life. And no matter where we are, a reliable internet connection might be the first of our needs. We cannot perform daily life functions without an internet connection and that’s why everyone wants to be online – all the time. So, as necessity is the mother of invention, humans have made it possible with portable Wifi devices. They are sometimes also called portable internet, portable Wifi, or pocket Wifi. 

Essentially a portable internet device is a small, wireless dongle that uses a SIM card. Then, it can transform 3G or 4G internet to a Wifi hotspot. So, you don’t need a wired internet connection to stay online anymore. Depending upon your use, it can also act as a redundant internet connection. So, you can take it along with you for traveling or keep it as a backup. It can make your life a lot more convenient. 

How Does Portable Internet Work?

There are different types and devices that can act as portable Wifi. But they all work on the same principle. They need a SIM card that has a data plan on it. When you turn the portable internet on, it will transform data from the SIM into a usable Wifi signal. So, it takes up telecommunication signals from your nearest signal provider and converts them into private Wifi. You can then connect all your devices to the Wifi and enjoy streaming anywhere. 

There are two different kinds of portable Wifi devices i.e., locked and unlocked. Locked means that you can only use a specific SIM card with that device. For instance, a Verizon portable Wifi might only support the Verizon SIM card. Alternatively, with an unlocked device, you can use any SIM card.  

What Are the Advantages of Portable Wifi?

So, you might already have a mobile phone package like the Cox internet plans. In this case, a portable internet might not look like a great option for you. However, a smartphone’s Wifi hotspot can have its disadvantages. You should still consider a portable internet option because of these pros: 

#1: Longer Battery Time

One of the most important things to consider is battery time. If you turn on your smartphone’s hotspot, it can drain the battery quickly. Moreover, it can also overuse the RAM and start heating up your phone if you use too much bandwidth. But that won’t happen with portable Wifi because this is its primary function. The batteries on most can last you days without a full charge. So, it can be a great option for people who are traveling. You don’t have to worry about battery percentages and can always take the handy device with you. 

#2: Portable Wifi Means Safer Connection

Let’s assume that you don’t have portable Wifi or mobile internet plans when you go out. So, your next best option could be to use a public Wifi hotspot. They can be easily available especially around restaurants and coffee places. But they are not the safest option for you. Public network connections can have multiple users, network bridging, or even hackers. So, you might be risking your data and sensitive information. 

On the other hand, a portable Wifi device is your private connection. And no matter where you are, you can always safely connect to the internet. So, if you are even remotely worried about cybersecurity, you should consider portable internet devices. 

#3: Less Expensive

If you rely on mobile data and you live in a remote area, it can get pretty expensive. So, a portable internet might cost you a lot less. This is especially true for people who are traveling abroad all the time. Data roaming charges can quickly increase your bill. So, if you want a lower Cox billing amount, you should invest in a portable Wifi. The price for some can start as low as $20 and you don’t have to worry about outrageously expensive internet bills.  

#4: Easy to Carry

Most portable Wifi devices are small and don’t require extra cords and cables. So, they are handy and can even fit in your pocket. When you’re traveling carrying another device for Wifi might sound like a disadvantage. But the devices are usually so small that you won’t even notice them in your backpack.  

They are easy to use as well and you can connect on the go. The designs are sleek and lightweight and they are made for traveling. So, they might be the best travel gadget you can invest in. 

Final Words

Local and international travelers can benefit a great deal from portable Wifi. Moreover, they can be best for non-tech savvy people. As they are easy to install and you don’t need additional equipment, cables, or software to run it. Businesses can also use it as a backup option for when their primary internet starts acting up. So, think about all your options before you invest and make sure you consider your needs. 

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