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  • 200+ channels
  • Streaming apps
  • Internet speed starting at 300 Mbps
  • No annual contract

Optimum Core TV

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00 /mo
Over 220+ All-Digital Channels
  • 65+ HD Channels
  • Free Optimum Stream device
  • No annual contract
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Optimum Select TV

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$ 95
00 /mo
Over 340+ All-Digital Channels
  • 110+ HD Channels
  • No annual contract
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Optimum Premier TV

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$ 115
00 /mo
Over 420+ All-Digital Channels
  • 145+ HD Channels
  • Over 50 Premium Movie Channels
  • No annual contract
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Optimum Cable Packages

Experience the Difference with Optimum Cable Packages

Get Your Hands on a Robust Channel Lineup

The cable just got better! No more boring weekends! Have a great end to your hectic week by planning a fun movie night. Gather all your best friends or loved ones and enjoy a nonstop Friends TV episode session! You need to get the best! Optimum cable bundles bring all that to you with a steady subscription to one of its TV plans. Go with its Select TV Plan to enjoy:

  • More than 340 Entertainment, Sports, and News channels
  • More than 110 HD channels
  • Almost 34 Premium channels for movies such as HBO, Cinemax, HBO NOW, Showtime, The Movie Channel, and so on
  • Multi-room DVR
  • Channels include Starz Encore, TLC, FX, Hallmark Channel, TV Land, History, Nick Jr., and so on
Optimum Cable Packages for all

Have Entertainment on Your Terms with Optimum Cable Deals

Take Your Pick from the Premier TV Plan

Optimum Cable Packages give you the liberty to choose from a variety of rich channels. They are precisely designed to fulfill the fun cravings of any modern viewer. Never again will you complain about having a dull and boring channel lineup. Indulge in an ultimate on-screen experience for brilliant options with Premiere TV plan. You get:

  • More than 420 Entertainment, News, and Sports channels
  • More than 145 HD channels
  • Almost 50 Premium channels for movies such as HBO, Cinemax, HBO NOW, Showtime, The Movie Channel, and so on
  • More than 30 Sports channels
  • Channels include HBO, Showtime, Starz, Gold TV, MGM HD, Sony, Willow, and so on

Indulge in uninterrupted and high-quality HDTV. Spend some quality time with your family over a nice show!

optimum tv packages

Go Gold! And Say Goodbye to Boredom

Optimum TV Takes It Up a Notch!

If you and your family are entertainment-lovers, Optimum Cable Packages have a good range of entertainment genres. With a long array of exciting channels, they ensure that you never have a dull moment while in front of the TV screen. You’ll not just surf the channels but you’ll definitely pause to catch your favorite stuff. And, that’s a guarantee!

With the Gold Tv plan, you get to enjoy:

  • More than 445 Entertainment, News, and Sports channels
  • More than 150 HD channels
  • Digital HD cable box
  • Channels include Cinemax, The Movie Channel, beIN Sports, NFL RedZone, and so on

With such an impressive array of 445 channels, you can watch your favorite shows back-to-back. This is to ensure that you get more than what you are paying for, and indulge in long TV-sessions whenever you want!

Premium Channels by Optimum Per Month
HBO (11 channels with HD) $14.95
HBO NOW Π $14.99
Showtime (11 channels with 7 HD) $11.95
Cinemax (9 channels with HD) $11.95
The Movie Channel (4 channels with HD) $11.95
LMN and UP $1.95
Playboy TV ñ $14.95
Cloud DVR Plus $17.99
Multi-Room DVR* $13.95
Multi-Room DVR Plus‡ * $16.95
Cloud DVR Service $17.99
Rewind functionality on additional TVs $1.95 each
best shows with optimum tv

Get More with Optimum TV Packages

Non-stop Entertainment for All

Optimum TV covers all the entertainment genres, which any viewer would want. If you have family members who love culinary shows or kids who are addicted to cartoon movies, they have brilliant channel options. These channels will match the needs of everyone. With the Value plan, you get:

  • More than 255 Entertainment, News, and Sports channels
  • More than 75 HD channels
  • Channels include local channels, CNN, ESPN, TBS, and so on
  • Thousands of On Demand titles

Whether its blockbuster movies or, crazily followed reality TV shows, news updates about the changing political world scenario or, action-packed sports, you’ll have it all. Stay glued to the screen for as long as you like with your preferred content!

Subscription On Demand Per Month
Showtime On Demand $4.95
TMC On Demand $4.95
here! On Demand $6.95
Disney Family Movies On Demand+ $4.95
TOKU On Demand $6.95
Anime Network On Demand $6.95
Too Much for TV On Demand $12.95
Eros Now On Demand $9.95

+ As of 10/31, Disney Family Movies On Demand will no longer be available.

optimum on demand cabletv

Optimum TV Packages For Sports Lovers

Catch International & Local Games!

