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  • 75+ Exciting unique channels
  • Top broadcast networks like CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, PBS, and CW
  • 50 commercial-free Music Choice channels
  • One Contour box
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Contour TV

What is Contour TV?

Get Ready for a Unique Experience

This service by Cox aims at adding depth and value to your TV watching experience. Although this service comes at a price, the features that you get are worth all your money. It is the fastest as well as the simplest way to search for and access all the entertainment choices on your devices.

Hence, providing you with a non-traditional way to watch TV. It allows you to search for your favorite shows by titles. You can choose from an organized library based on category, genre or network.

The unique features include:

  • Live TV
  • Voice Remote
  • Streaming App
  • Prime Video
  • TV On-Demand
Cox Contour TV Package

Opt for the Cox Contour TV Package

Get Access to Unlimited Entertainment

Subscribing to the plan will give you access to over 140 channels that include free HD channels. It will provide you with a rather unique experience by making recommendations of programs based on what you like.

It keeps you in charge of your TV watching experience. You also get to enjoy exclusive features like an on-screen guide and parental control.

Further, you get access to the following features:

  • Access to local channels along with On Demand
  • Pay-per-view and DVR
  • Over 50 commercial Music Choice channels for free
  • Access to On-Screen TV apps including Netflix
  • Premium channels like ESPN, HGTV, and TNT
COX Basic Cable

Never Miss Anything Again

Cox Contour App Allows You to Watch TV On-the-Go

Are you busy? Do you miss out on the much-awaited episode of your favorite show or live-action of a crucial match quite often? Rest easy. The Contour TV App takes care of all that! The app allows you to catch up on not just Live TV but also your recorded shows apart from the On-Demand ones.

With the Contour TV subscription along with a Cox user ID and password, you are good to go. The app is free. And the best part is that you do not even need to wait for your installation to start using it.

Just follow the simple steps given below:

  • Download the Cox Contour App on your device
  • Select Cox as your provider
  • Sign in to your account using ‘Cox My Account’ login
Contour TV Watch TV Any Time You Want

Watch TV Any Time You Want

Live TV Makes the Experience Fun

With Cox, you even get an option to enjoy Live TV.  You can choose to enjoy this feature using any of the options available. These include watching Live TV in your home, on the app or on-the-go online. Live TV is accessible on all your devices including TV, laptop, tablet, and mobile.

You can choose to make Live TV a part of your TV Everywhere experience when you select to watch it on-the-go. However, you will have to find out about the channels that are available outside your home. You also get the option of filtering the TV listings to select the channels and programs that you like.

Some of the prominent channels available on Live TV include:

Hit Shows and Movies

Get Instant Access to Hit Shows and Movies

Add it to Your On-Demand Library

You can now enjoy watching thousands of shows and movies whenever and wherever you like. The Cox Contour On-Demand feature allows you to download the purchased shows and movies with your HD receiver. Once purchased, watch movies and shows for an unlimited number of times on any of your device.

However, you will have to use your remote control to make purchases as you cannot make them via the app or online. But you can watch the downloaded content via the app, on your TV or even on your laptop or tablet. Filters available allow you to narrow your choices while making a purchase. You can also pause and then resume the show or movie.

Cox Cable Number

Ready to Subscribe to Contour TV?

Bundle It Up to Get Value for Your Money

What’s better than the standalone Contour TV service? Bundling it up with Internet and voice services! If you opt for the Internet with it, you will get access to more channels. As if the 250+ unique channels were not enough already.  Apart from that,  you get access to 1000 Mbps to download speed depending on the bundle you choose.

Also, imagine the joy it would bring to you when you will get to make unlimited nationwide calls. That and the ability to make unlimited international calls to landlines in Mexico and Canada. Bundling up the Cox cable service with Internet and Voice will also be an affordable option.

Bundle Name Price (per month)
Contour TV Preferred $ 99.00
Contour TV Preferred Plus $ 146.00
Contour TV Ultimate $ 139.00

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use TiVo with Contour TV?

Yes, you can enjoy watching online streaming apps and On-Demand shows using TiVo with Contour.

What is Contour Flex?

Contour Flex was a TV package Cox once offered but it is no longer available.

How much is Contour Cable & Streaming TV for per month?

Contour Cable prices start as low as $69.99 per month. The streaming services on mobile or other devices are free with the subscription.

Which plan is considered as the ‘extended cable’ plan?

Extend your basic Contour TV package by adding more channels from various packs including sports, entertainment, movies, news, and Latino.

How can I see my Cox Contour TV channel lineup?

Get all the details on Cox Contour TV channel lineup here.

How can I watch TV online or on my mobile device?

Log in to your Contour app account from any device and enjoy watching TV online.

What features come with the new bundled Contour TV experience?

If you bundle your Contour TV with Cox Internet Preferred 150 or higher, you can enjoy great features like Voice Control on your remote, smart search, on-screen guide and up to 1,000 hours of DVR storage.

How do you use the Cox Contour app?

First, download and launch the Cox Contour App on your smartphone or tablet. Open the three-bar menu on the top left of the screen. To watch live TV channels, hit the “TV Go Channels” button. The content you get depends on your video subscription with Cox internet.

What channels are included in Cox Contour TV?

The channels available vary according to the package. Visit the website for more.

How do I get Netflix on Cox Contour?

By pressing the contour button on your remote and scrolling to ‘select apps’, you can choose Netflix and sign in.

How do I watch Contour on my Smart TV?

You would need the Cox TV cable box to do so.

Can I get Amazon Prime on Contour?

You can access the Amazon Prime app directly from your Contour 2 receiver.

Can I watch Cox Contour on my computer?

Yes, Log in to the app to do so.

Is there a Cox Contour app for Roku?

No, currently Cox does not support any app for external devices. Read More

How do you record on a Contour remote?

Highlight a program that appears on the guide screen, select the record button on your remote and start recording.

Does Cox offer wireless receivers?

Yes, it does offer Contour HD Receiver and mini box.