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How to Host a Virtual Watch Party?

how to host a virtual watch party

It is always super fun to watch movies in the cinema with your friends. But of course, with the pandemic still around, cinemas have been closed. And people are instructed to stay in their homes to practice social distancing. While it’s important that one avoids all kinds of outdoor activity to prevent the spread of the deadly virus, it doesn’t mean that the fun has to stop altogether. You can always host a virtual watch party!

5 Ways to Host a Virtual Watch Party

If you are bored and have nothing to do, then why not call your friends and plan to take some time out to enjoy a movie together? There are a number of ways that can help you with it. So, without any further ado, let’s have a look at it:

#1. Zoom

Yes, you read that right! You see, Zoom is not only used for office meetings. You can use the tool to connect with your loved ones and can also rely on it to run a successful virtual watch party. Opting for this tool will be a good decision because it will offer you a lot of flexibility. How? Well, it doesn’t require every person to have a streaming service account to participate. Only one person can have it, and then the individual can simply share the screen.

How Does It Work?

Here is how it is going to work; You will firstly select which video you want to play. And when you have chosen, start a Zoom meeting. You are then going to hit the Share Screen button, which will be in green. A popup will appear, asking you which application you want to share. You will then have to select the browser that has the video running. But hold up! Before you click Share, there will be a couple of checkboxes with options: Share Computer Sound and Optimize Screen Sharing for Video Clips. Just make sure both of these options are checked. And voila! You and your friends can now enjoy the movie together. You can even watch different Optimum TV channels as well!

#2. Telepathy (Netflix Party)

Formerly known as Netflix Party, Telepathy is where all the fun begins! It is a 3rd-party browser extension that allows up to a whopping fifty people on Netflix to watch anything together. But not just Netflix, it also allows you to stream HBO, Hulu, and Disney. Make sure you have cleared your Cox billing to avoid any network disruption

If you want to try Teleparty, then you will have to download the extension first. Please note that this extension is only available on Opera and Chrome. If you don’t see it, then try restarting your browser and look for the icon that looks like a puzzle piece on the top right corner of the browser. You just have to click on that to access different extensions. Once you find Teleparty, hit the pin icon next to it. This will keep its icon at the top of your browser window.

How Does It Work?

When you click the Teleparty extension, you will notice that it’s greyed out. This means that you are not currently streaming any content. But the moment you start the video on Netflix or any other supported streaming platform, the icon will turn red. You can then hit the icon and click Start the Party. When you do this, a box will appear that will contain a URL link. All you have to do is copy it and then send it to your friends.

Once you have sent the link to your buddies, they will be able to join. However, do note that it is essential for the participants to have the extension, and also, they must be on the platform where you are playing the video. There will also be a box for chatting! Having your friends watch a movie together can make you forget your basic responsibilities, such as paying the Optimum bill. Therefore, it’s recommended to keep a schedule so that you may not miss out on your important tasks.

#3. Hulu Watch Party

Hulu Watch Party is a feature of the platform that allows you and your friends to enjoy the content together. If you want to use it, then you will have to be on your computer. If you are going to opt for this service, then know the platform doesn’t have any voice or video chat feature. Plus, every participant must be a Hulu user.

How Does It Work?

Start your browser and go to Hulu. Then select the movie or show that you want to watch. When selecting a video, you will notice an icon that has three people on it with the play arrow on top. This is the watch party feature. You will have to click it and then hit Start the Party. Doing this will take you to a screen and will also provide you with a link for the viewing session. You will be required to send that link to your friends. And when everybody has joined in, hit Start Party.

As stated above, every individual that is participating in the virtual watch party will have to have a Hulu account. However, if a user has a family subscription, then multiple users can use the same account to join in. Moreover, do keep in mind that not every content is available for Watch Party.

#4. Amazon Prime Video Watch Party

Similar to Hulu, Amazon Watch Party is an inbuilt feature of Amazon Prime Video. However, do note that you will only be able to view Amazon content if you choose to go with this option. So, if you have just subscribed to a Cox TV plan and want to show your friends all the amazing content on there, then you shouldn’t be using this platform.

How Does It Work?

It’s pretty easy to use the Amazon Watch Party feature. You are first going to choose a compatible video and then hit the Watch Party option. When you do this, you will see a prompt that will ask for your name. Enter it, and the video will begin. You will then have to copy the share link and then send it to your pals so they may join. Please note that the Watch Party feature is not available for mobile yet. Therefore, you will be using the computer to make it work.


As the world is still going through a pandemic, staying at home is a wise decision. However, one is bound to get bored as there is only so much a person can do while at home. So, if you are feeling the reconnect with your friends, then hosting a virtual watch party is one way to do it. You can consider the aforementioned ways to have fun with your buddies. Happy watching!

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