The company has efficiently designed Optimum cable packages, which fulfill the special needs of customers with a distinct taste. For instance, for sports enthusiasts, the Sports and Entertainment Pack has:

  • Almost 24 dedicated, action-packed Sports channels
  • Experience the live action with channels like RedZone, NFL, NBA TV, MLB Network, NHL Network, The Golf Channel, beIN Sports, ESPNU, NBC Sports, and so on
  • For college sports fans, College Sports Pack has 7 action-packed channels including Fox College Sports Central, Fox College Sports Atlantic, Fox College Sports Pacific, ESPNU, and so much more!

Optimum TV Packages or Optimum en español gives you the freedom to watch what you like. You can follow your favorite sports with access to NBA League Pass, MLS Direct Kick, MLB Extra Innings, Fox Soccer Plus, NHL Center Ice, and so on.

Sports Packages by Optimum Per Month
Optimum Sports Pack Starting at Only* $5.00
MLB Extra Innings Call to Order
NBA League Pass Call to Order
MLS Direct Kick Call to Order
NHL Center Ice Call to Order
Optimum College Sports Pak $2.95
Fox Soccer Plus $14.95

*All trademarks and service marks are the property of their respective owners. May not be available in all areas. Programming subject to change.

Optimum Cable Entertainment Services

Discover More Amazing Features

Take Advantage TODAY!

The ultimate TV experience shouldn’t let you miss out on anything that you like. Therefore, the said provider ensures that you get to watch each and everything that interests you. Whether you have a subscription of any regular package or you have an Optimum en español subscription, you get to enjoy:

  • Cloud DVR
  • Rewind and pause Live TV
  • Record as many as 15 of your favorite shows at a time
  • The Optimum TV App lets you watch Live TV anywhere in the home on your gadgets or on the go
  • Watch the blockbuster Hollywood movies and latest shows by Primetime
  • Thousands of On Demand titles
  • Pay-Per-View gets you the best action in Boxing, WWE, UFC, and so on

Who would say no to such incredible features! Take advantage of the best TV in town and subscribe TODAY!

Equipment/ Installation/Other Per Month
Cable Box, HD Cable Box or DVR Cable Box $11.00
Altice One Pack $20.00
Altice One Mini $10.00
Tuning Adapter no charge
Parental Control Device no charge
Additional Outlet Premium Service Fee $1.50 ($5 in Bronx and Brooklyn)
Digital CableCARD $2.50
Restore Service Fee $10 for 1 or 2 products, $15 for 3 products
Service Call/Hourly Service Charge $80.00
Additional Outlet (at primary installation) $25.00
Regional Sports Network Fee $8.97
TV Broadcast Fee $7.49
Standard Installation $59.99
Premium Installation $149.99

*Not all content delivered through Altice One is in 4K Ultra HD.

Shop NOW For Optimum TV Packages!

Today TV is all about choices. What, when and where you would like to watch. Optimum TV is all about giving you choices you want – on demand movies, HD channels and much more.

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Optimum TV Plans** Per Month
Optimum Core TV Λ $74.99
Optimum Premier Λ $124.99
Optimum Silver Λ $89.95
Optimum Preferred Λ $74.95
Optimum Select $89.99
Optimum Value Λ $79.99
Optimum Core $74.99
Optimum en español ΛΛ $12.95
Optimum customer support

Need to Know More?

Optimum Cable Customer Service has Got Your Back

All Optimum cable packages are backed by customer care assistance to ensure smooth use. Whether you have already subscribed to one of their TV plans or you want to order one, efficient customer care representatives will address all your queries. You can find out about new features, plans, bundling options, limited-time Optimum cable offers, and so on.

Modern TV viewers consider customer assistance an essential plus with any product that they subscribe to/purchase. Optimum customer service has now proved its competence for years now. The testimonials and reviews of satisfied customers are a witness to that.

Letting you worry about the interruptions and glitches or not being able to experience the full features is not an option!

International Programming Per Month
Optimum Russian $29.95
Optimum French $14.99
Optimum South Asian $24.95
Optimum Premier South Asian $39.95
Optimum Brazilian $19.95
Optimum Korean $14.95
Optimum Chinese $14.95
Optimum Filipino $14.95
Optimum Greek $14.95
Optimum Italian $14.95
Optimum Japanese $24.95
Optimum Portuguese $10.95
Optimum Polish $19.95
Optimum Caribbean $6.95
Optimum Africa $6.95
DW Amerika $4.95
TV5 Monde $9.95
The Israeli Network $14.95
i24NEWS (French) $9.99
BFMTV $9.99
Jus Punjabi $9.95
ART $9.95
NTD TV $4.95
Shanson TV $14.99

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