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7 Best Offline Maps Apps to Travel with For Super Easy Navigation

best offline maps apps

Traveling is among the top hobbies of people around the world. Taking your car to a nearby town, going on a road trip with your family or p, or visiting a resort for an extended vacation sure is time-consuming but it’s an experience worthwhile.

Having Google maps with you is a blessing to navigate your way but what if you’re in an area where internet signals are not available? In this case, it helps to have at least one of the best offline maps apps on your phone that you can count on during desperate times.

7 Best Offline Maps Apps to Download

The internet certainly has made our lives easy. With features like WiFi calling and using online maps for navigation, you can always stay connected. But when you don’t want to rely on your mobile data for navigation, these are some offline maps that can help you find your way without the internet:

1: Maps.Me

Maps.Me is a free app created by the OpenStreetMap community. It’s a reliable app for using offline GPS apps for Android. This app lets you build routes on foot, by bicycle, or by automobile. You can also search for maps of the region you will be visiting. It features maps of most cities so there’s a good chance it covers the destination you are planning to travel to.

2: MapFactor Navigator

This free GPS app includes a large map library to help you find your way even if you’re not connected to your Cox Wi-Fi plans. It’s important to remember that you can’t simply download the app and start using it.

 You must first search the map collection and download the ones you need. MapFactor Navigator features about 200 maps. Once you have found the map you need, download it and you are now ready to use the app.

3: Co-Pilot GPS

This app works best for drivers. all of its functions are designed to help drivers in driving safely. You can download a map of a certain region or country, enter the POI details, and turn-by-turn voice navigation.

Co-Pilot GPS features a strong route planning capability. It also has that “ActiveTraffic” feature that lets you manage your commute based on real-time traffic conditions.

4: Waze

Like many others, you must be thinking that isn’t Waze an online navigation app. Surely, you might have used your Altice One Optimum internet plan to use the map online but it also works offline.

Unfortunately, you can’t download individual maps for offline navigation but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them offline. Waze uses a cache to provide turn-by-turn directions. All you have to do is download Waze on your phone, set up the navigation route, and the app will everything to the cache. It provides 100% accurate turn-by-turn directions 100 even if you lose internet service.

top offline maps apps for navigation

5: HERE WeGo

HERE WeGo is a navigation app that you have probably heard of or maybe even used if you had a Nokia smartphone. This navigation and web map service was originally developed by Nokia. Originally named HERE Maps, after the latest update, the app was renamed. Now, it’s called HERE WeGo. People around the world rely on this app to work out the best way to get to their destination!

Ever since its release, this app has been constantly improving. Hence, it can turn out to be your go-to navigation app that works offline too Everything on the app is simple to understand. The only drawback is that it comes with ads.

6: OsmAnd

This app is a project of OpenStreetMap and Wikipedia. You can download up to 7 map files with this app and use them for navigation when you are not connected to the internet. If your device has enough storage space, you can also download the entire map data. Otherwise, road network data should be sufficient to guide you.

If you are into offline activities, this app can show you bike paths, hiking routes, and details on foot. It is an open-source project which means you can report bugs. You can also contribute points of interest and make the maps more useful for other users!  

7: Sygic

Next on the list is Sygic. This navigation app lets you view 3D maps offline, which is kind of cool! It is an amazing user interface and the safety features are also amazing. All its maps feature useful info like changes in speed limits, which lane to take etc. to help you stay out of trouble. This is pretty handy when you’re driving in a foreign city.

Sygic also features voice-guided navigation so that you can concentrate on the road and get precise directions. This doesn’t mean this navigation app is not for pedestrians. It offers a handful of compilations and directions for popular tourist sites. It can be your perfect offline guide!


With the best offline maps apps like these, you won’t lose your way. Almost all of these apps are super easy to use. Test the ones shared on this list and use what works best for you. Hopefully, you won’t get lost in a new place again. 

If you forget to pay your internet bill via services like the Cox bill pay service and don’t have internet access, an offline map won’t let you down. Just make sure you have downloaded the map from within the app and you’re ready to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Best Offline Map App?

The top offline map apps include, Waze, Co-Pilot GPS, and some others.

How Does an Offline Map App Work?

Offline maps work by using your phone’s built-in GPS radio which works without a data plan. It figures out your location and plots your route on the map that is stored in your smartphone’s memory.

Are Offline Maps Accurate?

Yes! As long as you have downloaded the map from within the app, you should get accurate results. You won’t get real-time traffic updates though.

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