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Showtime on FiOS Frontier

What Channel is Showtime on FiOS Frontier?

In every household, there are a few channels, which are essential to the channel lineup. HBO and Showtime are a couple of examples. No one wants to miss out on these entertainment-rich channels.

Therefore, Frontier has ensured airing these and more in their serviced state. Showtime on FiOS, along with all its sister channels, is broadcasted in HD quality across the States.

Let’s know more about it!

Showtime on FiOS – The Flagship Channel

An American premium satellite and cable TV network, Showtime stands proud and tall amidst the most-watched movie channels in the world. The channel is host to some of the most-watched series and movies of all time. The channel’s slogan is “Brace Yourself”.

And rightly so! Because you get to see an unlimited number of movies and shows to binge-watch. Just like Starz, the programming includes motion pictures, original TV series, mixed martial arts, and boxing matches, stand-up comedies and movies made for TV.

The said network has evolved as a brand. It has eight multiplex channels, which are watched not only in the United States but also across the globe. The popularity is because of its incredible quality of content.

Headquartered in New York City, the flagship Showtime channels primarily airs blockbuster movies, documentaries, stand-up specials in comedy, and original series.

This channel is broadcasted if you have a subscription to any one of their offered TV packages. According to an estimate, around 29.7 million households in the United States have access to the said channel.

If you have subscribed to a Frontier TV package, following are the channel numbers for various Showtime channels in different states.

Channel Name SD HD
Showtime 365 865
Showtime 2 369 869
Showtime Beyond 371
Showtime Extreme 373 873
Showtime Family Zone 379
Showtime Next 377
Showtime Showcase 367 867
Showtime Women 375

This Fios channel guide will make effortless for you to watch Showtime on FiOS, no matter which channel you want to watch.

Showtime Showcase on FiOS – Catch These Amazing Shows

First launched back in 1996, Showcase focuses on movies, original movies made for cable, first-run feature films and original Showtime content. It is right there on the channel lineup of every Frontier package.

Showtime Beyond on FiOS

It was launched in 1999. It features a mix of fantasy, science fiction, and horror movies. you can catch science fiction series made exclusively for cable in HD.

Showtime Women on FiOS

The content of this channel is geared at the female audience primarily. It was launched in 2001 and it airs feature films and original series, which focus on women. Just like all other cable TV providers air the said channel in high resolution, this channel is also broadcasted in HD quality.

Showtime Next on FiOS

Just like Paramount Network, the content of this channel is geared primarily towards adults aged 18-34. Launched in 2001, the channel airs around 50 movies a month. They include originals, short animated movies, concert specials, and documentaries.

Showtime Family Zone on FiOS

As the name indicates, the content of this channel is family-oriented. The programming particularly focuses on the younger audience. It was also launched in 2001.

Showtime Extreme on FiOS

Launched in 1998, the channel’s programming focuses on action and adventure movies, thrillers, sporting events, and gangster films. This includes boxing matches and mixed martial arts. The channel airs around 60 movies every month.

Showtime 2 on FiOS

This secondary channel offers a distinct movie schedule. It includes specials and original series. It was launched in 1991 and was called Showtime Too initially.

Some Promising Titles

Following are some of the most-watched Showtime Originals.

The Affair:

It is an emotional tale of a young waitress, Alison, and her two affairs. The psychological effects on the protagonists of the show because of these affairs is one intriguing journey. The way the perspective of every character is shown has introduced a new technique of filmmaking. The fifth and final season is scheduled to be aired in August this year.


The intriguing series revolves around a womanizing and alcoholic novelist, Hank Moody. His struggle to raise Becca, her precarious daughter and his yearning to be with Karen, his ex makes the show quite interesting.


Shameless is an adaptation of BAFTA, an award-winning British show. First aired in 2011, the show is still watched across the globe and has nine seasons.

To catch all these intriguing shows in HD, get in touch with Frontier customer support and get an affordable TV package. If you are into streaming, you can pull off an even more affordable deal with bundling options.

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