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A Comprehensive Guide to Spectrum Internet Self-Installation

Spectrum internet self installation guide

The prevailing global pandemic has made us rely on the internet more than ever. Employees are working from home for months now. That requires a consistent internet to track their tasks, share files, and video/audio calls. As for students, they are dependent on the internet to continue their schooling as the colleges and schools are teaching via online classes.

With a sharp rise in the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths in the United States, it’s only sensible to be more cautious than ever. If you haven’t subscribed to an internet service already, it may sound impossible to get it now.

Luckily, Spectrum internet self-installation doesn’t require a technician and you can keep the threat of contagion at bay!

Should You Consider Self-Installation?

Millions across the globe have the coronavirus. Tens of thousands have died across the globe. And the death toll in our part of the world is on a constant rise. Now is the time to strictly follow social distancing even if there are no lockdowns anymore.

The contagion can be anywhere and with anyone. Some carriers do not even manifest the symptoms but can infect others. Moreover, the long incubation period wouldn’t let you know immediately that you have been infected. Therefore, inviting a technician or letting anyone into your home is not advisable. Even in-person deliveries are not safe. That’s why robot and drone-deliveries are now being considered seriously.

If you are even a little tech-savvy, you will be able to install your internet yourself. Therefore, no matter which of the Spectrum internet plans you have picked, you can install it yourself.

Spectrum Offers Free Internet!

Luckily, some Internet service providers have realized the dangers associated with comprising social distancing. So, to keep their subscribers connected and keep life functional, they have stepped up with offering free internet access for the short-term.

Spectrum is one of those providers, which offered free internet to K-12 as well as other eligible households. This 60-day free internet facility was exclusively for households with school and college students. They also offer a series of massive concessions and waivers for the existing subscribers.

How to Self-Install Spectrum Internet

Now that we have established that asking a rep to pay a visit to install your internet is not advisable. You can hook up and activate your internet in no time with the easy installation guide that we are going to share. Spectrum has facilitated its customers with a convenient self-installation method.

First of all, you need to order the self-install kit. It is free-of-cost when you order it with Spectrum home Wi-Fi. You can place the order online or via phone.

The Self-Installing Kit

Take a look at the quick checklist of the constituents of the Spectrum kit for self-installation:

  • An Instruction manual.
  • A Coaxial splitter.
  • A Coaxial cable.
  • An Ethernet cable.
  • An Internet Modem along with a power cord.
  • A Wi-Fi Router along with a power cord.

Stepwise Guide to Self-Install Spectrum Internet

Here’s a comprehensive guide to a glitch-free and easy installation. Take advantage!

Connect the Modem

Take your coaxial cable and connect its ends to your modem and the cable outlet respectively. Then, connect the modem with the power cable, and plug it into a nearby electrical socket. Wait for 2 to 5 minutes to let the modem connect to the internet network.

Once it is connected to the provider’s network, the light indicating the online status will stop blinking and will become solid. So check the light and you are good to go to the next step.

Activate Wi-Fi Router

You need the Wi-Fi to disperse the internet signals throughout your house to have all your devices connected. Therefore, take the Ethernet cable and connect it to the modem. Locate a nearby socket, and plug your Wi-Fi router.

After that, connect the other end of your Ethernet cable to the internet port behind your router. turn the router on and wait for the light on it to turn blue. It may take several minutes. Once the light turns blue, it indicates that the router is now connected.

Make Changes by Connecting a Device

Connect your smartphone, laptop, and tablet, and go to the Wi-Fi settings. Locate the network name or SSID and connect to it. You can find it pasted at the back of your router.

Choose a new name for your home network. And set up a strong password to keep unauthorized access at bay.

Service Activation

Activate your internet equipment with this final step. Closely follow the Spectrum internet self-install manual to find the activation website. Complete all the on-screen suggested prompts to activate your internet service smoothly.

In case of a glitch or delay in finding the activation website or your internet connection, reach out to the customer support and seek help. Follow their instructions online or via phone to make your internet functional. You can thank us later for this convenient guide!

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