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  • 220+ Channels
  • 60+ HD channels
  • Includes $100 American Express Gift Card

Internet & Home Phone

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$ 54
99 /mo
for 1 year
  • Download speed up to 200 Mbps
  • Unlimited Nationwide Calling
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Optimum Select TV + Optimum 200 + Phone

Starting at
$ 79
99 /mo
for 1 year
  • 220+ Channels
  • Download Speeds up to 200 Mbps
  • Thousands of On-Demand Programs FREE
  • Netflix, SHOWTIME® & STARZ® included for 1 year
  • Free Cloud DVR for 6 Months
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Premier, Internet 400 & Phone

Starting at
$ 119
99 /mo
for 1 year
  • Over 340 Channels
  • up to 400 Mbps download speed
  • Includes $100 American Express Gift Card
  • Free Cloud DVR for 12 Months
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Optimum offers

Optimum Triple Play Packages Change the Definition of Cost-of-Entertainment

You Will Always Find a Promotional Offer to Save More!

When you’re shopping for broadband, there are chances that you will hear about “bundles” or “Triple-Play Deals”. You’ll certainly know the basics: two services combined into a single deal to make a ‘Double-Play Plan’ and 3-in-1 makes a ‘Triple-Play Plan’. The advantage of a bundle is, a single bill with cheaper cost than the services would cost separately. Optimum Packages are diverse, have a great number of salient features -subjected not only to services but to the entire offer, and also help you save a lot! offers the fastest internet speeds of many major ISPs, with 50 Mbps of speed (plus a choice of upgrading the speed for 6 months) is part of Optimum’s TV & Internet Double Play deal. And it also includes over ALL Digital channels within a very affordable price range. Optimum Packages are special – CALL and subscribe to hear the price offer!

Optimum Packages

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Cablevision Packages Triple Play, Double Play & More

The Triple Play 3-in-1 combo deals are meant for those subscribers who want to avail the full benefits of a complete home entertainment & connectivity solution. So if you’re currently searching for a quality monthly package that provides high-speed internet, cable TV and phone services within a single plan arrangement, you can’t do better without them. And if all this wasn’t enticing enough, all Optimum triple play packagesprove to be very cost-effective over the long haul. To enjoy watching a wealth of HD TV channels, downloading heavy online content, and chatting non-stop over phone with your family & friends, order today. Why settle for less, when you know that there are better service options available – just waiting for the pick?

Optimum Triple Play

Boost Up Your Online Signups with Speedy Optimum Bundles

Because It's Less Expensive Rates and Better Package Deals!

It’s a competitive market out there for TV and internet service providers. Optimum Bundles are available at less expensive rates with great package deals – than what you experienced before. Optimum has improvised and regrouped their services, especially high-speed internet, as well packages which includes: TV and Internet, and Optimum Phone and Internet double play deals. The cablevision packages not only combine the services into a single bill and bring the cost exceptionally down, but also offer great services with decent channel lineups. While most of the TV and internet companies provide different bundle deals, Optimum Bundles comes available with huge number of quality score. Subscribe TODAY to Optimum TV and Internet Deal for experience the difference!

Optimum Packages Triple Play

Offers that Satisfy All Your Entertainment and Connectivity Requirements

And Leave You Coming Back for More!

None of us wants to pay for broadband internet, cable TV and home phone services that only meet our expectations halfway. And especially if they come with a costly monthly bill attached in the offing! This is precisely where the company’s diverse catalog of standalone and combo service packages differ from their competition. So if you’re a dedicated cord-cutter who only wants to make do with a reliable internet solution, we’ve got an inexpensive web solution just for you. If you like to avail great price savings by bundling all your preferred digital services from a single vendor, we’ve got you more than covered. All you need to do after you’ve made a subscription is to sit back and enjoy all the ease unfold. It really is that simple!

Optimum Deals

Optimum Deals Offer Nations Best Pricing & Packages @ 866-200-9596

Now is The Time to Pull The Trigger for Better Quality Services!

Nowadays, along with the growing popularity of streaming media, increased online activities, and mobile app trends, fast and reliable internet connection is essential. In fact, with so much of HD content appearing on Netflix® and very high interest of individuals to stay intact with their TV screens, it’s time to pull the trigger for new Economy Package. Available now in a large number of locations – and coming soon to thousands of other places – Optimum Deals are for those who want the fastest internet connection, the best and clearest TV picture, and the best voice quality on the home phone. Delivered to all areas where you possibly can be located, services are faster and reliable as compared to other TV and ISPs deals. Optimum Packages Pricing are very competitive.

Optimum Economy Packages

Deals that Cater to Your Every Whim

Never Make Do with Lackluster Internet, Cable TV and Phone Services Again!

As a subscriber, it is never easy to pay for a high-speed internet, cable TV or home phone service that leaves you feeling frustrated. And, in many ways, cheated! With the company’s subscription plan provisions, now you never have to feel that way again. Instead, you can expect to be treated with blazing internet speeds, quality cable TV entertainment, and an uninterrupted phone service; whenever you need them the most. This becomes especially true when you’re hooked onto one of our bundle service plans. These allow you to experience HD TV resolutions when you’re watching your favorite TV shows & movies. They let you stream heavy multimedia content on platforms like Netflix & Hulu (among others). And they enable you to converse 24/7 with your loved ones.

Optimum Bundles

Optimum Packages Pricing are Very Competitive and Affordable

Subscribe to Optimum Economy Package to Find Your Deal!

Most TV and internet customers will find that choosing any one of OUR bundle deals will offer them quality and quantity within affordability, which may not be the case with other competing companies. Generally speaking, the packages and plans offered by Optimum are quite good. And despite the varying nature of packages and offers as per location, the quality of services remains the same. To give you a better idea on pricing and ‘TV and Internet Deals’, consider the “Optimum Triple Play” bundle for $69.99/mo (for 12 months). You receive up to 100 Mbps of blazing internet speed, a Value TV with 260+ channels, Home Phone with unlimited local/long distance calls, plus a FREE Multi-Room DVR for one complete year – and not to forget, you get your most favorite NETFLIX® and SHOWTIME® for a year as well.

Optimum Triple Play Packages

Sign Up for Bundles with a Host of Extra Service Features!

We’re Talking Voicemail, TV Apps, DVR and more

In our book, extra service features that come attached with the basic service utility are what imbue the whole subscription journey with some added fun. The ‘spice’ that makes everything more interesting. In particular, we’re talking about such service extras as Caller-ID, Voicemail, TV Apps, DVR recording, and more. Some of these come free of cost, while others have to be added to the subscription bill (at some very minute expense). So all in all, all of the company’s service plans – whether standalone or combo – aim to equip you with high levels of user-value for every dollar that you spend. And in this respect, we’re well ahead of the bulk of our competition. To subscribe to your preferred service plan, skip the hesitation and CALL NOW.

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