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10 Countries with Fastest Internet Speed in The World

countries with fastest internet

Internet speeds around the world are different because of the varying forms of technology and state rules. Some countries with the fastest internet invest more in technology and digital innovation. However, in most developing countries, the speed of the internet might not be the best. But no matter where you live or go for a visit, the chances are that you will be heavily reliant on an internet connection. 

The ranking of countries on the basis of internet speeds might astonish you. Even with big-shot ISPs like the Cox internet service, the USA does not even come close to being in the top ten countries with the fastest internet. It might come as a shock to you, but the USA sits at number 21 when we talk about mobile internet speeds. Moreover, countries like the UAE and Monaco have much better internet connections than you’d expect. 

Let’s take a deeper look at the internet speeds in countries around the world. 

Countries with the Fastest Internet for Mobile Services 

There can be different types of internet connections such as mobile (3G/4G), DSL, satellite, optic fiber, etc. Some countries might have all, while others only have a few options. Many countries rely primarily on mobile internet or portable internet such as wifi hotspots. As a result, they might have faster speeds than others. Below is a list of the countries with the fastest mobile internet and their top speed in 2022: 

Country Name 

Top Mobile Internet Speed (Mbps) 







South Korea 




Saudi Arabia 











The fast mobile internet can make life easier for so many people. The world is fast and everyone seems to always be in a hurry. In current times, reliable mobile internet can mean you can take your work with you anywhere you go.   Moreover, relying on mobile internet could also greatly reduce the average internet bill for many people. Most people in the house could rely on their mobile network and not on the wifi. As a result, there would be no need to increase speed or bandwidth on your home network. So, if you are moving to any of the above countries, you can get fast mobile internet.  

Countries with Fastest Fixed Broadband Internet 

Fixed broadband is also one of the most commonly used internet types around the world. Here are the top ten countries with the fastest internet broadband services: 


Top Fixed Broadband Speed (Mbps) 









Hong Kong (SAR) 




Macau (SAR) 




United States of America 






This list might be a lot more surprising than the last one. Especially considering that the USA is in 9th place while Thailand and Monaco fare a lot better. However, if you are living in the USA, you can enjoy a much better cable internet or fixed broadband connection than mobile internet.  

So, if you want to continue enjoying the services make sure you pick the right internet connection e.g., Cox. If you are regular with your Cox bill pay you might be able to enjoy fast and reliable internet without any hassle or disruptions.  

Why Is Fast Internet Important? 

The modern world wouldn’t be the same without the internet. The countries with the fastest internet are mostly the same that are far ahead in technology and innovation. From communication to business, we the whole world relies on internet connections to stay together as one big global marketplace. The COVID-19 pandemic was a big demonstration of how the internet keeps the world together and working. 

When the world was down during the pandemic, businesses were also going through a tough time. Schools, offices, and even social events were shifted to the digital world thanks to the internet. If in these times, you happen to be stuck in a country with subpar internet speed, things could have been bad.  

Online meetings, work-from-home routines, and remote education now seem to be the new normal. That is why we might be relying more on the internet than ever before. That is why many people upgraded their current internet plans or got a redundant internet connection for backup.  

We are also living in a world where online shopping and e-commerce are getting more popular. Giants like Amazon and Alibaba are taking the world by storm. The entire e-commerce business model relies on strong and consistent internet connections. Most people now prefer to buy even the smallest things like produce and food online. Many countries are largely cashless now because of Google Pay and Apple Pay. And cryptocurrencies might also be a peek into the not-so-distant future.  


All this has been made possible because of reliable internet connections around the world. The topmost countries with the fastest internet are leading the world into a digital revolution.  


Which country has the fastest mobile internet?

UAE has the fastest mobile internet with the maximum speed hitting 134.41 Mbps.

How can I test my internet speed?

You can go to to check your internet’s upload and download speeds.

How can I get faster internet speed on my mobile?

You can check for loose connections, faulty equipment, or get closer to the internet router to get better speed.

Why is my internet not working?

Internet outages can happen because of many reasons and you should call your ISP’s customer service to know more.

Which country has the fastest broadband internet?

Monaco has the fastest fixed broadband internet with 192.68 being the top speed.

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