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Frontier FiOS® Internet 500/500
per month for 12 months. Actual speeds may vary. Installation, Equipment fees, Internet Infrastructure Surcharge, taxes & other fees apply. Services subject to availability and all applicable terms and conditions.
  • No data caps or throttling*
  • Wi-Fi Health Check recommended equipment extra. Wi-Fi extender $6/mo. or purchase at $75 per device.
  • $100 Visa® Reward Card for 12 months^
  • No annual commitment
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Looking For an Internet Service Provider?

Frontier Internet Service Has a Wide Coverage

The Internet is a basic need of individuals in this age. Hence, Frontier tries to access inaccessible areas. Due to this, people can meet their browsing needs. This allows individuals to stay connected to the world around them. Currently, Internet service areas stretch across 38 states. In fact, it provides one of the greatest coverage. Talking about the features, Frontier Internet Service includes the DSL broadband service as well as copper and fiber Internet services. The company takes pride in the fact that the services are available to people living in both the urban and rural areas.

Hence, keeping you updated about news & your work. And making it easier to stay connected to your loved ones.

Choose From a Variety of Frontier Internet Speeds

Speeds to Cater to Your Different Needs

The company understands that different people have different browsing needs. Therefore, it provides you with a wide variety of Internet speeds to choose from. Here is what each Frontier Internet Speed ranging from 6 Mbps to 115 Mbps has to offer:

  • 6 Mbps: Ideal for a single person or a couple for basic browsing needs
  • 12 Mbps: Suitable for more than two people.
  • 18 Mbps: More than two people can enjoy online streaming. And many more can relish the basic browsing experience
  • 90 Mbps: An entire family can get on the bandwagon of unlimited online streaming
  • 115 Mbps: Allows six or more users to stream movies, download songs and browse

So, pick one from these Frontier high-speed Internet options today and get browsing!

Who Wants the Hassle of  Hardware Installation!

Comes with an Easy to Install Kit

With most Frontier High-Speed Internet subscription comes free and easy to install equipment. The Wi-Fi router is usually free. And with it come cords, DSL filters, and a power supply. Ideally, the equipment will arrive at your doorstep three to four days before your Service Order due date. You can then wait for the due date to arrive before you install the kit. An important point for you to remember is that you choose a suitable location to place the modem at. You want to avoid any obstructions. Hence, a living room or a home office make an ideal place for the installation of the modem. To install the kit, you need to follow these easy steps:

  • Gather everything and install filters
  • Choose a location
  • Connect the cords

And if you face any trouble in installing the equipment, you can always ask for assistance. It will cost you a couple of bucks, though.

Choosing a Fast Internet Connection

FiOS Remains the # 1 Choice 

FiOS provides a 100% Fiber Optic Network to your home. The company has proudly lived up to the expectations of the users. In fact, FiOS, Frontier high speed Internet comes across as very strong. Users can enjoy Internet speeds up to a whopping 500 Mbps. Whether you want to stream the latest episode of your favorite show or want to download a movie, Frontier FiOS will not disappoint you. It allows you to enjoy a smooth browsing experience. Because the fiber-optic technology means that you have the information displayed before you in an instant.

Also, you can connect your laptops, tablets, smartphones, or gaming consoles to FiOS Internet.

All you have to do is call. You then just sit back and enjoy a worry-free browsing experience with your family!

Get Value for Every Buck You Spend

Frontier Internet Packages Come at Affordable Rates

Everyone loves to enjoy a smooth online experience. The company understands that users want a service that gives them more streaming time and less of buffering time. Hence, Frontier Internet Deals are planned accordingly. Here is what each deal has to offer the users:

  • Simply Broadband Core: Offers a max speed of 6 Mbps, meeting the basic online browsing needs of individuals.
  • Broadband Ultra: As the name suggests, this particular Frontier Internet service ups the speed game to 12 Mbps. This allows you to stream videos without buffering
  • Simply Broadband Plus: This package offers 18 Mbps of fast Internet. The speed is enough to download not just movies but also songs in a matter of seconds

So, choose the package that suits your needs at an ideal Frontier Internet price!

Are You Concerned about Online Safety and Security?

Frontier Secure has Got Your Back

Frontier Secure protects you against the hackers and other predators present online. This makes your online surfing experience secure and worry-free. The many features that Frontier Security has to offer include:

  • Virus and malware protection
  • Identity protection
  • Parental guidance
  • Keeping finances safe
  • Securely securing passwords

Apart from this, you get to choose from a variety of three different plans. These plans differ according to the number of devices that you want to secure. You can secure up to ten devices including laptop, PC, gaming system and TV. Apart from this, the company’s computer backups allow you to recover your lost information in case your computer crashes. Hence, keeping your important documents safe. If you still face any issue, the Frontier secure tech support is available. And that too for free!

Got a Query?

Reps are Here to Help

From your router posing a problem to the online streaming issues, the customer reps are available to solve your issues. Frontier Internet customer service department has the most friendly and patient individuals. The reps not only listen to your issues with great concern but try to come up with the most feasible solutions. From your basic Internet-related issues to tech issues, the reps are equipped with the knowledge to find a solution for you. Moreover, their courteous nature will make you feel at ease while talking with them. As your comfort is Frontier’s priority.

For a better understanding of the right deal, get in touch with the company’s representatives through the !