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Get COX Support Backing Your Experience 

Get Help Finding Affordable Internet, TV, and Phone TODAY! 

A COX service subscription will open up access to some of the best-performing high-quality services available in any service area. From ultra-fast and super-reliable internet services to comprehensive TV deals and huge channel lineups. The provider even offers high-tech residential phone services so you don’t need to sign up to another provider for anything.

Experience TV the way you have always wanted to, with the provider’s insanely popular Contour TV plans. Or get everything you want on the internet with an uninterrupted and consistently fast internet plan. You can even bundle both and add stellar home phone services to make long-distance and international calls easier and more affordable. All this is exactly what you’ll be in for:

  • Expert help and advice.  
  • Troubleshooting assistance.  
  • Effective technical support.  
  • Service disruptions resolved.  
  • Detailed info on plans and promotions.  
  • Multiple ways to get in touch.

Want to find the right plan today? Great! All you need to do is get in touch with a COX customer support representative. Pick up the phone and dial: 


Yes, it’s that easy!

Cox Packages

Cox Customer Service Has All The Answers 

Choose plans, customize them, or add premium Services!

Choose plans, customize them, or add premium Services! 

COX makes a point of offering a range of plans to suit a variety of needs. However, the provider is also aware that subscribing households can often have unique needs and expectations. This is where the real value in a subscription comes from how flexible the provider is. And a simple phone call to the Cox Customer Service phone number can show you how much value you’re getting.

With experienced COX customer support reps taking the time to understand your needs, you can find plans that are better suited to your unique needs. And if you don’t find, for instance, a TV plan that offers the number or diversity of channels you need, you can always get COX customer service to offer a customized TV plan containing:

  • Hundreds of channels and HD options,
  • Personalized and customizable Channel Packs, 
  • Thousands of titles in the On-Demand Library  
  • Access on the go with the Contour App.  
    Cox near Me

    Searching for ‘COX Near Me’?

    Call COX Customer Care to Locate Service Areas 

    Are you moving to a new address? Want to make a switch but unsure if COX services are available in your area? Call COX Customer Care to find if you are in a service area and locate the best plans available near you. Cox Customer Service and its varied plans are available across 18 states. So, there’s a good chance that you are already located in a service area and all you have to do is sign up for COX’s high-performing residential and business services.  

    Moreover, being in a service area doesn’t just get you access to those services, but the value added by COX customer support as well. So, on the off chance that you do run into some service issues, help is only a phone call away. That’s not to mention the provider’s consistent expansion efforts. You could be in a coverage area sooner than you expect, even if you weren’t in one the last time you checked. Speak to a representative today! Just call:


    cox cable phoenix

    COX Customer Care Tops Your Expectations

    Never have doubts about signing up to the wrong provider again! 

    The provider remains one of the few who recognized the need for high-quality customer service and technical support early on. As advanced and sophisticated as the provider’s services and infrastructure are, no service can ever be 100% disruption-free. Moreover, COX understands that the level of customer service directly impacts the overall customer experience.

    Therefore, it does not limit itself to simply minimizing the risks of service disruptions. It goes several steps ahead by offering the COX customer service experience. If you experience disruption, outages, or want to schedule a technician’s appointment, the COX customer service phone number is the place to call. Get help with:  

    • Troubleshooting your service.  
    • Scheduling a technician’s visit.  
    • Reporting outages and disruptions.  
    • Confirming area-wide outages.  
    • Technical support for service issues.  
    • ETAs on service resumptions.   

      Getting in touch with the provider’s customer service representatives can help you extract the full benefit of your subscription. Every subscriber has access to COX Customer Service and all of its expert knowledge and assistance. Forget about getting bogged down in an arrangement that delivers the bare minimum. COX Customer Support and its dynamically evolving teams stand ready to address any and all service issues. You can count on a provider that makes every effort to deliver an above-par customer experience, not just a good internet, TV, or phone service. 

      Cox Customer Service Number

      Get Expert Help Choosing Your Services 

      Pick Your Plan Accurately with Info from Cox Customer Support!

