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  • Uploading speed up to 3 Mbps
  • Downloading speed up to 30 Mbps
  • 14 Calling features
  • Unlimited nationwide calling
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TV and Phone Premier

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$ 74 .99 /mo

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$ 109 .99 /mo

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$ 109 .99 /mo

Have Entertainment on Your Terms with COX Bundle Deals

Get the Advantage of Customized Cox Bundles

If you are looking for a hassle-free, all-in-one digital solution for your home or workplace, you need to subscribe to one of the incredible COX bundles. All the bundles are customized to fit the needs, preferences and tastes of customers hailing from different generational groupings. COX bundles deliver utmost quality and ensure a smooth user-experience of its customers, on priority basis. So, if you are a family of entertainment lovers, whether you want to watch blockbuster movies on your weekend familial nights, or you want to enjoy crisp TV shows and highly-followed reality TV shows, or you are a foodie and are obsessed with culinary shows, you need to subscribe to one of the bundled choices that COX deals.

A Case of the Many Perks Offered

On Why You NEED a Bundled Subscription of COX Cable Internet

As for COX Cable Internet, you can enjoy up to a whopping 300 Mbps in downloading speeds, allowing you and your family to fully enjoy the perks of a blazing-fast Internet. So, take your game downloading to the roof with our amazing Internet speeds in cox bundle deals choices. You can stream heavy multi-media content as well as binge-watch movies on Netflix® or Hulu®, and stay in touch with your loved ones through social media forums.

COX bundles in a Variety of Ways to Fit your Digital Needs

Take your On-screen Experience to A Whole New Level With COX Deals

COX bundles Internet and TV in 7 exciting ways to let you have a vast assortment of various package options to choose from. You will surely find one that is ideally fitting your entertainment and connectivity standards and needs. Giving you the luxury, to choose from a number of bundled choices is something that customers deserve. Cox cable internet give you unrivaled user-experience in terms of, speed, smooth and high-quality services, Customer Care support and so many other lucrative features that you would love to avail. So, be in-charge of your entertainment sprees and always have something of preferred interest (in entertainment), for your family members, when they come home after a long, exhausting day, looking for some sort of refreshing activity.

Cox Triple Play Deals Price
Bronze Bundle with Phone $ 89.99
Silver Bundle with Gigablast and Phone $ 129.99
Gold Bundle with Phone $ 129.99
Gold Bundle with Gigablast and Phone $ 149.99
Contour Flex, Internet Essential 30 and Telephone $ 69.99
Contour Flex, Internet Preferred 100 and Telephone $ 89.99
Contour Flex, Internet Ultimate and Telephone $ 109.99

Prices may wary as per your location.

Make Your Entertainment Game Strong with COX Deals

With the Most Reputable Digital Services Provider

COX cable internet Packages come inclusive of all the amazing features, delivering quality services coupled with reasonable pricing, to win their customers’ trust and loyalty for years now. With customer care assistance, it ensures smooth usage of their services with a minimum chance of any service glitch. Also, our representatives keep our clients updated with the newly introduced features and lucrative services. Cut the story short, you can never go wrong when it comes to COX so, you just sit back and relax while we cater for all your digital needs.

Take your Entertainment Roller-Coaster with COX Deals

Let us Take Care of Your Entertainment and Connectivity Must-Haves

Subscribing to different service providers for your digital services is one tough and tiresome drill that we all have experienced at some point in our lives. We can fully understand and relate to the preferences and worries of our advanced clientele. Hence, we present to you our carefully crafted and meticulously designed COX bundle deals to ensure that when it comes to choosing the right Internet and TV package, you have a good number of exciting options to choose from.

Cox Double Play Packages Price
Contour Flex and Internet Essential 30 $ 59.99
Internet Preferred 100 and Telephone $ 69.99
Contour Flex and Internet Preferred 100 $ 79.99
Bronze Duo $ 89.99
Contour Flex and Internet Ultimate $ 99.99
Internet Ultimate and Phone Premier $ 109.99
Silver Duo with Gigablast $ 129.99
Gold Duo $ 129.99
Internet Gigablast and Premier Phone $ 129.99
Gold Duo with Gigablast $ 149.99

Prices may wary as per your location.

Quality Entertainment Sprees-Like Never Before

Watch Crisp Movies and TV Shows Endlessly

Not just Internet and TV but we have also designed COX bundles, so that our customers have more and more exciting options to avail. All 3 exclusive Phone and Internet bundles offer Unlimited Nationwide Calling along with unlimited calling to Mexico and Canada. You can also avail the advantage of 13 different calling features with all three bundled choices. So now, along with the frequent use of texting/calling apps like WhatsApp and FaceTime that are Internet-based, you can have an old-school medium of communication in your home that is phone. Family members, who prefer phone over the complex Android and iOS devices will be overwhelmed with joy to be able to connect with their loved ones via Phone.