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A Complete Guide to Extending Your Wi-Fi Network

guide to extend wifi network

Having access to a WiFi connection has become a must for people. In fact, many people can’t imagine their lives without it. The reason? Well, more and more people have started to rely on the internet to assist them in the completion of their everyday tasks. Considering how the internet plays a crucial role in everyone’s life, it’s not a surprise that many become frustrated whenever the connection breaks.

Although internet outages can occur due to several reasons, one of the most common ones is the loss of signals. These WiFi black spots are caused by too much distance from the wireless router. However, this issue can be fixed. Read on to find out how!

5 Ways to Extend Your WiFi

There are different ways that you can use to extend the signals of your WiFi device. This will help you use the internet easily no matter where you are in the house. Let’s have a look at some of those ways:

#1. Reposition Your WiFi

Is your internet stuttering? Time to reposition your WiFi! You see, the placement of your router has a lot to do with the issue of weak wireless signals. You have to make sure that your WiFi device is out in the open and is placed in the center of your house. Also, ensure that there are no obstructions, or it will cause interference with the signals. You should avoid placing your device in the cupboard or behind your television set. Instead, try to elevate it so that the wireless signals can travel easily, allowing you to make full use of your internet connection regardless of wherever you are in the house.

#2. Upgrade Your Router

If you continue to get slow or weak WiFi signals despite repositing the device, you should consider upgrading it. Some of the newest wireless standards are 802.11n, 802.11ac, and WiFi 6. If you own an older ‘b’ or ‘g’ model, consider replacing it with the newer device as this will not only give you faster connection speeds but will also deliver longer ranges. Although it’s true that you will get faster speeds with a newer model of WiFi, you should know that this will come at the expense of range. This means that you can only get one of the two.

You can enjoy the best coverage from a wireless device that uses 2.4GHz. However, if you want speed then 5GHz is the option for you! You can also get MoCA Wi-Fi if you want to stream HD content without issues like poor resolution.

#3. Invest in a Mesh WiFi Kit

Another way you can get maximum wireless signals is to invest in a mesh WiFi kit. But what’s a mesh network? Well, it is a network that requires two or more routers to work together to provide a wider WiFi coverage as compared to a single router. This network will replace your existing wireless device. And it is simple to install.

All you have to do is take one of the units from a mesh WiFi kit and attach it to the spare port of your router. Doing so will create a new WiFi network so you will be able to connect your wireless gadgets. You can then place your second, third, or many mesh devices somewhere else in your home. These devices will interact with one another, creating a strong WiFi network that will deliver uninterrupted wireless signals.

#4. Get a Wireless Booster

Getting a wireless booster is a great idea! These devices will help boost the wireless signals, ensuring that you get the proper internet connection in your entire house. This device will capture the wireless signal directly from your router and then rebroadcast it. To be honest, getting a wireless booster is not the most effective alternative as compared to buying the best Wi-Fi router for long-range but it works! These devices are cheap and easy to install. You won’t feel the power of a wireless booster if you are using it for light web browsing but can definitely be felt when you move large files around the web.

With a wireless booster, you can stream YouTube and Netflix without any issues.

#5. Use Powerline Adaptors

Powerline adaptors are being slowly replaced by a mesh network, but you can still use them. They are highly useful and cheap as well. You can use the device to boost the wireless signal so it may reach the other parts of your house too.

To make this device work, you will just have to insert one adapter into the power socket near the wireless device and then connect it to the router via an ethernet cable. You will then be required to plug the other adaptor into the power socket of the other room where you need the signals. And voila! You will now get proper WiFi signals.


Wireless connectivity has become crucial for everybody. This is the reason why many people examine different deals like Cox internet packages carefully before they subscribe to the service. Also, it is understandable why one feels so frustrated whenever they can’t get the proper wireless signal. But you shouldn’t worry! Just consider the aforementioned ways and you will be fine!

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