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The Best Ethernet Cables to Try in 2022

best ethernet cables

You may not think Ethernet cables are very different from each other. After all, all they have to do is connect a PC to the internet via a wired connection instead of a wireless one, right? Wrong! Even if you bought an expensive cable a few years ago, there is a good chance that it is less efficient than many other options in 2022. Don’t know much about Ethernet cables? That’s okay! You need to know that the best Ethernet cables can be fairly complex.

And that your choice of cable should depend on your PC setup and your internet needs. Read on to discover some of the best options to try out this year.  

4 of the Best Ethernet Cables in 2022

Ethernet cables are a very useful yet underrated bit of technology. Having easy access to smartphones and wireless internet networks has played a big part in this. But wired connections still have many applications in the real world. For example, everyone is used to high-speed Cox internet packages. But wireless networks have more signal degradation and external interference.  

By comparison, the best ethernet cables eliminate the loss of signal strength and radio signal interference. As a result, they can accomplish far more. They can even convert DSL to ethernet when you don’t have access to wifi or cable internet. However, internet users need to understand that all cables are not the same. In short, the best Ethernet cables outperform mid-range or entry-level options. Some of the best options you should consider in 2022 include:  

The Best All-Around – DbillionDa CAT 8

billion is by far the best Ethernet cable on the market in 2022. The cable stands out from any other you may have used simply in terms of appearance. The CAT 8 cable uses OFC or oxygen-free copper in its wires. The OFC copper wires can improve electrical conductivity, meaning signals travel through the cable faster and with less signal loss over longer distances. The cable contains twisted-pair wires shielded from interference and distortion with aluminum foil. The PVC jacket that encloses the wires is rugged and durable enough for you to bury it underground for outdoor use without your ethernet disconnecting. Of course, all those wins also imply that DbillionDa CAT 8 is one of the pricier options available.

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The Best Value for Money – Amazon Basics CAT 7

If the value for money is your greatest motivator, look no further than the CAT 7 cable from Amazon Basics. Living up to its name, the cable’s appearance and performance are as basic as you can find without compromising too much on its function. The cable comes with HDPE shielding, which is pretty standard on basic cables. It also has standard contacts (gold-plated) as well as gold-plated sidings on both connector ends. But the hardened PVC jacket protects it against nicks and breaks. It may not deliver the same performance as the DbillionDa CAT 8, or even look as good. But if basic functionality is what you need, the Amazon Basics Cat 7 will deliver it far more reliably than other low-cost options.

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The Most Durable – DanYee CAT 7

Need a durable cable for indoor usage? The DanYee Cat 7 is one of the best cables that fit that particular cable. It features a braided semi-flat design that makes it very tough. You can slip it under a carpet, mount it on a baseboard, and even leave it out without fear of damage from someone stepping on it. The DanYee CAT 7 is far more than just an edgy-looking cable. It is made out of nylon and semi-flat. This means it is far more resistant to damage caused by sharp edges or corners. In any case, it is much more rugged than standard PVC or rubber-jacketed cables. If you want to buy a cable that lasts longer than the average Ethernet cable, the DanYee CAT 7 is the one for you!

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The Space Saver – Jadaol

If you need a flat cable but don’t want to go for the extra braided durability, Jadol’s CAT 7 cable can be something worth considering. The flat cable style makes it ideal to mount it without worrying about leaving some slack for the cable. You can place it flush against any surface. Moreover, the cable comes with easy-to-use clips to make mounting/attaching it far easier. It is not as durable as a braided nylon cable, but you can still safely count on it to get the job done as long as it is indoors.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What does the Ethernet category mean? 

Ethernet cable categories refer to its design and how it functions. The term CAT is short for the category, and the number following it indicates the standard it follows.

Why does a cable’s Megahertz matter?  

It is a term referring to the state of change in a wave within a second. MHz indicates how much data a cable can move for each foot of its length.  

What are twisted-pair wires?  

Twisted pair wires involve two conducting wires twisted together. It helps to use external interference. However, it can also create a lower data rate or make the ethernet slower.   

What is the difference between a stranded wire and a solid wire?  

Multiple copper strands joined into a single conductor or wire are stranded wires. A solid conductor contains only a single copper wire, instead of strands.  

What is the difference between shielded vs unshielded? 

Shielding helps the cable avoid electromagnetic signals that can interfere with the data transmission. Unshielded ones remain more susceptible to these signals which are common among other household appliances. 

Why are OFC cables better?  

Oxygen-free copper or OFC is a much more refined form of copper wire. With fewer impurities, the cable has less signal loss and delivers a more stable connection.  

How will a new Ethernet cable boost my internet speed? 

Ethernet can offer a better internet experience with lower signal loss. But it cannot increase your core internet speed. It will only deliver faster and more stable speeds than wifi, which experiences more signal loss.

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