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Frontier FiOS internet Only

A Brief Overview of the Frontier FiOS Internet Only Advantage

If you really want to enhance your generalized online experience with the offerings of fast download & upload speeds (transferred symmetrically), no monthly data cap restrictions, and the provision of market-competitive subscription rates, then a Frontier FiOS internet only service plan should definitely be on your budgeting agenda for this year.

Addressing the Frontier FiOS Internet Only Service

Delivered through Frontier’s sprawling fiber optics network that connects most states in the country, and which is impressively expanding by the day to include a number of side-along rural areas into its coverage portfolio, the FiOS internet only offer is ideal for home settings with high bandwidth demands.


  • Streaming HD and UHD resolution videos (on YouTube & Netflix) on multiple devices,
  • Conducting multi-party video conferencing sessions,
  • Engaging in intense online gaming sessions with friends from overseas,
  • And emailing an urgent graphically-loaded presentation file to the office simultaneously – without experiencing any laggings in net speeds.

Sounds pretty legit!

FiOS internet only plans generally come in over 6 different bandwidth speed arrangements (as will be detailed further in this blog), with the incredibly-fast 1 Gig plans currently being offered only in Durham, NC; Beaverton, OR; and New Haven, CT.

As has already been alluded to in the intro, one of the most striking features of these service options happens to be that they come equipped with symmetrical download/upload speed rates, making them perfect for online tasks which involve large influxes of two-way data transfers (like video chatting on utilities like Skype).

Breaking Down the Frontier FiOS Internet Deals Option

The following list presents a complete delineation of all Frontier FiOS internet deals, as they are being offered for subscription purposes by the company.

  • FiOS 50/50: Download/Upload Speeds at 50 Mbps
  • FiOS 75/75: Download/Upload Speeds at 75 Mbps
  • 100/100 FiOS: Download/Upload Speeds at 100 Mbps
  • FiOS 150/150: Download/Upload Speeds at 150 Mbps
  • 300/300 FiOS: Download/Upload Speeds at 300 Mbps
  • FiOS 500/500: Download/Upload Speeds at 500 Mbps

All Frontier FiOS Internet Deals come without any rigid contractual formalities, which means that they can be unsubscribed to at any time without incurring any confining early termination fees. They may, however, feature shipping & handling, broadband processing and separate installation charges as part of their prolonged consumer tariffs.

In addition, most Frontier FiOS internet deals come fortified with the ‘FREE WiFi Router’ facility, meaning that you (as a subscriber) don’t need to purchase this piece of essential equipment yourself.

Through dispensing with these value-added consumer handouts, Frontier intends to increase its brand loyalty and to connect its customers with the dual benefits of a powerful Frontier internet service reinforced with the considerable ease of accessing it.

The Competitive Frontier FiOS Internet Prices Tariff

The affordable FiOS internet prices tariff range, as it is currently applicable, is listed as follows.

Please note that individual plan prices may vary with time and location.

Plan Name Price Internet Speed Number of Devices
FiOS 50/50 $30/mo 50 Mbps Best for 2-3
FiOS 75/75 $40/mo 75 Mbps Best for 4-6
FiOS 100/100 $40/mo 100 Mbps Best for 7+
FiOS 150/150 $50/mo 150 Mbps Best for 8+
FiOS 300/300 $100/mo 300 Mbps Best for 8+
FiOS 500/500 $150/mo 500 Mbps Best for 8+


As may be discerned from this short listing, FiOS internet prices have been distributed by Frontier in such a way so as to cater to the economic considerations of the bulk of its consumers-base; from the small business owner who needs reliable Internet service for his/her small family, to the urban middle-class professional keen on retaining some cash in the bank account.

Gaining a Sense of the Frontier FiOS Internet Speed Allotments

FiOS internet speeds, just like their corresponding pricing schedules, have been designed specifically by keeping the company’s varied plan subscribers in mind.

To gain a complete understanding of what the individual speed ranges of different FiOS offerings may prove to be good for, consider these points:

  • FiOS 50/50

Perfect for fulfilling most home entertainment & connectivity needs, and for simultaneous surfing on up to 4-5 different devices

  • FiOS 75/75

Ideal for streaming HD content on up to 3 different Smart TVs, multi-conferencing and multiplayer gaming

  • FiOS 100/100

Suitable for a big to middle-sized (6 individual) family

  • FiOS 150/150

Great for a small home business setups, requiring graphically-detailed work input/output

  • FiOS 300/300

Perfect for a 2-family apartment, with distinct usage preferences

  • FiOS 500/500

An idyllic plan for an apartment building or complex, and for running a miniature workplace seamlessly

FiOS internet speeds suffer from little bandwidth rate variations, thereby ensuring (for the most part) that you receive a consistent standard/quality of service.



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