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How to Fix Vertical Lines on a TV Screen?

how to fix vertical lines on a tv screen

TVs are still one of the top means of entertainment in any household. Most people tend to watch TV after a long day or just to catch up with the news. So, if you see vertical lines on the TV screen, it can ruin your mood entirely. It might not be a common problem, but it can happen to anyone. So, when this happens, it could indicate an underlying issue with your TV. 

 You can also take the TV to a service station, but that can cost you a lot of money. Before you freak out, you might want to troubleshoot a few problems on your own. The chances are that you can fix your TV screen and can keep enjoying your Cox TV packages. Here are some things you can try: 

What Can Cause Vertical Lines on TV Screen? 

A TV screen is an electronic device, and it can cause problems at any time. Most of the time, the vertical lines can appear suddenly and catch you off guard. However, at other times, they might start from a dot and then spread across the TV screen. So, if you want to know how to fix vertical lines on TV, you should know what is causing them. 

The most common causes can include both hardware and cable issues. So, the first thing you should check for is loose cables. If you tap on the back of the screen and the lines disappear, it can indicate a loose cable fitting. Moreover, it can also mean that your power cable is faulty. Any poor connection between cables and the processing board could be causing the problem. 

So, you should also check the HDMI cable and all other external devices like a Vizio SmartCast TV. Moreover, it could be a specific channel that has a faulty transmission. So, you can try changing the channel. If it is a software issue, you can easily troubleshoot it at home as well. But hardware issues can be difficult to determine and you might need professional help.  

Learn How to Fix Vertical Lines on TV   

So, it might be difficult to figure out what is causing vertical lines on the TV screen. So, you can try troubleshooting various methods and figuring out a solution. 

#1: Turn Off Your TV 

Never turning off your TV can be one of the major reasons for lines on the screen. The power cycle can be important for the longevity of an electronic device. So, it can be a good practice to turn your TV off now and then instead of putting it on standby. Here is what you should do: 

  • Turn your TV off. 
  • Take out the power cord. 
  • Wait for a few minutes. 
  • Plug the power cord back in. 

This might not fix your TV screen immediately. So, you can try doing the same a couple of times to fix the problem. 

#2: Check Picture Settings

Picture format settings can be important for better visuals on your TV screen. If you have cable packages like Optimum TV, the chances are that your operator will manage the format settings for you. But you might have to set them manually for other external devices you are plugging in. So, you should make sure that the external devices’ settings match the TV.  

The aspect ratio, screen resolution, and horizontal and vertical scan frequencies can affect the picture quality. These settings dictate how your TV is going to show the video on the screen. So, if you are having trouble with the technical settings you should refer to the device’s manual. 

#3: Check Loose Cable Connections

A problem with the cable wires can also cause vertical lines on the TV screen. You check this by tapping the TV lightly at the back. If the lines move or disappear, that should be your first clue. You might not have installed your cable wire correctly, or it could also be faulty or broken. So, you should check for all the connections and make sure they are in the right slots. Here is a checklist: 

  • Make sure you connect all the cables from external devices to your TV. 
  • If you see an old or broken cord, you should replace it. 
  • Double-check the screen settings to match them with the external device. 

#4: Update TV Software

Your TV runs on software that helps maintain picture quality and install apps. If you are still having trouble with how to fix vertical lines on TV, you should check your system software. Outdated software can slow down your TV and affect picture quality. So, make sure that you have the latest software update installed on your TV. 

#5: Contact Cable Customer Support

If you don’t find any software issues, you should contact your cable TV customer support. So, you should check all channels and let your cable operator know if only one or two have vertical lines. There can be an issue with your bill payment as well. For instance, you might not have the automatic Optimum pay bill option. Or you might have forgotten the monthly pay cycle date. Moreover, there can also be a connection error from the operator’s end that is disrupting video quality. So, the cable connection might be the issue and your TV could be fine.  

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