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  • Free access to over 500,000+ WiFi hotspots
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COX Service Packages

Embrace the Digital World – with COX Service

Sign Up for Affordable Internet, TV, and Phone TODAY!

With a COX service subscription, you get the opportunity to enjoy some of the most feature-rich services. High-performance and reliable internet, TV and phone services are all part of the provider’s service offerings. Nothing much beats the thrill that comes with watching your favorite blockbuster TV shows & movies in clear HD. Or downloading high-resolution content from the web at mind-blowing speed. Or even just talking non-stop with your chatty loved ones over the cordless– at any time that suits your fancy. With a COX plan, all this is exactly what you’ll be in for!

For a complete breakdown of available services and pricing simply pick up the phone and speak to a representative at . Yes, it’s that easy!

Cox Packages

Packages that Focus on Providing the Ultimate Entertainment Value…

Turn Every Night into a Stellar Cinematic Experience!

Every now and then, we could all do with a decent movie night within the comfort of our home settings. There is something about the thrill that comes with watching a good Hollywood blockbuster while lying sprawled on the living room sofa. While munching on a bag of warm buttered popcorn, along while sipping on a choice soda or martini, of course. Most busy working professionals simply don’t want to put up with all the hustle & bustle that comes with the cinema. What they want is some instant gratification. This is where the provider’s TV plans come in to save the day:

  • Offering up to 140+ channels
  • Customizable Channel Packs,
  • Thousands of On Demand offerings
  • Contour TV App
Cox near Me

Searching for ‘COX Near Me’?

Find Out if You Can Get COX Service in Your Area

Are you looking for an answer to the question Is there any Cox customer support in my areaDon’t worry! With a timely COX near me web search (or telephonic inquiry), you can check if the company’s services are available in your particular residential area. These days, everyone wants a complete home entertainment and connectivity solution. One easy fix to meet all of their daily TV, Home Phone, and high-speed Internet requirements. So if you’ve made up your mind about subscribing to COX, consider placing a call on the COX Customer Service Number above. Once you’re done with getting all of your queries answered, simply sign up for the service plan that best suits your bill.

cox cable phoenix

A Digital Service to Meet all Your Entertainment & Connectivity Expectations

Never be at a Loss for Having Some Instantaneous ‘Fun Time’ Again!

As per recent ISP industry estimates, the company is the 3rd largest cable utilities provider by coverage area. It has over 19 U.S States currently covered (and counting). These figures speak for themselves – and indicate the American consumer’s confidence vested in the vendor. The company’s Contour & Contour Flex TV plans offer up to 140+ and 75+ TV channels, respectively. The Cox internet plans, on the other hand, provide up to 1 Gigabyte in blazing download speeds. These are enough to stream your preferred Netflix or Hulu HD movie or TV shows content many times over. And if you choose to sign-up for a bundle offer, you can also enjoy the company’s home phone Voice Premier provision.

Cox Customer Service Number

Got a Question that Needs Answering?

Get in Touch with the COX Customer Support Service NOW!

When you’re considering subscribing to a particular monthly service plan it is only natural for some questions to be answered. These could be regarding the various service features of the particular package that you’re interested in. Or they could involve getting a better deal (that suits your monthly budgeting requirements more adequately) from the same provider. Through the COX customer support service, you can get quick responses to all such queries, and more. Get help deciding to sign up for one of the company’s digital plans. In order to connect with the service online, check ‘COX near me’ at VisioneClick. Or place a call on the COX customer service number – and be heard!

cox customer support

The Support You’ve Been Looking For

Your Experience Counts!

By remaining in touch with the company’s customer care reps, you can ensure that you reap the full benefits of your subscribed plan. Because that’s what you pay your hard-earned dollars for, right? And you really don’t want to get bogged down. Especially by a subscription arrangement that just doesn’t quite cut it on the entertainment & connectivity fronts. You want instant onscreen enjoyment with every click of the TV remote controller. You need blazing download & surfing speeds whenever you tap into your home WiFi connection. Furthermore, you really want crisp sound quality in every telephonic conversation with your friends & family. Your digital needs are quite straightforward and the company’s large assortment of customizable monthly plans are ready to meet them.

Cox Packages via Cox Customer Support

Get a Complete Low – Down on COX Near You

Pick Your Plan With Help From Cox Customer Support!

If you want to gain a better understanding of all COX packages and their associated service features, look around this site. Simply scroll to the particular service page that piques your curiosity. But if you’re still not sure about the type of service plan you need, call the COX customer support service. A simple phone call on will be your gateway. Let the company’s experienced & friendly sales reps guide you through every step of the subscription cycle. With a COX service plan, you can acquire access to some of the most diversified, high performance & user-friendly subscription available today.

