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All About 6G and Its Super-Fast Speeds

what is 6g network

It seems only a few months ago that China and the United States were engaged in a race against time. The goal? Being the first country to test and deploy 5G data networks. The rollout managed to go through for both countries. But while many of us are still trying to come to terms with this radically different cellular technology, the next iteration is already on the horizon! 

6G is the upcoming 6th generation of mobile networks. And like each of its predecessors, it promises to be an exciting new development. Read on to find out more about 6G technology and what it could mean for your internet usage. 

6G and What to Expect

Before you start making angry calls to your provider about not getting 6G, read this. 6G does not exist right now. This means you can’t bundle a 6G mobile plan with a service like Optimum Altice One just yet. However, that does not mean 6G is science fiction. Instead, 6G could revolutionize our approach to mobile internet and networks. It could even result in an entirely new way to access the internet. 

Understanding 6G Tech

6G refers to the next generation of mobile network technology. When 4G LTE internet became available, it was an entirely new approach to mobile internet. It was faster, more stable, and had a better capacity for generating positive user experiences. 5G was even more revolutionary. It completely revamped the mobile network infrastructure and equipment in the industry. It would not be unreasonable to expect the same from 6G as well. 6G promises to be a step forward in widespread connectivity. And with the capacity to support autonomous cars, IoT devices, and even traffic cameras, it could be the next big thing! 

6G Vs Older Network Tech

4G LTE technology was a really big deal when it became available. It supported a range of devices from mobile phones to tablets to portable hotspots. But 5G’s 1,100 Mbps speeds put 4G’s 33 Mbps look far slower than it seemed at the time. Most existing networks work over 4G infrastructures. However, 5G uses a network of broadcasting and receiving devices that have a smaller coverage area, but also have a faster speed processing capacity. It would be interesting to see how 6G can up the ante compared to older connection protocols. Especially in a world where smartphones and tablets are not the only smart devices around. It can also include things like wearable tech, IoT devices, and even smart vehicles.   

What Speeds to Expect from 6G

6G networks need to outdo existing forms of internet services. But what will 6G look like once it is deployed? This can be harder to say. Technology does not exist right now. Therefore, most of what we can expect is speculation. But the best we can do right now is to make sure that the speculation remains within reason. Bearing that in mind, faster speeds and higher network capacities will almost certainly be defining features in 6G tech. Given how internet speeds keep getting faster, you may really be getting 1 Tbps speed on your phone, cars, and smart home devices someday. 

Other New Possibilities

Discussion around 6G technology became very serious in 2019. This was around the same time that the Federal Communications Commission allowed companies to begin testing a new form of radio waves. These terahertz waves fall within a much higher frequency band than any other type of radio wave tech in commercial use. Many think this could help network providers in overcoming congestion and problems with bandwidth sharing. 

However, there is a catch. Terawaves have a shorter range than other types of radio waves, including 5GHz Wi-Fi. While this allows them to carry more information at much higher speeds, it means 6G could have a very limited range. You may need to have a 6G transmitter within line of sight of your device. However, there can be several approaches to placing these transmitters that may solve the problem.   


6G internet may be the key to all your internet woes. But there is still a long road ahead before 6G becomes publicly available to internet users. Until then, your current network and internet provider are still your best bet. A good internet plan like Cox Internet deals could put you in the right place to wait for 6G. With the right luck, you may find the welcome “6G” symbol on your phone’s network bar sooner than you expect.

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