      There are few providers that offer you the diverse types of choices and flexibility that COX does. However, for first-time customers, it can often be fairly overwhelmed by the sheer number of options. Moreover, unless you always keep your ear to the ground, you stand to miss out on exciting deals and promotional offers to supplement your existing plans. This is where COX customer service reps can add so much value to your choice. An agent will be both able and happy to guide you through:  

      • Plan information, personalization, and details.  
      • Promotional pricing, offers, and deals.  
      • Limited-time add-ons and special offers.  
      • Channel lineups, packs, and premium channels.  
      • Pricing, billing details, and eligibility information.  

      Let Cox Customer Service be your gateway. Let the company’s experienced & friendly sales reps guide you through every step of the subscription cycle. And get all the assistance you need as an existing, first-time, or returning customer. To get expert help, accurate information, promotional offers, and comparable plan information, simply call: .

      cox customer support

      Intuitive Ways to Access COX Customer Care

      Phone, Email, In-Person, and More

      Have you made up your mind about subscribing to one of the company’s standalone or bundled plans? Then get dialing right away! Why wait and procrastinate with lackluster cable TV, internet, and home phone utilities? Especially when better options are just a phone call away?


      You could start enjoying quality entertainment options, blazing-fast internet speeds, and crisp voice conversations very soon, especially if you sign up today. By now, you’re probably wondering “How do I get in touch with Cox Customer Support?”. Luckily, it is pretty straightforward. Reaching out to the provider’s customer support teams is easy because there are so many ways to do it. That includes:  

      • Through your subscriber account.  
      • Using the provider’s official App.  
      • Sending an email to Cox Customer Care.  
      • Official Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter handle.  
      • Visiting a physical store for an in-person discussion. 
      • Physical mail to the provider’s registered address.  

      However, by far, the easiest and most convenient way remains over the phone.

      Cox Packages via Cox Customer Support

      Find Limited-Time Offers Specific to Your Area

      Get The Low-Down on Special Deals and Offers

      The provider has a huge coverage footprint that spans 18 different states and areas with diverse populations. While the provider continues to make every effort to offer high-quality services in every area, it also frequently comes up with limited-time pricing, special offers, and even freebies for a specific time period. These frequent offerings can also differ from area to area, meaning a special offer available near you may actually be specific only to your area.

      You’d be missing out on a great saving opportunity if you missed out on any of these offers. Get the most out of your services (and your monthly household budget) with frequent offers, deals, and promotions. That’s a win for you on both fronts. To find out more about services and offers available specifically in your service area, speak to COX Customer Service. Get accurate and detailed information, simply dial: 

      cox Sales Number

      When To Contact COX Customer Support?

      Get complaints and service issues resolved on priority,

      COX continues to offer one of the highest levels of service in the country. However, like any other service provider, the company can experience an influx of complaints from time to time. Of course, the difference between a good provider and a mediocre one depends on how quickly they can resolve these complaints. COX Customer Care comes equipped with teams that have the experience and knowledge to assist with a range of common internet/TV complaints, including:  

      • Customer service and assistance.  
      • Managing existing services and plans. 
      • Troubleshooting technical issues.
      • Walkthrough initial installation and activation.  
      • General service queries and complaint status. 
      • Bill payment details and upcoming payment dates.  
      • Technical support for business services.  
      • Scale up or down to a different plan.  
      • Move your services to a new address.  
      • Assistance and information for new customers.  

        The provider’s support structure is made up of dynamic individuals who are dedicated to making your Cox experience better. Make full use of this with a simple phone call to:  

        COX Cable Customer Service

        Get in Touch Through Your Preferred Means

        Multiple, convenient points of contact!

        With this provider, help is never too far away. This is in part thanks to a wide range of channels to get in touch with the provider regarding a range of issues. Like any COX subscriber, you can get in touch easily through any of the following methods: 

        • Cox Support Center offers troubleshooting guides, tools, resource material, and more to help solve your problems. Business customers can access the Business Support Center. 
        • My Account lets you manage your subscriptions. You can also check your email, pay bills and get chat support. Business customers will need to use the My Business Account. 
        • Welcome Center offers the provider’s customers access to their account, billing details, and support services. 
        • Support Chat lets you speak in real-time with a live representative. 
        • Check out one of the providers of many Support Forums for answers to common issues. 
        • Solutions Stores are the provider’s physical locations for people who prefer one-on-one support. 
        • The provider’s official email and Twitter accounts 
          cox cable and internet

          Pre-Call Checklist

          Make sure you have these things ready

          It always makes it easier for your representative to assist you if you have everything to hand. Make sure you have the following things with you before you call:  

          Account Number: This can be found in My Account or on one of your recent bills. The rep will need this to determine which account to deal with. 