So now you must be wondering “How do I get in touch with Cox Customer Support?”. It’s pretty straightforward. All you need to do is dial . There are other ways to contact with the support, but calling over the phone is the most helpful.

cox Sales Number

High-Speed Internet, HD Cable TV, and Home Phone Services Await…

Just Dial the Company Sales Number, 

So have you made up your mind about subscribing to one of the company’s standalone or bundled plans? Then get dialing right away! Why wait and procrastinate with lackluster cable TV, internet, and home phone utilities? Especially when better options are just a phone call away? You could be enjoying:

  • quality entertainment,
  • blazing internet speeds,
  • and crisp phone conversations

At VisioneClick, we take great care to meet all of our customers’ digital expectations, and so we love to hear from you. If you’ve got any pending subscription queries, now is the perfect time to get them answered! Just get in touch with one of our friendly sales reps, and let us take care of the rest.

COX Cable Customer Service

Enjoy Local Deals that are Specific to Your Area

Avail Frequent Price Savings on Your Orders

Some of the company’s cable plans can differ with location, and so you should ask your subscription sales rep about the exact deals in your area. You may be able to sign-up for holiday and one-time offers during specific times of the year. For many people, these can be the perfect catalysts to starting their very own subscription journeys. You can also explore alternate equipment and add-on options with your chosen company plans. These amenities significantly add to the ‘fun part’ of your home entertainment experience. They also save you a pretty penny on your monthly budgets by keeping you from paying for other companies’ utilities. A total win-win, however, you choose to look at it!

cox cable and internet

How do I get in touch with Cox Near Me?

Prefer The Most Convenient Medium?

Phones are still the method of choice when it comes to communication. If you too prefer the old-fashioned way of doing business, have a look below. For any of the following issues, all you have to do is call :

  • Customer assistance and managing existing services
  • Technical issues like setting up your home network
  • General queries and tech assistance
  • Updates on the status of your accounts or Payable bills
  • Business technical support issues
  • Adding new services or moving addresses
  • Cox New customer assistance

The provider’s support structure is made up of dynamic individuals who are dedicated to making your Cox experience better.

Cox Phone Service

How can I Contact Cox?

Multiple, convenient points of contact!

With this provider, you can get in touch easily through any of the following methods:

  • Cox Support Center offers troubleshooting guides, tools, resource material and more to help solve your problems. Business customers can access the Business Support Center.
  • My Account lets you manage your subscriptions. You can also check your email, pay bills and get chat support. Business customers will need to use the My Business Account.
  • Welcome Center offers the provider’s customers access to their account, billing details and support services.
  • Support Chat lets you speak in real time with a live representative.
  • Check out one of the providers many Support Forums for answers to common issues.
  • Solutions Stores are the provider’s physical locations for people who prefer one-on-one support.
  • The provider’s official email and Twitter accounts

Pre-Call Checklist

Make sure you have these things ready

It always makes it easier for your representative to assist you if you have everything to hand. Make sure you have the following things with you before you call :

Account Number: This can be found in My Account or on one of your recent bills. The rep will need this to determine which account to deal with.

Social Security Number: You may need the last 4 digits for the rep to confirm your identification.

Address: You may need this, especially when you want to move your existing services to a new location.

Notepad: Both a simple notepad or Evernote on any device can help you keep track of your complaint and confirmation numbers. You may also need to jot down helpful information like specific phone numbers and names.

Make sure you’re all set before calling!

Frequently Asked Questions

The answers you are looking for!

How to contact Cox Customer Service?

For most queries, simply call on 1-855-850-5975. There are also several other methods to get in touch. You can access the Cox Support Center online, use My Account to get in touch, or the Welcome Center to connect with the service.

There are also facilities like live chat, FAQ forums, email, and Twitter channels to have more information. Just choose the method most convenient for you.

What is the Cox Customer Service Number?

Find help easily on 1-855-850-5975. This service number is the preferred method of contact for most of the provider’s customers. You can also use one of the other channels like the Help Center, My Account, and Cox Support Center.

Is there any support for residential areas?

Residential customers can easily get the support they need on the number 1-855-850-5975 or through alternative convenient mediums. If you have a Cox Solutions Store in your locality, then you can always visit and get one-on-one support.

You can also find support online through My Account, Help Center, Cox Support Center, and the official email and Twitter accounts.

Is there any Cox support near me?

Cox currently covers 18 states including Arizona, Arkansas, California, Ohio, Idaho, Georgia, Kansas, Iowa, and Nevada. Call at 1-855-850-5975 for a complete list of areas covered and find out if support can reach your area.

How do I create a Cox customer account?

You need to go to From this page, choose a convenient online account setup option. You will need your account number (on a recent bill), the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number, and your associated phone number and address.

Follow the steps or contact 1-855-850-5975 for a representative to guide you through the process.

Can I pay my bill online?

You can easily pay cox bill online through EasyPay or make a one-time payment from any device. Alternatively, you can also pay your bill through the phone number 1-855-850-5975 with the help of a representative.

I’m living in a city center, how do I get in touch with Cox?

Being the 3rd largest ISP by coverage area, the company covers over 19 the U.S States. Therefore, your area would be most probably covered. If it’s going to be just you, go with the 50 MBS option to save some money.

Still, just to make sure, call 1-855-850-5975.