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How to Enable or Disable Subtitles on Paramount+ ?

how to enable or disable subtitles on paramount

A lot of people struggle with controlling subtitles on Paramount +. So, if you are having problems with it too, don’t worry; you are not alone! Enabling and disabling these subtitles and captions is indeed tricky. However, that is just because you do not have the proper guidelines. Regardless of what device or gadget you are using, there are simple ways to enable and disable subtitles on Paramount +. 

5 Ways of Enabling or Disabling Subtitles on Paramount +

Whether you have Optimum TV packages or any other service subscription, it is very easy to manipulate subtitles and captions by yourself: 

#1. Mobile

Suppose you are someone who likes to control everything on their smartphone, congratulations! You can now enable and disable subtitles on Paramount + through that tiny but genius gadget in your hand! Yes, you can do it with any latest Android and iOS phone. 

  • If you don’t have it downloaded on your phone already, go to your App Store, and search for Paramount Plus. Once you download the application, launch it. 
  • As soon as you open your Paramount application, you will find a Menu button around the corner. Look for it at the top left of your screen. And then click it. 
  • Select the option labeled as Settings. 
  • Now, click on Closed Captions inside the Settings menu. 
  • Here, you can turn the subtitles on and off at your convenience. 

If you cannot find the application in your Play Store or fail to download it, check whether Paramount applications are compatible with your phone model and version. If your system needs an update, make sure you do that before downloading the application. 

#2. Roku

If you’re a Roku user, you can still maneuver subtitles as you wish. It doesn’t matter whether you have a Cox TV subscription or any other network package; turning subtitles on and off through your Roku TV is a piece of cake! 

  • First of all, make sure you have the Paramount Plus application downloaded on your streaming player or your TV. 
  • If you don’t, download it immediately. If you already have it, great! Move on to the next step and sign in to your account. 
  • Search for a show or a movie you like. It can be any piece of content you want! 
  • Now, play it. No, don’t grab a bucket of popcorn just yet. There’s still work to do! 
  • Look at the Roku remote and find the button labeled with an asterisk.
  • Press this button, and you will see a window opening in front of you. 
  • On this window, click on Closed Captioning.
  • Here, you can enable or disable your subtitles. 

#3. Amazon Fire Stick or Fire TV

If you have Amazon Fire Stick or Fire TV, here is some good news: it is one of the easiest platforms to switch subtitles on Paramount +. You just have to follow a few simple steps: 

  • Download the official Paramount Plus application on your Fire TV Stick or Amazon Fire TV. 
  • Once it is successfully downloaded, launch the application. If there are any problems while downloading this application, stop the process, and start again. If you continue to face a problem, contact the Amazon helpline. 
  • Select any piece of content you like on there and play it. 
  • Let the show or movie continue to play. Meanwhile, look for a Menu button on the Fire Stick. Once you find it press the button.
  • Now, click on Subtitles & Audio. In this window, you can choose whether to turn the subtitles on or switch them off. 

#4. Web Browser

Paramount Network now allows users to change their subtitle settings through a web browser. Honestly, does it get any easier than this!

 Here is how you can enable and disable the subtitles through your everyday browser:  

  • Launch your favorite browser on your laptop or computer. It can be any browser at all! 
  • Go to the address bar and type in the Paramount+ website address.
  • Hit enter and watch the browser take you to the Paramount website. 
  • Here, enter your credentials and sign in to your account. 
  • Once you have logged in, select a show or a movie that you want to play. 
  • Let it play for a few seconds or minutes. Then, check your Playback menu and find a Pause button; press it. 
  • You will see a CC icon in front of you; click it. 
  • This is where you can switch your subtitles from on to off and vice versa. 

#5. Smart TV

Last but not least, if you have a smart TV and you want to change settings for Subtitles on Paramount +, it’s not anymore complex than all the other options mentioned above. In fact, it might just be one of the simplest ways of all: 

  • Download the official Paramount Plus application on the Smart TV. 
  • After a successful downloading process, launch the application and let it run for a few seconds. 
  • Once it launches fully, look for the Settings menu and open it. 
  • Now, search for a button called Accessibility, and select it. 
  • In this new window, you will find an option called Closed Captions. You probably already know what’s next! 
  • Closed Captions is where you will find the option to change your subtitle settings. 


Sadly, many people cannot enjoy their shows and movies because they don’t know how to turn on their subtitles. Well, that won’t be a problem for you anymore, will it? It doesn’t matter if you have Paramount Network on CoxOptimum, Spectrum, Amazon TV. If you want to change your subtitle settings, you can do it from anywhere in a few simple and easy steps. It takes no longer than a couple of minutes, and you can do it through your web browser, your smartphone, or whichever way you find the most convenient. So, whether you want to enjoy your favorite show with subtitles or remove them from the screen, all these options lie at your fingertips! 

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