          Social Security Number: You may need the last 4 digits for the rep to confirm your identification. 

          Address: You may need this, especially when you want to move your existing services to a new location. 

          Notepad: Both a simple notepad or Evernote on any device can help you keep track of your complaint and confirmation numbers. You may also need to jot down helpful information like specific phone numbers and names. 

          All set? Go ahead and call for quick and efficient assistance:  .

          Cox Phone Service

          How can I Contact Cox?

          Multiple, convenient points of contact!

          With this provider, you can get in touch easily through any of the following methods:

          • Cox Support Center offers troubleshooting guides, tools, resource material and more to help solve your problems. Business customers can access the Business Support Center.
          • My Account lets you manage your subscriptions. You can also check your email, pay bills and get chat support. Business customers will need to use the My Business Account.
          • Welcome Center offers the provider’s customers access to their account, billing details, and support services.
          • Support Chat lets you speak in real-time with a live representative.
          • Check out one of the providers of many Support Forums for answers to common issues.
          • Solutions Stores are the provider’s physical locations for people who prefer one-on-one support.
          • The provider’s official email and Twitter accounts.

          Frequently Asked Questions

          The answers you are looking for!

          How to contact Cox Customer Service?

          For most queries, simply call on 1-855-850-5975. There are also several other methods to get in touch. You can access the Cox Support Center online, use My Account to get in touch, or the Welcome Center to connect with the service.

          There are also facilities like live chat, FAQ forums, email, and Twitter channels to have more information. Just choose the method most convenient for you.

          How to contact Cox Customer Service by phone?

          For most queries, simply call on 1-855-850-5975.

          Any other channels to Contact Cox Customer Service?

          There are several other methods to get in touch. You can access Cox Support Center online, use My Account to get in touch, or the Welcome Center to connect with the service.

          What about third-party platforms to reach Cox Customer Support?

          There are also facilities like live chat, FAQ forums, email, and Twitter channels to have more information. Just choose the method most convenient for you.

          What is the Cox Customer Service Number?

          Find help easily on 1-855-850-5975. This service number is the preferred method of contact for most of the provider’s customers. You can also use one of the other channels like the Help Center, My Account, and Cox Support Center.

          Is Cox customer service 24 hours open?

          Cox customer service is readily available to facilitate its customers. Find help easily on 1-855-850-5975 from Mon-Sat 10 AM–8 PM.

          Is there any support for residential areas?

          Residential customers can easily get the support they need on the number 1-855-850-5975 or through alternative convenient mediums. If you have a Cox Solutions Store in your locality, then you can always visit and get one-on-one support.

          You can also find support online through My Account, Help Center, Cox Support Center, and the official email and Twitter accounts.

          Is there any Cox support near me?

          Cox currently covers 18 states including Arizona, Arkansas, California, Ohio, Idaho, Georgia, Kansas, Iowa, and Nevada. Call at 1-855-850-5975 for a complete list of areas covered and find out if support can reach your area.

          How do I create a Cox customer account?

          You need to go to From this page, choose a convenient online account setup option. You will need your account number (on a recent bill), the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number, and your associated phone number and address.

          Follow the steps or contact 1-855-850-5975 for a representative to guide you through the process.

          Can I pay my bill online?

          You can easily pay cox bill online through EasyPay or make a one-time payment from any device. Alternatively, you can also pay your bill through the phone number 1-855-850-5975 with the help of a representative.

          I’m living in a city center, how do I get in touch with Cox?

          Being the 3rd largest ISP by coverage area, the company covers over 19 the U.S States. Therefore, your area would be most probably covered. If it’s going to be just you, go with the 50 MBS option to save some money.

          Still, just to make sure, call 1-855-850-5975.