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How to Speed Up Your Internet without Paying a Dime?

how to speed up your internet without paying a dime

When your internet is slow, the easiest thing to do to fix it is to upgrade the internet plan. But hey, the good news is you can boost your internet speed for FREE!

Unfortunately, you can’t really speed up your internet for free because a faster Mbps connection would simply cost you more money, but there are techniques to optimize your internet connection for free in order to wring out every last megabit.

The internet in most homes isn’t working to its maximum potential, and this could be due to a variety of causes, including a faulty router, damaged cables, wrong placement of the router, and so on. The internet and networking, in general, are dependent on several things, and most users are unaware of how to channel and optimize their connection to receive the highest speed.

Well, if you are worried about things like internet stuttering or slow speed in general, here are ways to optimize speed without spending any money:

1: Change the Router’s Location

If your router is tucked away in a closet or located on the topmost floor, you will be struggling with slow speed. your devices might not be able to catch the signals. It’s critical to examine the location of your router in your home or apartment in order to have the optimum internet performance while on Wi-Fi.

Make sure the router is placed in a central location. It’s best to be in the same room where the router is placed so that you can get optimal signals to perform an online activity. Remove all obstructions in the way. No way should the router be locked away in a closet.

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2: Give Your Router a Break

Every month or so, reset your router to give it a rest and refresh your connection. If you’re having trouble with your internet speed, you might want to try resetting your router every day. Or check if you have not paid your cox bill. If not, dial the Cox bill pay number right now.

If you have a modem that isn’t connected to your router, you’ll need to reset that as well. Turning on and off the modem stimulates your connection to your ISP, and that’s what it’s all about. This little practice can solve your network issue like a charm.

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3: Use An Ethernet Cable

Experts say if you want to make the most out of your Cox internet plans or any other internet connection, go wired!

Nowadays, everyone prefers Wi-Fi because it’s wonderful and convenient, but it’s not always reliable. Ethernet connections will always be quicker and more dependable than wireless connections. If possible, use an ethernet cable to connect your most important gadgets or critical activities such as taking a video call.

Cable connections are better, especially if you want to view data-heavy media like videos on your TV. Plus, there’s an added benefit: ethernet is inherently more secure than wireless.

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4: Use a Clear Cache Plugin

If you’ve never heard of a “cache” on your browser, now is the time you time. Browsers acquire small amounts of information about you while you visit websites and enter information, frequently in the form of cookies. Marketers use this information to target you with relevant ads for products you might be interested in depending on your browsing habits.

You can always clear the cache manually but you won’t want to add another item to your to-do list, right? In that case, simply install the Clear Cache for Chrome plugin on your browser to do the task. All you will have to do is hit the plugin and it will clear the cache for you. Make it a practice to clear your browser every day.

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5: Upgrade Your Router

Updated equipment is the biggest culprit when it comes to slowing down your internet speed. if you have been using the same old router for ages, it’s time for an upgrade.

Modern routers use two frequency bands to broadcast connections. The 2.4 GHz spectrum offers a greater range than the 5 GHz band, however, data is transmitted at a slower pace. 2.4GHz is used by most wireless devices, making it a very busy environment. The 5 GHz spectrum has a lesser range than the 2.4 GHz band, but it has a better transmission rate. Contact your provider if you are looking for an equipment upgrade. They will handle everything. The charges for the new device will reflect in your bill.

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6: Contact Your Internet Service Provider

When you have tried every trick in the playbook and it doesn’t work out for you, then the last resort is to contact your provider.

It’s probably one of the most inconvenient things you can do with your time, but it could save you hours, days, or even weeks of frustration in the future. You can contact support to ask questions about the Optimum pay bill and any other queries that you may have. Maybe there’s a technical issue in your equipment that’s causing the internet speed to slow down. The agent will figure that out and will let you know how to fix the problem.

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